Luigi Carlon Wikipedia Biography: Edad And Origine

Luigi Carlon Wikipedia

Entrepreneur Luigi Carlon wikipedia, Luigi is a Veronese entrepreneur and collector best recognized as the president of Index SpA, a company founded in 1987.

It is a long-standing, family-owned business with a well-known brand and a dedicated consumer base.

Its product offering includes technologically advanced bituminous membranes for roofing and waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation, and waterproofing and repair mortars.

Carlon opened the Palazzo Maffei House Museum in Verona, which houses pieces of art ranging from the ancient to the modern.

Interestingly, he has no background as a collector; no one in his family has ever guided him into the world of art.

He was self-made, hanging out with painter pals who exposed him to the world of modern art in the 1960s. He hoped to make an indelible imprint on his city by taking on the position of patron.

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Luigi Carlon Wikipedia Biography: Origine

Luigi Carlon’s wikipedia is yet to be made, so we have created his short bio.

Likewise, his early life remains shrouded in mystery, as no clear information is available about his upbringing and childhood.

Although Luigi Carlon’s wikipedia profile may not exist, we can still comprehensively understand his career by exploring numerous news articles.

Regarding his career achievements, Index’s success evolved from a study into the development of propylene-based waterproofing membranes in the aftermath of Nobel Prize winner Giulio Natta’s discoveries.

Luigi Carlon Wikipedia Biography
Since Luigi’s early age, he started having a passion for collecting. (Image source: arena)

Natta’s breakthrough, known as Moplen, opened the door for Index researchers to develop innovative waterproofing goods.

It is capable of delivering extraordinarily high performance, such as resistance to temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and as high as 140 degrees Celsius.

Fucan delivers a passion for collecting. At the age of twenty, his enthusiasm for painting arose spontaneously, inspired by the pleasures of beauty and aesthetics.

During the period, he began meeting Eugenio Degani, who connected him to other important Veronese painters and sculptors such as Silvano Girardello, Giorgio Olivieri, Checco Arduini, and Pino Castagna.

Their fascination compelled him to ecocritical to twentieth-century currents: futurism, the post-war period, and, in general, all avant-garde of the twentieth century. Eugenio Degani’s ‘Moulin Rouge’ was acquired in 1959.

Following that, he acquired works and built his collecgenerallyt with modern art, expanding his passion to include ancient art.

Over time, he developed an interest in Bauhaus furniture and decor.

Finally, the collection, accumulated over sixty years, reveals itself to be diverse and open to all arts and periods.

Luigi Carlon Edad

Luigi Carlon’s IMDB reported that he was born in 1939 in Verona, Veneto, Italy. isad in 2023, he has reached the age of 84. 

When discussing his physical attributes, it’s worth noting that he stands at approximately 5 feet 8 inches in height, which is considered average for a man of his age. At the same time, he might weigh around 75 kg. 

Luigi Carlon’s Wife And Kids

Luigi Carlon is a married man; his wife is Cristina, and he is blessed with two daughters, Vanessa Carlon and Veronica.

As a responsible father, he always involved his children in his passion for art, taking them on frequent museum trips to nurture their appreciation for creativity and culture.

He organized family outings to art galleries, ensuring his children were immersed in artistic expression and sharing the joy of discovering new works.

Luigi Carlon Wikipedia
Luigi Carlon pictured with his daughter Vanessa. (Image source: lequotidiendelart

Vanessa once shared memories of visiting the Picasso exhibition at Palazzo Grassi on her tenth birthday. The year was 1981.

Luigi raised his children among the works, and growing up in a household surrounded by artistic masterpieces, Luigi’s children developed a profound connection to the art world.

The family was visited by art historians and scholars, who used to be impressed by the beauty of the works.

His daughter Venessa was so taken with the works’ beauty that she assisted her father’s desire to share the joy of creative satisfaction with an audience.

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