Savannah: Cashleigh Savannah Gruell Death And Obituary, Parents And Age

Cashleigh Savannah Gruell

People want to know about Savannah Gruell Death and what was the death cause. Savannah struggled with mental illness and depression, ultimately leading her to take her own life.

Cashleigh Savannah Gruell was a young artist with immense talent and potential. However, Her life ended sadly when she killed herself on December 2, 2022.

Her kindness, empathy, and compassion left a lasting impact on those who crossed her path, and her passing has left a profound sense of loss in the hearts of her loved ones.

Her charisma and warmth drew in a diverse community of individuals who shared her compassion, open-mindedness, creativity, and kindness values.

Savannah: Cashleigh Savannah Gruell Death And Obituary

Cashleigh passed away on December 2, 2022. She battled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression, eventually affecting her mental health.

She did not choose to end her life for attention but rather as a reflection of the pain and difficulties she was experiencing.

Mental illness is just like any physical illness. It can cause the brain to malfunction, leading to irrational thoughts and actions.

Savannah Gruell Death
Cashleigh Savannah Gruell was suffering from depression and committed suicide (Source: Instagram)

In Savannah’s case, her brain failed her in the worst possible way, leading to a tragic end.

Cashleigh was the light of her family’s life, and her passing left a deep void in their hearts. She had a special bond with her grandmother, who held a special place in Cashleigh’s heart.

Her family cherished and will never forget her for the joy, love, and light she brought into their lives.

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Cashleigh Savannah Gruell Parents

Cashleigh was the beloved daughter of Lana Gruell, a mother of four children who have gone through the tremendous pain of losing her daughter to suicide.

While details about Cashleigh’s Father remain unknown, she has a stepfather Emmett Taylor III.

Her siblings are Dontae Wilson, Chelsea Snow, and Darion Gruell. She also has a stepbrother and sister, Mikey Taylor and Tierra Taylor.

Her family extends to her step-grandfather Emmett Taylor Jr and grandmother Roberta Lou Morigeau.

Cashleigh Savannah Gruell
Cashleigh Savannah Gruell with her family (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her family life, Lana keeps herself busy with her fur babies and home projects, often spending time on renovations and DIY ventures during her free time. She is a woman of many talents and passions.

In addition to her busy life, Lana often shares her memories of Cashleigh on social media to keep her daughter’s spirit alive.

Her posts are a beautiful tribute to the wonderful person that Cashleigh was and how much she is missed every day.

Cashleigh used to spend time with her family in the summers enjoying the great outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The family enjoyed camping, boating on the river, and enjoyed in the warm hospitality of Lana’s home and garden.

Cashleigh Savannah Gruell Age

Cashleigh Gruell, born on March 18, 2002, was a young woman who left a lasting impact on those who knew her. Although she passed away at the age 20 years and eight months, her presence will always be remembered by her loved ones.

Cashleigh attended elementary and middle schools in Clark County, where she was known for her academic achievements.

In 6th grade, she received the President’s Award for Education Achievement. In 2020, she graduated from Sierra Vista High School and was awarded the prestigious Millennium Scholarship.

Cashleigh Savannah Gruell
Cashleigh Savannah Gruell graduated from her college (Source: Instagram)

Aside from her academic achievements, Cashleigh was also a talented athlete, playing volleyball during her school years. She also enjoyed hiking in the desert area around Las Vegas, where she would take in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

One of Cashleigh’s greatest passions was art, which she taught herself. Many admired her paintings and tattoos, and her art brought her immense joy.

Cashleigh had a diverse taste in music, enjoying everything from classic crooners like Johnny Mathis to hip hop legends UGK and supporting independent artists.

Despite her busy schedule, Savannah always made time for her loved ones. She would attend her siblings’ sports activities and often spend time with her mom, ticking off the day’s to-do list.

Cashleigh’s love for animals was evident in her affection for her cat, Fuzzer, her longtime companion, and her family-owned pets.

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