Corey Harrison Illness And Health 2023: Is He Suffering From Disease?

Corey Harrison illness

What is Corey Harrison illness? Richard Corey, also known as “Big Hoss” Harrison, is an American entrepreneur and television personality. Find out if the entrepreneur has any illness. 

The show is about the world-famous gold and silver pawn shop he owns with his dad, Rick Harrison, in Las Vegas.

Harrison got the nickname “Big Hoss” and started working at the pawn shop when he was 9.

He eventually became the manager, overseeing 30 employees and making many purchases for the shop.

On the show, he is often shown disagreeing with his dad and grandfather about his knowledge of the shop’s items, his management responsibilities, and his decisions to buy expensive things.

He is being groomed to inherit the pawn shop from his dad someday.

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Corey Harrison Illness

Corey Harrison became famous as an entrepreneur and TV personality through his role on the show “Pawn Stars,” gaining a large social media following.

In 2014, he had weight-loss surgery because he was becoming pre-diabetic. Doctors inserted a lap band, helping him lose nearly 200 pounds from his starting weight of around 400 pounds.

In an interview, Harrison said he didn’t realise how uncomfortable he was at his heavier weight until he lost weight and felt so much better. He felt physically better at age 31 than he did at age 25.

Corey Harrison illness
                                                                             Corey was seen at the Peabodysnightclub (Source: Instagram)

Along with surgery, Corey adopted a new diet and exercise routine. He said the surgery limits him to only 4-5 ounces of food at a time, so he has to make mindful choices about what he eats.

His commitment to a healthier lifestyle after his significant weight loss reflects his motivation to maintain his progress.

Corey Harrison Health: Is He Suffering From Disease?

The American entrepreneur and influencer appear to be in excellent health at the moment.

He has chosen not to disclose any information regarding any potential illnesses he may be facing.

Despite having a substantial following on Instagram, Harrison has kept details about his health private.

Corey Harrison illness
                                                      The image of Harrison at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop! Home Of Pawn Stars! (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, this has led his fans to speculate about the possibility of him grappling with health issues.

Nonetheless, it is equally plausible that he is actually in good health, and any concerns about his well-being may be unfounded at this time.

Moreover, no verified sources have revealed if the television personality from “Pawn Star” is dealing with any diseases.

Corey Harrison’s health update 

In the past, Corey was pre-diabetic, indicating some health issues related to his weight.

However, after his weight-loss surgery in 2014 and subsequent lifestyle changes, he seems to be in good health nowadays.

Since undergoing bariatric surgery and dropping nearly 200 pounds from his peak of 400 pounds, Corey has prioritized health.

He now follows a much healthier diet that he must carefully manage due to the limitations imposed by his lapband. He has also incorporated fitness into his lifestyle.

While Corey has been open about his weight-loss journey, he has not revealed any recent health struggles.

His social media pages showcase his professional life and work rather than providing personal health updates.

This likely indicates that he is feeling good and maintaining the positive changes from his surgery and diet/exercise transformation.

There is no evidence that Harrison is currently battling any medical conditions.

While he may still prefer keeping some aspects of his health private, the lack of concerning updates and his public fitness and wellness posts imply that Corey has been able to sustain excellent health since his weight loss.

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