20 Beautiful Pakistani Women

Mahira Khan

Beautiful Pakistani Women!!

Known for their breathtaking beauty and unrivaled grace, Pakistani women are fine in all sectors may, whether it be business, glamour, music, or politics.

Pakistani women can be considered the epitome of style, intelligence, and, mostly, etiquette. Their deep eyes and porcelain skin will definitely captivate your heart.

Beautiful Pakistani Women
Beautiful Pakistani Women (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, they are quite hardworking and ambitious, which makes them more irresistible. In this very article, we are going to talk about the 20 most-gorgeous Pakistani women who will restore your faith in untouched beauty.

Scroll down to read about them and know what distinguishes these ladies from the rest of the world.

Let’s begin with a quick overview!

Quick Overview

S.No Beautiful Pakistani Women Date of Birth
1. Mahira Khan December 21, 1984
2. Sara Loren December 11, 1985
3. Mahnoor Baloch July 14, 1970
4. Mehwish Hayat January 6, 1983
5. Humaima Malick November 18, 1987
6. Annie Khalid March 27, 1987
7. Aisha Linnea Akhtar June 29, 1989
8. Iman Ali December 19, 1980
9. Ayyan Ali July 30, 1993
10. Hania Aamir March 10, 1995
11. Saba Qamar April 5, 1984
12. Sanam Saeed February 2, 1985
13. Maya Ali July 27, 1989
14. Sanam Baloch July 14, 1986
15. Ayesha Khan September 27, 1982
16. Momal Sheikh April 6, 1986
17. Hareem Farooq May 26, 1992
18. Sajal Aly January 17, 1994
19. Mehreen Syed August 2, 1982
20. Sonya Jehan April 24, 1980

Beautiful Pakistani Women

#20. Sonya Jehan

The granddaughter of famed singer Noor Jehan, Sonya Jehan is one of the most beautiful faces from Pakistan.

To illustrate, the features like flawless complexion, eerily beautiful eyes, slim figure, and elongated face with high cheekbones are some of the prominent detail of this stunning diva.

Sonya Jehan
Sonya Jehan (Source: – Pakistani Celebrities Height, Weight, Body Measurements)

Jehan was destined to become a movie star. In detail, as she already had graced several Pakistani acting projects, Jehan further made her appearance in Bollywood movies of several genres as well.

For instance, you can see her brilliant acting in Bollywood films like Taj Mahal (2005), Khoya Khoya Chand (2007), and My Name is Khan (2010).

Not only that, but Sonya also starred in a critically acclaimed Hollywood film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012).

#19. Mehreen Syed

The next beauty on our list is Mehreen Syed, who is not just hauntingly beautiful but is an inspiration to several new-age film actresses.

Unfortunately, Syed’s father died when she was just four years old, and she began working at that very age. And, she never stopped, not even once.

Mehreen Syed
Mehreen Syed (Source: Crayon)

The raven-haired supermodel Mehreen is not just known for her gorgeous looks but also for her kind personality, which sure will take her much higher in fame.

Likewise, Mehreen has made her appearance on the magazine covers of several prominent international names like Vogue, Time, and Marie Claire.

Moreover, she is also the founder of International Fashion Academy Pakistan, a platform that helps young aspiring people approach the fashion or glamour world.

#18. Sajal Aly

Known for her big puppy eyes, charming smile, and unmatchable acting skills, Aly is commonly dubbed as one of the most gorgeous faces in Pakistan.

Sajal Aly
Sajal Aly (Source: Tena Durrani)

To add further, Sajal gained recognition after making her appearance in Mehmoodabad ki Mulkain, a 2011 film. She always wins the hearts of audiences no matter the project, be it social dramas or romantic ones.

Also known as Pakistan’s Barbie Doll, Sajal Aly married Ahad Raza Mir in 2020.

#17. Hareem Farooq

Another incredibly brilliant actress on our list, Hareem Farooq, made her debut in 2013 with the horror/thriller film Siyaah.

Afterward, the gorgeous diva went on to appear in a number of noteworthy television projects, Diyar e Dil being her most loved work.

Hareem Farooq (Source: Pinterest)
Hareem Farooq (Source: Pinterest)

The multitalented actress and producer Farooq is also one of the pioneers of spreading different content on social media. Hareem widely promotes self-love and healthy eating.

Moreover, she has often spoken against the unhealthy attraction of our society toward the size zero bodies.

#16. Momal Sheikh

Frequently described as one of the most elegant and hardworking actresses in Pakistan, Momal Sheikh belongs to an artistic family.

To support, Sheikh is also recognized as a cinema dynasty as she began her career as a producer in her father’s production company in 2008.

