Poppi Founder Allison Ellsworth Net Worth Wikipedia Age And Husband

Poppi Founder Allison Ellsworth Net Worth

Before co-founding the prebiotic soda brand Poppi, Allison Ellsworth excelled in the oil and gas industry. Let’s explore her net worth.

She worked her way up in the field, taking on important roles that required frequent travel to oil rigs and other remote locations.

Her grit and determination enabled her to thrive in this demanding and male-dominated industry.

On one such work trip, she met Stephen Ellsworth, who would later become her husband and business partner.

The two bonded over their shared careers and ambitions.

After years of gathering invaluable business experience, Allison felt unfulfilled, furthering the oil company’s bottom line.

She yearned to impact health while still creating a profitable venture positively.

This drove Allison and Stephen to research the gut microbiome, which eventually spawned their idea for a prebiotic soda.

Poppi Founder Allison Ellsworth Net Worth

As co-founder and co-CEO of Poppi’s thriving prebiotic soda brand, Allison Ellsworth has achieved remarkable financial success in just a few short years.

She and her husband launched Poppi in 2016, operating out of their home kitchen after quitting their jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Their big break came in 2018 when they pitched their fledgling company on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and secured a $400,000 investment.

 Allison Ellsworth Net Worth
Poppi has exploded into a $29 million per year business with a valuation of $10 million. (source: dot)

While Allison and her husband Stephen gave up some of their company to Shark Tank investors, they still hold a controlling share in the multimillion-dollar functional beverage empire.

Though Allison’s exact salary and net worth details remain private, industry experts estimate her net worth easily in the millions based on Poppi’s meteoric rise and future growth prospects.

Her journey epitomizes the abundant financial rewards possible for entrepreneurs who take bold risks to turn a homegrown idea into a nationwide phenomenon.

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Allison Ellsworth Wikipedia

Allison Ellsworth founded Poppi, a popular apple cider vinegar drink.

Her journey with Poppi started when she sought to improve her digestive health.

She learned about the benefits of apple cider vinegar but couldn’t stand the taste on its own.

 Allison Ellsworth
Allison Ellsworth pictured with her kids. (source: DFWChild)

So, Allison decided to create a flavored apple cider vinegar drink, the prototype of Poppi, originally called Mother Beverage.

Encouraged by her positive experiences with the health benefits of her apple cider vinegar drink, Allison started sharing it with friends and neighbors.

With the enthusiastic support of her father, her “biggest fan, biggest supporter, biggest inspiration,” Allison eventually decided to try selling her drink at local Dallas farmers markets on the weekends.

This was the humble beginning of what would eventually grow into the famous health drink brand Poppi.

Driven by her health journey and with her father’s encouragement, Allison Ellsworth tapped into consumer demand for functional beverages to found and grow her successful beverage startup.

Allison Ellsworth Husband

Allison Ellsworth met her now-husband, Stephen Ellsworth, while they were both working in Utah’s oil and gas industry.

They connected at a local mall and eventually got married.

When Allison first started developing what would become her successful prebiotic soda brand Poppi, she created a potent apple cider vinegar drink.

At first, Stephen was hesitant to try it.

However, Allison persevered, refining the flavor until she made a palatable version.

This iteration, with improved taste, became the prototype for Poppi.

Stephen supported her endeavors as Allison navigated the early stages of entrepreneurship, launching a business from their home kitchen.

He helped taste-test new flavors and provided essential feedback and encouragement as she honed the Poppi product.

The couple worked closely together, tackling all the challenges of building a company from the ground up.

Now, they continue to be partners in marriage and business. Poppi has reached significant grocery store shelves.

This achievement realizes Allison’s vision of bringing a health-focused soda to consumers nationwide.

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