Obituary: Callie Joseph Car Accident Death News Age And Family

Callie Joseph

People are wondering about Callie Joseph Car Accident. Callie and her Brother Evan Joseph lost their life in a car accident.

On April 21, 2023, the hockey community was shaken by the tragic news of the passing of athlete Callie Joseph.

Callie and her brother Evan were involved in a motor vehicle accident, leaving the entire community in shock and disbelief.

She was an accomplished athlete and a bright student, having been a part of the PMHA.

Her passion for sports was evident in her commitment and dedication to the U18 Female Prep Buffaloes team, where she was a valued and cherished member.

Her absence will be significantly felt on the field and in the hearts of those who knew her.

Obituary: Callie Joseph Car Accident Death News

Callie and her brother Evan died in a tragic car accident on April 21, 2023. Multiple sources, including PMHA Buffaloes, have confirmed the news of their untimely death.

PMHA Buffaloes, in a statement released with the family’s permission, announced the heartbreaking news of the passing of Callie Joseph, a student-athlete who wore jersey number 4.

Callie Joseph Car Accident
Callie Joseph and Evan Joseph died on a car accident (Source: Facebook)

The statement says that: ” With permission from the family, it is with broken hearts that we announce the passing of PMHA student athlete Callie Joseph (#4) on April 21, 2023, in a motor vehicle accident, along with her brother Evan.”

PMHA Buffaloes and other sources expressed their deepest sympathy and support to the family during this difficult time.

While details of the accident are not yet available, investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the accident.

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Callie Joseph Age 

Callie Joseph, a talented hockey player, is known for her love and passion for the game.

Although her age is unknown, she is believed to be under 18, as she was a U18 Female Prep Buffaloes team member.

Despite her young age, Callie has significantly contributed to the Lady Hawks team, representing Wiikwemkoong for many years in Little NHL, helping them succeed.

Callie’s enthusiasm and dedication to sports are evident through her commitment to the Kenora Thistles hockey team.

Callie Joseph and Evan Joseph
Callie Joseph and her brother Evan Joseph were both talented hockey players (Source: Facebook)

She is described as caring and kind-hearted, with a positive attitude and infectious smile. Her willingness to help others has positively impacted the lives of those around her.

As a Lady Hawks and Kenora Thistles member, Callie has proven her skills as a committed and enthusiastic player.

Her love for hockey is apparent, and she is a true inspiration to aspiring players.

Callie Joseph Family

Callie was born to Serena and Cal Joseph, and she had a younger brother named Evan Joseph. Sadly, both siblings passed away in a car accident, leaving their families and community devastated.

To support the family with the funeral and related costs, a fundraising Campaign was set up by Tania Cameron with the family’s permission. The Campaign has already raised CAD 75,585 out of the $35,000 target.

Callie Joseph's family
Callie with her parents Serena and Cal Joseph and brother Evan Joseph (Source: Facebook)

On Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, a traditional wake for Callie and Evan Joseph will be held at 3 pm in Iskatewizaagegan No.39 Independent First Nation.

This will be followed by a traditional funeral service the next day, on Thursday, April 27th, 2023, at 10 am, which will take place in the David Kejick School Gymnasium.

A police-led procession from Brown’s Funeral Home to Shoal Lake will take place at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023. This procession will honor the memory of Callie and Evan Joseph and escort them to their final resting place.

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