Tiktok: How Old Is Jose Rubio?Age Height Wikipedia Bio And Girlfriend

Jose Rubio Age

Jose Rubio age is unknown.  TikToker is famous among his fan for his smile and his eyes. He has 110.1k followers in his TikTok account, and his account name is Jose..rubio.

He has got 1.1 Million likes in his new TikTok account, the old account is deactivated for some reason.

He also has an Instagram account called Jose.Rubi0, where he has 85.2k followers, and his YouTube account, which he joined on December 17, 2022, has 1.79k subscribers, though the channel doesn’t have any content, and the YouTube channel name is it’sbeaniejose.

Rubio mainly posts about himself, Lip-syncing famous songs and showing his charms. Additionally, he also has several fan pages that his followers have created.

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Tiktok: How Old Is Jose Rubio? Age and Height

According to his followers, he is only 13 or 14 years old. On his fan page of Rubio, the fan guessed his age to be around 13 to 15 years old. But he hasn’t given his followers any information about his age.

Jose Rubio age
Jose Rubio with his self-made heart origami( Source: Instagram)

The other reason must be that his old TikTok account was deleted, and his new account doesn’t have information about his age or height. He also has braces on his teeth, and all his fans loved it.

We’ll update you as soon as we get the information about his height and age, so keep in touch.

Jose Rubio Wikipedia Bio

According to his TikTok account, his home country must be Peru because he keeps the flag of Peru before his TikTok account, but he lives in New Jersey, United States of America.

In one TikTok video, one fan comments that he lives in New Jersey, and the TikToker replies, “ How do you know?”.

It seems that he is also interested in musical instruments because, in one TikTok video, he shows his followers his violin and also replies to one comment saying that he plays the violin.

By looking at his social media page, we can say that he is a huge fan of Marvel and keeps the Marvel figurines.

Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio with his Spiderman( Source: Instagram)

The young TikToker’s educational background is unknown, but he does attend school. He also posted some videos of him doing something in school. He replied to one comment that he likes the colors Red, Pink, Purple, and Green.

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Jose Rubio Girlfriend

There is little information about his relationship, but he does have many friends. He sometimes tags them in his posts. He is a charming boy; all his fans love and support him. Mainly his fans love his smile and his eyes.

The highest number of views in his videos is 149.8k, and his highest number of likes from one video is 20.3k from his new account, but he must have gained more than that in his old account.

The TikToker first posted the video on July 10, 2022, from his new account after his old account was deactivated.

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