Tiktok: Harper Zillmer Age Height Wikipedia Bio And Instagram

Harper Zillmer Age

People are curious to know more about Harper Zillmer age and more of her personal details. She is famous for her TikTok videos and for her hilarious funny videos. Please read the article below to get a scoop about her life.

The Tiktok creator has a variety of funny but random videos on her Tiktok account. She has a special talent for engaging with her followers and making content, which is why she has been able to grow her influence and build an empire of followers.

All of her content is full of random funny things that she does in her daily routine. She has not posted any video created in other creators’ music or sound, it is just her raw acting and her voice that have made people like her so much. This girl has a vibe to make your day.

Harper Zillmer Age and Height

The young creator has not disclosed her age, but she appears to be between 9 to 12 years old based on her looks. She is very private about her personal details, so there is no information about her physical height. However, her career and success continue to thrive and there seems to be no limit to it.

It is natural for people to be curious about famous people. but it is also important to respect their privacy and understand that they are entitled to it. We should focus on appreciating her talent, hard work, and the content she creates.

In addition, her second Tiktok video that she posted, has the most views about 17.2 million where she does her makeover doing funny expressions and voices. She has not put in any other efforts like big content creators do but still, she gets a lot of views in every video she posts.

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Harper Zillmer Wikipedia bio

Harper celebrated her first milestone by reaching one million followers on her TikTok account on February 28, 2023. She posted a video expressing her happiness and even cut a cake with a TikTok sign that said “congrats on 1 mil. followers Harper.”

It’s always great to see content creators achieve milestones like this and it shows how much their hard work and dedication are appreciated by their followers.

Harper Zillmer Age
Harper Zillmer’s tiktok account. (source: tiktok)

It’s impressive to know that Harper Zillmer has achieved over 24.7 million likes on her 34 videos on TikTok, especially since she started posting on January 31st, 2023.

It’s a testament to her talent and the quality of content she creates that she has gained such a large following in a short amount of time. It will be interesting to see how her career continues to evolve in the future.

However, no other information about her education, parents, or family background is given on the internet. So it is difficult for us to provide her personal biography. Harper Zillmer prefers to keep her personal life private and instead focuses on creating and sharing TikTok content with her followers

Harper Zillmer Instagram

The rising content creator has thousands of supporters on her Instagram with the username @harper_zilmer11. She has more than 39.4k followers.

However, it seems that she is more active on her Tiktok account rather than on her Instagram account as she has less number of posts on her Instagram in comparison to her Tiktok account.

Harper Zillmer Age
Harper Zillmer’s Instagram account with 39.4k followers. (source: Instagram)

The latest post that she posted on her Instagram account was just 3 days ago featuring her sister Reese Zilmer in Las Vegas. she seems to be a travel-loving person as most of her posts are of her traveling to new places and having fun.

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