10 Legitimate Reasons To Stop Owning A Car

Have you ever wondered if there were any reasons to stop owning a car?

Do you own a car? And, how has your life changed after owning a car? It would be best if you stopped owning a car as it has various advantages.

This article might change your thoughts on owning a car.

Nowadays, the easiest mode of transportation has been a car. It is the most common mode of transportation, and most people use the car.

People have become too much dependent upon cars for traveling anywhere. The car has plenty of advantages.

Cars have been a part of daily living these days. Cars come in different sizes and shapes and have different layouts also.

Many people own cars these days, and it has been a part of their daily life. According to some research, most people lose their lives from road accidents, mostly from car accidents.

Despite having tons of advantages, there are some legitimate reasons to stop owning a car.

Today, we have listed out 10 Legitimate Reasons To Stop Owning A Car.

10) Cost of the Car

9) Environmental Pollution

8)  Fuel

7) Makes You Fit

6) Insurance of Car And Taxes

5) Additional Space For Parking

4) Stress Management

3) Time Saving

2) Additional Cost for Maintenance

1) Low Accident Rate

And, here is a brief description for the reasons mentioned above.

10. Cost Of Car

Nowadays, cars have been a part of human life. And they are costly. We can find cars of different price ranges, but those with good specifications have a higher price.

And, talking about cheap cars, they are not very reliable and don’t have a good performance.


If you are thinking of buying a car, you must be fully prepared for its cost and specifications.

The cost of a car varies with its type and its model. Furthermore, you must spend a lot more on maintenance as well.

So, you must have a budget of about $20,000 to get a proper reliable car with nice specifications. And, you must separate about $1000 separately for its maintenance.

9. Environmental Pollution

These days, we have a lot of cars in the streets. The streets are packed with cars.

When we operate cars, the fuel burns, and they emit harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide.

And cars are the biggest source of Carbon Monoxide.  Carbon Monoxide plays a vital role in environmental pollution.


The emission of such gases depletes the ozone layer and brings changes in the climate. And, unnecessary smog is seen during the day, which destroys the natural beauty.

Also, due to the high emission of such poisonous gases, we get acid rain which causes a great loss in biodiversity.

And, the cars with loud noises cause noise pollution as they disturb the people around them. Would you like to hear a loud car roaring at midnight while you are trying to get proper sleep?

After the cars get old, they produce a huge amount of smoke as well as loud noise. And, after they are sent to junkyards, only some part of the car is recycled, but the remaining parts are thrown somewhere, which also causes pollution.

The cars need proper roads to run smoothly. And, those roads are made by destroying the natural habitats of the animals. This causes various disasters also.

So, if you stop owning a car, you will help control environmental pollution as there will be less production of such gases.

8. Fuel

Most of the cars require fuel to operate. And, the price of fuel fluctuates frequently. You end up spending a lot of money on fuel. And it increases with time.

Most countries have to import fuel from other countries. So, the fuel costs are very high.


The process of extraction of fuel involves many factors. First of all, the fuel is collected by digging deep under the ground.

Then, the fuel needs to be purified to run cars. The cost of building extraction pumps is also very high. And, it also requires the involvement of highly skilled human resources.

Also, fuel is a non-renewable source of energy. So, it requires a long time for the formation of fuel.

And many bi-products are also formed during the extraction of fuel. Thus formed bi-products are very harmful and cause pollution.

Most of the bi-products in liquid form are mixed in water resources, which causes a terrible impact on aquatic diversity. If we continue using fuel in this high amount, we will end up with no fuel shortly.

As we all know, fuel is highly flammable, which means it can burn up even with a tiny spark of flame. Also, you have to spend a lot of money on fuel to operate your car.

7. Makes You Fit

After we own a car, we start to get lazy and results in making you unhealthy. People who own a car use it frequently to go to many places. They would consider driving for 5 minutes rather than taking a walk to the same place.

Due to this nature of people, they start to get lazy and end up being unhealthy. Various research found that people who drive cars are exposed to more toxic gases and smog than people who don’t drive or own a car.

You also have a weaker body as you will not have a habit of walking, leading to complications in the future.

If you take a short walk instead of a short drive, you will automatically feel more active and energetic. This will help to maintain good health and will make you fit. It would be better to use other means of transportation such as bicycles as it involves physical power.

If you considered using a bicycle, it would save your time also as you would not need to be stuck in traffic jams.

So, it is better not to own a car.

6. Insurance of Car And Taxes

After owning a car, you must subscribe to various insurance policies for the safety of your car. You must pay additional charges for the subscription and other taxes.

Even though you get a refund after a certain period, you must pay several charges in the present. This will end up messing with your monthly expenditure.


Also, you should pay various taxes on your car. You must pay several road taxes, renew your license plate and driver’s license, and many more.

And, you should also pay different charges on different highways. Looking at these many additional costs, it would be better not to own a car and save up a huge amount of money.

5. Additional Space for Parking

You will need a proper space to park your car. If you do not have a proper parking space in your house, you should pay an additional cost for parking spaces. There are billions of cars in the world, and these cars require a huge space for parking.

Nowadays, many people are compelled to turn their gardens into parking spaces as they run out of parking spaces.

We can see many cars parked on the sidewalk due to no availability of places to park. And, people get parking tickets for not parking in proper areas. Many accidents occur due to many cars parked on the street.

Crowded Parking

And, people are clearing out forests to have a decent house with good parking space.

So, if you would stop owning a car, you would save a good amount of space.

4. Stress Management

People who own a  car are often stressed out as they have to go through mental pressure. They are stressed due to huge traffic jams, no parking spaces and sudden failure of the car.

Due to many vehicles, the roads are usually packed, which causes huge traffic jams. During the rush hour, there are plenty of vehicles n the street. And, You will also spend a lot of time finding a decent parking space.

You will even be charged for breaking the rules unknowingly. Also, you might be charged for overspeeding or parking in the wrong spot. These things make you anxious, and you will end up having a stressful life.

But, if you stop owning a car, you don’t need to face these kinds of troubles. So, it would be better to stop owning a car.

3. Time-Saving

People can save a lot of time by not owning a car. It is because they need not spend time finding parking spots and they also should not get stuck in the traffic jams like the car owners do.

They can also save time by doing some productive work while traveling through other modes of transportation.

Also, they can use various ride-sharing applications to get to their destinations. Using these types of applications will be cost-efficient also.

If you use a bicycle to get to places, it would be faster and easier. Also, it would require very little space for storage.

2. Additional Cost for Maintenance

After owning a car, you must spend additional money on the maintenance of your car. You must change the oil of your car, change the tires and inspect other elements also.

And, it is better to have regular servicing of your car.  These things will add up additional thousands of dollars annually. People usually spend around $500 on the maintenance of their car.

Car Maintenance

Sometimes, you might need to change some parts of your car also. As we all know, the spare parts are .costly

And you will need skilled human resources to operate these tasks. These kinds of works cost very high, and they need to be done regularly. If you would stop owning a car, it will help you save a huge amount of money, and it would also help reduce your stress.

1. Low Accident Rate

The highest number of deaths occur due to road accidents. Even without your mistake, you might have a road accident. The risk of being a part of road accidents is much higher in a car than in any other vehicle.

If you stop owning a car, there will be a meager chance of you being a part of road accidents. If you use other vehicles like the bus or a train, it would be much safer.


Since there are many cars on the roads, the risk of road accidents has drastically risen.  It would be better not to own a car.

These were the 10 legitimate reasons to stop owning a car. I hope you enjoyed reading our article.

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