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Gabriel Iglesias (Source: Ticketmaster)

American stand-up comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias, better known as Fluffy, has a staggering net worth of $40 million.

Fluffy is one of the most popular comedians in the world.

Iglesias is an extremely successful stand-up comic who performs stand-up in front of sold-out crowds across the country and around the world.

He has done a lot of stand-up specials, most recently on Netflix.

Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias (Source: IMDb)

Similarly, Gabriel has appeared in several live-action and animated television episodes and films as an actor.

He was also the host of the Comedy Central episodes “Stand Up Revolution” and “Fluffy’s Food Adventures.”

Furthermore, Iglesias was among the top ten highest-paid comedians globally in 2018.

Gabriel Iglesias | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts to understand more about Gabriel Iglesias.

Birth Name Gabriel Jesús Iglesias
Professional Name Gabriel Iglesias
Nick Name Fluffy
Birth Date July 15, 1976
Age 48 Years Old
Birth Place San Diego, California, USA
Height 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 284.5 lbs. (129 kg)
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Nationality American
Body Type Large
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor
Father’s Name Jesus Iglesias
Mother’s Name Esther P. Mendez
  • Observational Comedy
  • Clean Comedy
  • Surreal Humour
  • Self-deprecation
  • Satire
Horoscope Cancer
Ethnicity Hispanic
Sibling 5
High School Woodrow Wilson High School
College N/A
Distinctive Feature 
  • Thick Eyebrows
  • Bearded Jaw
  • Latin American Culture
  • Obesity
  • Everyday Life
  • Pop Culture
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend N/A
Children Frankie
Active Since 1997-Present
Merch Signed Movie Script
Social Media TwitterInstagramFacebook
Last Update July 2024

Gabriel Iglesias | Net Worth and Income

Gabriel Iglesias’s net worth is a staggering $40 million as a multi-talented comic and actor.

He made $21 million from his numerous efforts between 2017 and 2018. It was enough to make him one of the top ten highest-paid comics on the planet.

Sales of his comedy albums, voice acting works, and TV appearances contributed to his wealth.

He’s continued to earn huge sums of money in his career afterward, especially because of his works with Netflix, known for its huge investment. 

Iglesias has repeatedly been on lists of the world’s highest-paid comics, and it is expected that he will continue to do so for some time.

His profits from comedy specials are supplemented by a busy touring schedule that keeps him on the road for months.

Moreover, he does stand-up comedy across the United States, frequently with the help of some of his friends and partners.

In 2013, Gabriel made around $11 million, while in 2015, he took home almost $8.5 million.

Iglesias is not a one-hit-wonder. He’s been around for more than 20 years, but his rise to fame only began in the last few years.

Fluffy is an excellent example of someone who began slowly and persisted. He lacked the necessary connections to break into the entertainment industry.

However, Iglesias achieved his success through hard work. He has built a name for himself as a comedian who makes light of his size.

Gabriel often tackles other topics such as his Latin American culture, race relations, and other issues in his comedy.

Furthermore, he has almost 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube, earning $36.3K to $580.4K a year from its advertisements.

Net Worth of Gabriel Iglesias in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Gabriel Iglesias’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 38,422,000
Pound Sterling £ 32,613,132
Australian Dollar A$ 57,636,880
Canadian Dollar C$ 51,621,600
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,099,460,000
Bitcoin ฿ 1339.89

Gabriel Iglesias | Houses & Cars


As of July 2024, Gabriel Iglesias’s net worth is a massive $40 million. 

Iglesias has purchased a $1.5 million estate in the Signal Hill neighborhood of California.

The house is about 3,000 square feet and contains four bedrooms and four bathrooms. This large single-family home was constructed in 2002.

A pool and a spa are also included in the lovely residence.

There’s also a huge balcony on top of the adjacent garage. In addition, the home’s front façade is composed of brick, and the patio is also available for gatherings.

A huge center island is featured in the kitchen, and in the family area, there is also a fireplace.


Gabriel has an interesting automotive collection. He is so mesmerized by Volkswagen buses that he has amassed a $3 million collection. 

He keeps his buses in a massive warehouse that looks like an auto museum.

Iglesias has nearly 80 Volkswagen buses, all of which may be found within his “Fluffy Museum,” as he calls it.

Each bus is distinctive, including one that he used as his first vehicle when he was 17 years old, a 1968 Volkswagen Transporte.

That buy led to more purchases until he needed a storage facility for his valuable bus models.

Gabriel VW Garage
Gabriel VW Garage (Source: Pinterest)

The “Fluffy Museum” stores some of the most valuable VW Bus versions.

Iglesias’ collection includes a 15-window 1963 Bus and a 1952 Barndoor Bus.

The comedian doesn’t just stash them away; he collaborates with a group of specialists to restore and maintain his findings.

Even though the tours aren’t typically long, he rides most of his models.

Likewise, he also has three rare Volkswagen Beetle vehicles from 1950, 1956, and 1958, including all of the Volkswagen bus versions.

Gabriel Iglesias | Lifestyle and Vacation


Multi-millionaire comedian Gabriel Iglesias lives a luxurious lifestyle with a net worth of $40 million.

He was born to Esther P. Mendez and Jesús Iglesias in the city of San Diego, California, in 1976.

Before settling in Long Beach, he grew up in various places, including Corona, Riverside, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton.

Iglesias is of Mexican heritage and was raised by his mother.

He has a stepson named Frankie, born in 1998, and he had a long-term connection with Frankie’s mom, whose name he has not revealed to protect her privacy.

