Tara Franklin Antiques Wikipedia Age, Husband And Net Worth

Tara Franklin antiques

Tara Franklin Antiques store is well-known for having lots of old French stuff, like furniture and things made of fabric, that people like because they look lovely and memorable.

Tara Franklin is an antiques dealer known for organizing vintage and antique fairs. She runs her business with the help of her husband.

The dealer has been in this field of work for a while. She is an established businesswoman who runs an antique business.

Mrs. Franklin’s social media posts primarily promote these fairs and events related to vintage and antiques. She is a collector and organizer with a passion for vintage items.

Furthermore, Tara is an experienced and skilled hostess. She is remarkable at hosting events related to auctions.

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Tara Franklin Antiques Wikipedia And Age

Tara Franklin antiques shop is famous for its unique collection of vintage items that people love. She runs the Penshurst Vintage & Antiques Fair.

Tara Franklin Antiques
Tara Franklin and her husband are a judge of the Great Upcycling Challenge. (Source: Channel Eye)

Her business is associated with Hoof Brocante at the Old RAF Base in Brookland, near Rye, TN29 9TF. She actively promotes her business on her social media platforms.

She is currently at the age of 53. Tara Franklin antiques shop is well-known around this business, with her appearing on BBC shows as well.

Despite being a renowned personality, Tara still does not have a designated wikipedia page on the internet.

The dealer’s expertise extends to French antiques, textiles, and Broncante. She has a keen eye for treasured collections.

Moreover, Tara has ventured into the world of television. She has made an appearance on shows like Salvage Hunters.

What sets Franklin apart is her active involvement in organizing private auctions. Additionally, she has contributed to the research of her husband’s show, The Bidding Room.

The UK antique collector shows a deep understanding of the antique trade. She has a similar passion as her husband, Adrian Higham.

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Tara Franklin Husband

Adrian Higham is the husband of Tara Franklin. Her husband is a well-known TV personality and art dealer from the UK.

Tara Franklin Antiques
Tara Franklin shares a loving post with her family on Mother’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Mr. Adrian is famous for his role on the show “The Bidding Room” on BBC One. Over three decades in the industry, he has earned a reputation as an experienced antique dealer.

The couple has a loving and robust relationship and shares a common passion for antiques and auctions. Tara’s husband has been collecting antiques since he was 21.

The pair runs their business of auctions together. This shows their commitment and understanding towards each other.

The duo owns the Antique store. The store specializes in French decorative antiques, art, interior design, furniture, clothing, and classic brocante.

The lovebirds have been together for decades. They have a daughter named Georgia and a son named Daniel Higham.

Tara’s daughter must be in a University currently pursuing her education. Her son, Daniel, is 21 years old and is a seat vehicle technician, according to his Instagram profile.

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Tara Franklin Networth

The net worth of an antique dealer and a skilled hostess like Tara Franklin can vary. Her net worth depends on various factors.

Factors such as the size and success of her business and the value of the antiques she deals with make a difference in their income.

Similarly, Her investments and assets can verify her net worth. The dealer’s reputation can influence their earnings.

Tara is a well-known businesswoman and the wife of a legend, Adrian, the auctioneer. Her net worth must likely be above $50 thousand.

Besides, she hosts events and programs related to antique products. Her networth combines her business deals from antique shops and the events she organizes and hosts.

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