15 Most Expensive Pets You Can Buy

Pets can be expensive, even normal cats and dogs can increase your monthly expense.

When it comes to pets, everyone has their preferences. Some people have an interest in owning some of the fascinating pets.

People have interesting choices in pets ranging from ferocious animals like lions to tiny bugs like the beetle.

So if you are the one with an exotic taste, make sure that you’re prepared for what follows and get ready to throw in some cheese, if you know what I mean.

Quick Overview

Pets Estimated worth
1. Tibetan Mastiff $582,000
2. White Lion Cubs $140, 000
3. Arabian Horse $100,000
4. Stag beetle $89,000
5. Chimpanzee $60,000
6. Lavender Albino Ball Python $40,000
7. Palm Cockatoo $16,000
8.  Hyacinth Macaw $14,000
9. Savannah cat $12,000
10.De Brazza’s Monkey $10,000
11. Toucan $8,000
12. Capybara $3,000
13.  Crested Hairless Chinese dog $3,000
14. Ayam Cemani Chicken $2,500
15. Sugar Glider $500

Most Expensive Pets

Following information has been compiled from trusted sites including Wikipedia.

15. Sugar Glider

Sugar Gliders are unable to fly, yet they can glide for a limited distance. Their physique resembles that of a squirrel, with silky, thick fur and blue-grey eyes. The cost is expected to be $500.

Sugar gliders are also upset when they are left alone. Because adult sugar gliders are more difficult to train than infants. Infant sugar gliders are more costly than adult sugar gliders.

Sugar Glider (Source: Wikimedia)

They seldom land on the ground since they are constantly flying from one tree to the next. Gliders are quite clever and lively, and they get along well with their owners.

14. Ayam Cemani Chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken costs about $2,500.These chickens are an unusual Indonesian breed and are noted for their dark color.

The hue of its bone, flesh, tongue, feather, beak, plus internal organs are all black. In addition, their thigh muscles are relatively large than those of other chickens, helping them run rapidly.

Ayam Cemani Rooster Most Expensive Pets (Source: Wikimedia)

 It’s been said that they get along with other animals quite well.

13. Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Chinese crested hairless dog’s paws feature tufts of fur and have smooth skin. It is believed to be worth $3,000 in total. But as mentioned in their name, they do not have hair on their body.

Therefore, you’d assume that the Chinese Crested’s hairless variety would require practically no grooming.

They don’t have any hair, after all.

However, the hairless Crested dogs are susceptible to skin irritations, allergies, and scorching because of their exposed skin and because their skin is so similar to that of humans. 

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog (source: Wikimedia)

Grooming, which includes skin treatments tailored to your dog’s skin type, sunblock, and acne creams, is essential for keeping the pet healthy. They are quite difficult to come by, resulting in a high price tag.

They are smart and can quickly pick up new tricks. This dog seldom barks and likes digging and climbing.

12. Capybara

The cost is estimated to be $3,000. They have a small head and a barrel-shaped body. They’re similar to guinea pigs, but they’re much bigger.

On the other hand, Capybaras are cautious and anxious animals that do not bite or attack humans.  They measure around 20 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 170 lbs.

Capybara (Source: Pixabay)

Capybaras, like humans, require freedom of movement and will not prosper in a cramped environment.

If they don’t receive enough exercise and dwell in confined quarters, they might become destructive. Nevertheless, they survive for 8 to 10 years.

11. Toucan

The bills of toucans are large and colorful. They are among the most expensive pets in the world, costing about $8,000.

Toucans don’t really scream or shriek in the same manner that most other birds do.

Despite its huge beak, the bird’s bite is mild. They are peaceful and non-destructive.

Toucan (Source: hippopx)

The Toco Toucan eats primarily fruit with its beak, although it will also feed on insects, reptiles, and bird eggs on occasions.

Despite the fact that it is an endangered species, possessing a Toucan is legal in many countries.

10. De Brazza’s Monkey

They can be found throughout a wide area, all the way to Central Africa’s marsh woods. Its estimated worth is $10,000

They have a long white beard and an orange crest on their heads. It has a body length from 16 to 25 inches.

De Brazza’s Monkey (source: Wikimedia)

Under human care, it can survive for up to 30 years. They are primarily herbivores; however, when food is scarce, they may eat insects.

9. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cats are wild cat crossbreeds. Despite the name, they are lively and affectionate, yet they may be violent at times. It will cost you at least $12,000.

