Ron Walker Family: Wife Children Parents And Siblings

Ron Walker family wife and kids

People are curious to learn about Ron Walker. After being enchanted by his businesses, his supporters shift their attention to Ron Walker Family, Wife, and Children.

Ronald Joseph Walker, shortly Ron Walker, was an Australian business mogul. People have brought up his family topic in the discussion.

Walker is of Australian origin. He was best known for managing sporting events in Australia.

Australian and British governments awarded him for his excellent contributions and achievements. Similarly, the Order of Australia and Order of British Empire awarded Walker AC and CBE titles. 

Moreover, Walker was involved with several media companies and property development. Also, he became Lord Mayor of Melbourne. He served in the Mayor’s office from 1974 to 1976. 

The entrepreneur attended Caulfield Grammar School and started his first venture as a schoolboy in a backyard in Collingwood. He made dishwashing and washing car detergents. 

Eventually, Walker formed a legacy and supremacy in his business. He took his business to the next level. 

The business mogul served as a Chairman in various regional companies and organizations, including Bernard O’Brien Institute of St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

He was Chairman of the Microsurgery Foundation in the hospital. During his tenure, he raised funds for research and building infrastructure for the O’Brien Institute. 

In addition, he formed a property development Company, Hudson Conway, with his former business partner Lloyd Williams. 

Walker spread his empire through his leadership and invested in various media houses.

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Meet Ron Walker Family Wife And Children 

Ron Walker was famous by many names as a Grand Prix supremo, prominent businessman, and Liberal Party member. Also, AC CBE Walker was a known politician in his country.

Ron Walker family
Liberal Party member Ron Walker, 78, passed away from Cancer on 30 January 2018. (Source: ABC)

Ron Walker tied the knot with Barbara Walker in a private ceremony. After his death, she was offered a State Funeral to recognise her husband’s massive contribution to Victoria.

Ron and Barbara were the parents of three kids, Joana Walker, Campbell Walker, and Candice Walker. 

There is very less information available regarding Ron’s married life. He was known to keep his lips shut regarding his wife and kids. 

It is good to see that politician and businessman like Ron was unaffected by the false rumours as he avoided unnecessary controversies. 

After his death, Walker’s wife, Barbara, remembered the love letters the pair exchanged during their five-decade-long marriage. According to 9News, the former F1 Grand Prix boss loved his family. 

Walker’s son Campbell Walker was also present at his memorial service. 

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Ron Walker Parents And Siblings

Sir Edward Ronald Walker was born to a well-being family. His parents were Frederick Thomas Walker (Father) and Mary Melvina Annie, née King (mother).

Ron’s parents lived in Cobar, New South Wales, Australia. His parents were Australian.

Ron Walker wife and kids
Former F1 Grand Prix boss Ron Walker with his wife, Barbara, and kids. (Source: Bleu Blanc Rouge)

According to Australian National University, Ron was the eldest child of his parents. He was born on 15 September 1939. His Father, Frederick Thomas Walker, was a Methodist minister.

His mother, Mary Melvina Annie, was the daughter of a Methodist preacher. 

However, there is no public information regarding F1 Grand Prix boss Ron Walker’s siblings. 

Perhaps, his siblings wanted a private life away from the spotlight. Unlike Ron, his siblings’ details are under wraps. 

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