Where Is Katie Stubblefield Now – What Happened To Her Face? Suicide Survival Story

Katie Stubblefield Face before and after surgery

The youngest person in the United States to have face surgery, Katie Stubblefield Now living in the Ronald McDonald House.

At 18, Katie lost her face, and the doctors at The Cleveland in Ohio gave her a new look when she turned twenty-one.

Stubblefield shot herself with a rifle on March 25, 2014, taking much of her face.

This article will discuss the young Katie Stubblefield’s face transplant and the reason for her suicide attempt.

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Where Is Katie Stubblefield Now?

Katie Stubblefield is still living in Ronald McDonald’s House, where Katie is taking therapy and her anti-rejection medications.

Her parents, Rob and Alesia Stubblefield, take good care of young Katie.

The couple also told The Nightline even in the most challenging time; their daughter hasn’t lost her sense of humor.

Katie Stubblefield
Youngest U.S. face transplant recipient shares story of suicide survival and hope: ‘Life is an amazing gift’ ( Source: ABC News)

After waiting for three years and forty days, she underwent her face surgery on May 4, 2017.

With the failed suicide attempt, she gets a second chance in life, which makes her realize many things.

Katie Stubblefield: What Happened To Her Face?

Katie put the barrel of her brother’s 308-caliber hunting rifle below her chin and pulled the trigger, resulting in the loss of her face.

She is the youngest person in the U.S.A. she got a face transplant at 21.

The daughter of Rob and Alesia underwent 22 surgeries to repair her face before doing the face transplant.

The operation took 31 hours, and the surgeons removed the face from Adrea Schneider’s donor.

Katie Stubblefield
Katie Stubblefield before her face transplant in March 2015 and after in August 2018 ( Source: Cleveland Clinic)

Katie got to fix her forehead, upper and lower eyelids, and eye sockets. Nose, mouth and lips, cheeks, upper jaw, part of the lower jaw, teeth, and facial muscles.

Before the transplant, she had lost her forehead and nose, and most of her mouth, jaw, and eyes were brutally damaged.

Katie Stubblefield: Suicide Survival Story

There is a rumor she attempted suicide because her boyfriend cheated on her.

The main reason for surviving a suicide attempt is positivity in oneself and family support.

Stubblefield’s parents and her siblings played vital roles in coping with her problems during her surgical procedures.

Katie Stubblefield
The New Face of Mental Health Awareness ( Source: Lehigh Centre for Clinical Research)

Alesia, Katie’s mother, was there to clean and comfort her, and she had to drink from a sippy cup because she had no lips.

The face donor Adrea Schneider was a 31 years woman who died from a drug overdose.

The grandmother of the late Adrea, Sandra Bennington, gave permission to donate her grandchild’s face to Katie.

So, hats off to the grandmother of Adrea, who took a considerable step to donate her face.

Katie Stubblefield: Wikipedia explored

The young Katie, who survived a suicide attempt, was born in 1997 and is from Mississippi, USA.

She has completed her education at California State University and Middle Tennessee State University.

She is joyful, kind, and beautiful, yet this tragic accident happened to her.

Katie was a good student and a skilled athlete at Mississippi High School.

Katie Stubblefield
Katie Stubblefield is Now Living in her previous place Ronald McDonald House ( Source: Cleveland Clinic)

According to her father’s statement, when she was at the age of 4, she used to play soccer.

She feels guilty about what she has done to her family, who also suffered from her doings.

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