Duke Dennis Mugshot Photos: Arrest Charges And Trial

Duke Dennis mugshot

Recently, Duke Dennis mugshot images have gone viral on the internet as he was charged with domestic violence. This article provides details regarding Duke’s arrest, charges, and trial.

Duke is an American YouTuber and gaming content creator known for NBA 2K videos.

His mugshot and details on potential criminal charges he faced seemingly evaded media coverage and public knowledge.

Dennis rose to fame in 2013 by establishing a YouTube channel focused on the basketball video game series NBA 2K.

He has built a following as an influencer in the simulated basketball gaming community by sharing gaming videos and commentary.

Duke has over 1.98 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, where he has uploaded 144 videos. 

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Duke Dennis Mugshot Photos

Duke Dennis became well-known for creating content based on the NBA 2K basketball video game series.

On his YouTube channel with his name, he has built up a substantial audience of over 1.6 million subscribers through his NBA 2K-focused videos.

Duke Dennis’s mugshot photos have gained popularity online, sparking discussions after he uploaded them to his Instagram story.

Duke Dennis mugshot
Little details are available about Duke Dennis’s mugshot (Source: Fresherslive)

In a recent post, he shared an old mugshot with the caption “I was Pissed” and a laughing emoji.

The picture shows Duke appearing agitated and not making direct eye contact with the camera.

Notably, the mugshot is from a previous time, and Dennis might have shared it for numerous reasons at this moment.

Further details regarding Duke Dennis’s mugshot images are not publicly available when writing this article. 

Duke Dennis Arrest Charges

As per sources, the YouTuber was confronted with three distinct allegations, which encompassed charges of assaulting a minor and engaging in domestic abuse.

Duke firmly asserts his innocence, contending that these purported incidents occurred when he was just a high school student and thus should not be held accountable.

The specifics of the third accusation remain undisclosed, although it seems to be linked to Duke’s engagement in the armed forces. Before his streaming career, he served in the US Army.

Duke Dennis mugshot
Duke Dennis was confronted with three distinct allegations (Source: YouTube)

In recent Twitch broadcasts, he has disclosed his involvement in a shooting episode alongside his cousin during his military service.

As per the records from the Greenville Police Department, Dennis has been apprehended on two occasions.

The initial arrest pertained to a charge of first-degree assault, while the subsequent arrest revolved around allegations of inappropriate abusive conduct and domestic violence.

Duke Dennis trial details

The well-known YouTuber Duke Dennis, who focused on gaming content, encountered legal trouble in 2021 when he faced multiple criminal accusations filed by the Greenville Police Department.

These charges encompassed three criminal offenses, notably domestic violence and an assault on a minor.

A photograph taken for a mugshot was associated with these allegations.

Duke Dennis mugshot
Duke Dennis’s trial details are not available as of now (Source: Tuko News)

However, Duke firmly contested and rejected the charges made against him.

He staunchly maintained his stance that he was innocent of the criminal charges.

Additionally, he addressed a conflict involving another YouTube gamer, Nick Briz, who made allegations of pedophilia against him.

The content creator stated that he had no prior knowledge of Nick and denied any connection to him.

He clarified that he had not been banned from the Deeblock gaming community but had departed voluntarily.

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