Momal Sheikh (Source: Pinterest)
Momal Sheikh (Source: Pinterest)

Later on, she carved out a niche for herself, making her a celebrated star not only in Pakistani films but also in the Bollywood projects.

The 1.63m diva married Muhammad Nadir in 2012, and they together have a son named Ibrahim.

#15. Ayesha Khan

With a huge fan following for her beautiful looks and amazing acting, Ayesha Khan, also known as Aisha Uqbah Malik, made her screen debut in 2000 with the drama Tum Yahi Kehna.

In 2010, Ayesha was honored with Best Actress at Pakistan Mediaย for portraying the role of Gul in the drama Haroon To Piya Teri.

Ayesha Khan (Source: CityBook.Pk)
Ayesha Khan (Source: CityBook.Pk)

The actress flaunts jet black hair and dark brown eyes, not to mention that one-of-a-kind attractive face structure she owns.

Unquestionably, she is one of the stunning actresses in Pakistan who, however, announced her retirement from acting in 2018.

#14. Sanam Baloch

The Pakistani actress, model, and TV presenter, Sanam Baloch, has quite a large fan base loving and appreciating her.

To detail, Baloch has made her appearance in several dramas like Dastaan and Durr-e-Shehwar. Moreover, she has hosted the shows like Sanam Small Room and Samaa TV’s Morning Show.

Sanam Baloch
Sanam Baloch (Source: Instagram, Tik Tok Star Biography Age Income Family Boyfriend Girlfriend, And Net worth)

Known for her chubby and cute looks, Sanam embodies both talent and beauty. There is no doubt that her presence in any acting show is immensely popular in Pakistan.

#13. Maya Ali

The TV personality and a supermodel Maryam Tanveer Ali, commonly known as Maya Ali, has got to be an effortless yet stunning celebrity from Pakistan.

Maya Ali (Source: IMDb)
Maya Ali (Source: IMDb)

The followers and admirers of Ali can never get enough of her in the way she wears fashionable clothes with panache. She has worked with several designers as her face is sought to be an ideal model image.

Nevertheless, her acting abilities are equally excellent as her fashion sense.ย 

#12. Sanam Saeed

We doubt if there is a single Indian or Pakistani woman out there who hasn’t seen the massively popular Pakistani show Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012), in which Sanam Saeed starred along with handsome Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

For her very role in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, she won multiple honors, including the Lux Style Award.

Sanam Saeed
Sanam Saeed (Source: Dispatch News Desk)

Saeed was born in England to an interior designer father and an art teacher mother who later returned to Karachi from where her journey to stardom began.

We can’t miss the fact that Sanam is a bona fide singer as well and has graced major musical productions like Mamma Mia! and Grease.

Furthermore, she has also sung background vocals on the widely popular Pakistani music show Coke Studio.

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#11. Saba Qamar

One of Pakistan’s most popular, most beautiful, and highest-paid celebrities, Saba Qamar has appeared in numerous period dramas, family social dramas, psychological flicks, and other variety of genres.

Saba Qamar (Source: Top 10 Rankers)
Saba Qamar (Source: Top 10 Rankers)

To explain, her big and notable debut must be the blockbuster Bollywood flick Hindi Mediumย (2017), in which Saba starred along with the late superstar Irrfan Khan.

The Pakistani diva has a rich brown rain and a set of arresting eyes that sprinkle magic on whatever she presents.

#10. Hania Aamir

The 25-year-old young and bold Hania Aamir rose to fame after appearing in 2016’s Drama/Musical Janaan.

To land that role, Aamir caught the attention of the producer Imran Kazmi with the dubsmash she made back then. So, that is how it all started!

Hania Amir (Source: Pinterest)
Hania Amir (Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, Aamir was nominated for the Lux Style Award in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

Hania is direct and outspoken about her beliefs, while she looks breathtaking in every look and attire. Moreover, the actress is fearless about trying any new thing, may it be acting roles or experimenting with her hair.

#09. Ayyan Ali

The model and singer Ayyan Ali was born in Dubai, and she is currently the new evolving face of the Pakistani fashion industry.

Ayyan Ali began her modeling career in 2010 and was labeled as the Best Female Emerging Model. Likewise, the same year, she also earned the title of Calvin Klein‘s “Beauty of the Year.”

Ayyan Ali (Source: The Express Tribune)
Ayyan Ali (Source: The Express Tribune)

Wanting to be publicly renowned by just her first name, “Ayyan,” the model has already bagged Lux Style Award nomination four times.

#08. Iman Ali

The breathtakingly lovely Iman Ali is our next name on the list of most beautiful Pakistani women.

Ali made her screen debut in 2007 with the thriller film Khuda Kay Liye. On the top, she also won a nomination for Best Actress for her role in that film.

Iman Ali
Iman Ali (Source: Quora)

Iman is not just a pretty face but a brilliant actor as well who also works for raising awareness about multiple sclerosis.