However, Gabriel split with his girlfriend in 2017.

Although, he maintains a tight relationship with Frankie despite his breakup.

Fluffy With His Fluffs
Fluffy With His Fluffs (Source: Modern Wellness Guide -)

Iglesias had a weight-related health emergency when he was diagnosed with diabetes, despite his reputation as a “big and fluffy” comedian.

At one point, he gained over 400 pounds and struggled to control his sugar levels, even with the help of injecting insulin.

A doctor told him that he could die in two years if he didn’t lose weight.

Iglesias knew he couldn’t get weight-loss surgery since it would take him away from his job for too long.

Instead, he started exercising with a trainer. As a result, he’s lost 100 pounds since then.

Similarly, Gabriel has also battled depression and alcoholism, which he blames on exhaustion from his hectic touring schedule.

He tested positive for COVID-19 on his 45th birthday, July 15, 2021, and canceled his remaining shows. 


Prominent comedian Gabriel has traveled the world for his comedy shows.

In 2022, he visited Nashville for a vacation. Likewise, he traveled to Singapore, and the Singaporean zoo was his favorite,

It was without a doubt the nicest zoo he had ever visited. 

“Fluffy Breaks Even” is a travel show hosted by Iglesias.

In the unscripted program, he and his friends and coworkers travel throughout the country searching for new spots to eat and then work off the calories.

He’s visited all 50 states and more than 30 countries worldwide.

Jokes aside, his favorite vacation destination is Long Beach.

Similarly, Iglesias travel bucket list includes Finland and Germany.

Gabriel Iglesias | Charity

Iglesias was handed an honorary key to El Paso in 2012, which he characterized as his “second home.”

In the same program, he was awarded a Beacon of H.O.P.E. award from “Operation H.O.P.E.,” an NGO dedicated to delivering financial literacy and education to poor communities.

According to Angel Gomez, co-founder of the organization, he received the prize for going “above and beyond” in his attempts to give back.

On the Nickelodeon television show, Iglesias contributed $25,000 to a Long Beach middle school in 2020.

Similarly, in 2022, he gave $5,000 to a fan for a prosthetic leg.

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Gabriel Iglesias | Movies, Investment, and Endorsement


Iglesias has a long record of voice acting credits, including the animated films “Planes,” “The Nut Job,” “The Book of Life,” and “Norm of the North.”

He’s also done voice work for “Coco,” “The Star,” “Smurfs: The Lost Village,” “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature,” and “Blazing Samurai,” among others.

In 2016, Iglesias cameoed in the “WWE SmackDown” and “WWE Tribute to the Troops” TV events.

Likewise, he appeared in the animated film “The High-Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange” and the sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”

In addition, he appeared in the films “A Haunted House 2” and “Magic Mike.”


As of July 2024, Gabriel Iglesias’s net worth is a massive $40 million. 

Gabriel’s most important investment is his comedy shows.

In 2019, he got his own Netflix show, “Mr. Iglesias,” which he describes as an alternative timeline of his career. He became a history professor rather than a stand-up comedian.

Gabriel Show Poster (Source: Fabrizio Guido)
Gabriel Show Poster (Source: Fabrizio Guido)

Similarly, “Hot & Fluffy,” “We Luv Fluffy,” and “Aloha Fluffy” are three of Iglesias’ comedic albums. 

But stand-up comedy will almost certainly always be his first and foremost interest.


Iglesias was selected to deliver the game ball during the Dodgers’ season opener in May 2019.

The event was part of Dodger Stadium’s Mexican Heritage Night. The Mexican national anthem was performed throughout the event.

Gabriel was a contestant on the reality show “Last Comic Standing” in 2009. He advanced to the finals but was disqualified after being found using a cell phone.

That was against the regulations, as well as the contestants’ contract.

Iglesias claimed he was only using the phone to communicate with his family and not cheat or get an edge on the show, but he was nonetheless thrown off.

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Gabriel Iglesias | Career

In 1997, Iglesias began his comic career.

He made his television debut in the comedy series “All That,” which was followed by “My Wife and Kids” and “Premium Blend.”

After that, Gabriel made a short film called “Entre Vivos Y Plebeyos” in 2002.

Similarly, he worked on various projects between 2003 and 2006, including “El Matador,” “Days of Santiago,” “The Surfer King,” and “The Emperor’s New School.”

Gabriel Movie Poster (Source: IMDb)

In the animated sitcom “Family Guy,” Iglesias voiced a complete Mexican family.

Moreover, Gabriel presented “Live at Gotham” in 2007.

Likewise, he released a DVD about his stand-up comedy in 2009, “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy,” from Comedy Central.

Two years later, the channel launched “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution.”

He has been in reality TV series such as “Fluffy’s Food Adventures” and “Fluffy Breaks Even” and was shortlisted for an ALMA Award in 2012.

Some Interesting Facts About Gabriel Iglesias

  • Gabriel owns two pet dogs.
  • He prefers to make clean humor and avoids potentially contentious topics like politics or religion.
  • In 2021, he was the voice behind the character of Speedy Gonzales in the film “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”


What did Gabriel Iglesias do before comedy?

He used to work for a cell phone firm in Los Angeles before becoming famous. Gabriel moved full-time into comedy in 1997. He was evicted from his house and lost his car after doing comedy shows and making it his full-time career.

Who is Gabriel Iglesias’s inspiration?

Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, and Eddie Murphy were his strongest influences.

Is Gabriel Iglesias still with Frankie?

Yes, they still have a close relationship.

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