Their price may also be affected by their generation.

Savannah Cat (Source: Wikimedia)

Its appearance is similar to that of a cheetah, and its ears stick out because they are erect.  Savannah cat likes playing in the water, unlike other cats.

Also, if properly trained, this cat can jump a long distance and do a variety of tricks. They are listed among the most expensive pets because breeding a domestic cat with a serval is really difficult.

8. Hyacinth Macaw

Its native territory is Central and Eastern America. The price of a Hyacinth Macaw can be $14,000. They are the largest parrot breed. 

Its feathers are completely blue, with a paler blue on top. Hyacinth Macaw has beaks capable of breaking a coconut.

Hyacinth-Macaw -most-expensive-pet
Hyacinth Macaw (Source: Wikimedia)

They have a high level of intelligence. If properly trained, it can be a well-behaved bird.

It can live for up to 50 years. The reason that they are the most expensive pet is that they are hard to breed and are endangered species.

7. Palm Cockatoo

It has a gorgeous crest, a long beak, and red cheek patches. The color of the patches on the bird’s face changes as it gets excited. They can cost as much as $16,000.

However, they aren’t as affectionate as parrots. They require extensive training and attention. Palm Cockatoos are expensive because they are mostly hunted, and their quantity is decreasing.

They are known to eat insects and insect larvae in addition to seeds and fruits. 

Their life expectancy ranges from 40 and 60 years.

6. Lavender Albino Ball Python

They are frequently spotted near human settlements. They are estimated to be valued at around $40,000.

Moreover, they have a yellow marking on the body and pink or red eyes. The color of its body is caused due to mutation. They like densely forested regions and are most active between night and dawn.

Lavender Albino Ball Python (Source: pxhere)

It may reach a maximum length of 3 to 5 feet. They have no fangs and aren’t venomous.

These pythons are so timid that they hide their heads under their bodies, giving the impression that they are a rock to passers-by. They are quite docile and simple to care for.

5. Chimpanzees

They cost 20 times higher than the cost of a lion cub. The estimated amount for a chimp is about $60,000. 

They share human DNA and are quite skilled and brainy. Their lifespan can extend up to 60 years when placed in human care.

Chimpanzee newborns are wholly dependent on their biological mother and gain life skills from being raised in a chimp household.

Chimpanzee (source: Wikimedia)

When young chimps are isolated from their families, they do not acquire the necessary social skills for their species and do not know how to connect with other chimps.

They can be a controlled pets if they are given proper training. But one should consider whether owning a chimpanzee in their country is legal or not.

4. Stag beetle

During the summer, they are primarily found in Western Europe. Sometimes. It may be valued at up to $89,000. Weird right?

They have chestnut-brown wings and a gleaming black body. They are not aggressive towards humans. Because females lack large jaws and horns, male beetles are more common than females.

Stag-beetle- most expensive-pets
Stag Beetle (Source: Pixabay)

It may live for up to 6 years. However, they are costly because, unlike other beetles, they can live for a long period.

These fascinating animals used to be widespread, especially in the south of the United Kingdom, but regrettably, their numbers are dwindling. There isn’t much that people can do to aid ill stag beetles.

3. Arabian Horse

They have a tiny head, broad nostrils, an athletic physique, a high tail, and a beautifully arched body. Arabian horses are elegant. They can cost as much as $100,000.

Arabian (Source: Wikimedia)

Furthermore, because they are very clever, they are quick to learn. Their hoof walls are thick and strong, and their bone is solid and powerful. They have a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

They have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

2. White Lion Cubs

White Lion Cubs are among the most expensive pets in the world owing to their high maintenance needs.

They are extremely uncommon, with only a few hundred remaining.

White Lion Cub (Source: publicdomainpictures)

As a result, they can cost up to $140,000. White lions are very costly as they are rare.

They might have white, grey, or blonde fur. They spend the majority of their time resting and playing.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is mostly used as a security dog. Mastiffs originate from mountainous areas of Tibet and Nepal.

They are solemn, peaceful, loyal, self-sufficient, and quiet. They may reach a maximum height of 24-26 inches.

Their hair is straight and firm. It is expected that they will cost about $582,000 each.

Tibetan Mastiff (Source: Wikimedia)

Tibetan Mastiff is expensive because its pure breeds are rare. In addition, they require excessive grooming, which adds to their maintenance bills.

Furthermore, because puppies are clever, they learn faster when trained. 

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