#07. Aisha Linnea Akhtar

Another stunning model and actress, Aisha Linnea Akhtar, is a remarkable Pakistani personality who is known for her debut in Slackistan (2010).

Aisha Linnea Akhtar (Source: Pak Couture)
Aisha Linnea Akhtar (Source: Pak Couture)

Talking about her vital stats, the diva is 30-28-34, thus looks very stunning in every apparel she chooses for herself. Likewise, her black eyes and black hair further make her more appealing.

Previously, Akhtar was widely known as Shahbaz Sigri’s wife; the couple got married in 2014 and later separated for some personal reason.

#06. Annie Khalid

Frequently dubbed as Britney Spear’s Pakistani counterpart, the bold and fierce singer Annie Khalid is the next name on our list.

Beautiful Pakistani Women- Annie Khalid
Annie Khalid (Source: Pinterest)

Noor-ul-Ain Khalid, or Annie Khalid, got widely popular after her hit song “Mahiya” was featured in the Indian film Awarapan (2007).ย In fact, the song was the most-played Pakistani song in the year 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Her signature wild curls and free-spirited demeanor separate her apart from the crowd. The actress has endorsed several multinational brands like Pepsi, Toni & Guy, Telenor, and many more.

#05. Humaima Malick

Breaking boundaries and stereotypes, Humaima Malick has been working in the modeling field since the age of fourteen.

Malick is a bold and gorgeous face of Pakistan who showers a confident demeanor no matter what she does. Surprisingly, her assertive personality is a contrast to her china doll appearance.

Beautiful Pakistani Women- Humaima Malick (Source: High Fashion Pakistan)
Humaima Malick (Source: High Fashion Pakistan)

Time and again, the actress has been condemned for her provocative scenes and beliefs. Nevertheless, she stays firm on the belief that a woman has a full right over her body and should express herself in any way she desires.

To add further, Humaima is the recipient of the Lux Style Award 2018, which she bagged for being the Best Actress.

#04. Mehwish Hayat

Another great actress who knows to carry everything- Mehwish Hayat can own a ramp walk, she can dance, she can sing, and not to forget what a fantastic actress she is!

The 1.72 m Hayat flaunts glistening dark brown eyes, which look perfect with her stunning smile and light brown hair.

Beautiful Pakistani Women- Mehwish Hayat
Mehwish Hayat (Source: The Express Tribune)

Talking about her acting roles, Mehwish is recognized for her notable performances in films like Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar, Actor in Law, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, and several others.

Equally important, she is the awardee of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, an honorary award she received in 2019 for her contribution to art and cinema.

#03. Mahnoor Baloch

If you’ve ever thought age is a bar for anything, Mahnoor Baloch breaks that stereotype a big time!

Married at the young age of 15, Baloch made her TV debut at the age of 23 and hasn’t stopped since. In the same way, the actress is also a receiver of the Lux Style Award for Best Actress (2011).

It might catch you in awe to know that Mahnoor is currently 51 years old, and she is a grandmother. Yes, it’s hard to believe the fact that this ageless beauty already has a grandkid.

Beautiful Pakistani Women- Mahnoor Baloch (Source: Pinterest)
Mahnoor Baloch (Source: Pinterest)

The US-born Canadian Pakistani actress is frequently complimented by critics for her on-screen fitness and youthful appearance.

#02. Sara Loren

Kuwait-born Sara Loren, formerly Mona Lizza Hussain, is another stunning beauty you will witness in the land of Pakistan.

Beautiful Pakistani Women- Sara Loren
Sara Loren (Source: IMDb)

Widely known for working in Hindi and Urdu movies, Loren rose to prominence after starring with Randeep Hooda, and Aditi Rao Hydari in the Bollywood hit film Murder 3 (2013).

In the year 2013, the daring and seductive beauty also won the Tarang Housefull Award for being the Best Actress in a Leading Role.

#01. Mahira Khan

It should not be even a doubt that the top position is reserved for the queen of the Pakistani media industry, Mahira Khan.

The seductive, cheerful, welcoming and fearless Khan is a household name in Pakistan who has fans not only in her country but all around the world.

She is known to set the bar high for every newbie to the profession, as Khan is flawless in every way.

Beautiful Pakistani Women Mahira Khan
Mahira Khan (Source: Pinterest)

Khan began her career as a video jockey for MTV Pakistan in the year 2006. Later, she was seen in a music video titled Hona Tha Pyaar, sung by talented artist Atif Aslam.

In 2017 she starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the action crime film Raees.

The actress, producer, model, entrepreneur, whatever title you link with Mahira Khan, she always outdoes herself and makes her fans proud. Likewise, she is also a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, Pakistan.

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