Jadakiss Net Worth: Rap Career & Legal Troubles

Jadakiss (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

American rapper Jason Terrance Phillips, better known as Jadakiss, has a staggering net worth of $6 million. 

He is best known as one-third of the hip hop trio “The Lox” from New York.

In the early 2000s, he was at the peak of the rap game. He has six solo albums and four albums with The Lox.

Jadakiss (Source: Pinterest)

In 2004, he released a popular track called “Why.”

The song reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 3 on the Hot Rap Songs list, and number 4 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2004.

Likewise, in 2005, he received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for the same song.

Furthermore, Jadakiss is one of New York’s most influential hip-hop artists.

Jadakiss | Quick Facts

Let’s look at quick facts about Jadakiss to learn more about him.

Birth Name
Jason Terrance Phillips
Professional Name Jadakiss
Nick Name Jada, Kiss of Death, Mr. Rhaspy
Birth Date May 27, 1975
Age 48 Years Old
Birth Place Yonkers, New York, USA
Height 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight 77 kg (170 lbs.)
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Nationality American
Distinctive Feature
  • Often has short trimmed hair
  • Loves wearing caps
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Instrument Vocal
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Genres Hip-hop
Horoscope Gemini
Ethnicity African-American
Sibling N/A
High School Gorton High School
College N/A
Record Labels
  • Roc Nation
  • Def Jam
  • D-Block
  • Roc-A-Fella
  • Ruff Ryders
  • Interscope
  • Bad Boy
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend N/A
Children 4
Active Since 1994-Present
Merch  Signed Guitar
Social Media FacebookTwitterInstagram 
Last Update February 2024

Jadakiss | Net Worth and Income

Muti-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Jadakiss’s net worth is a whopping $6 million.

Jadakiss makes the majority of his money through his career as a rapper. He has generated millions of dollars via singles streaming, album sales, and gigs.

In fact, Jadakiss earns roughly $1 million every year through music and various other business.

In 2000, he earned $1 million from the album “We Are the Streets.” The next year, Jadakiss made around $877,000 from his album “Kiss tha Game Goodbye.”

Similarly, in 2004, estimated earnings from his album “Kiss of Death” was $1 million.

In 2007, he signed with Jay-Z‘s Roc-A-Fella Records.

Two years later, he recorded an album, “The Last Kiss,” which debuted at number one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.

Likewise, 134,520 copies were sold in the album’s first week, which earned around $134,520.

He departed the label in 2010 and followed it up with the mixtape “Consignment” in 2012 and the album “Top 5 Dead or Alive” in 2015.

“Top 5 Dead or Alive,” like his previous two albums, debuted at the top of the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Charts.

In 2016, the Lox released “Filthy America…Beautiful,” their first album since 2000.

He collaborated with Fabolous on “Friday on Elm Street” the following year.

In 2020, Jadakiss delivered his sixth solo album, “Ignatius,” and The Lox released “Living Off Xperience.”

Jadakiss also has approximately 391K YouTube subscribers, which allows him to profit from the platform’s advertising revenue.

He earns between $11.9K and $190.3K through the platform every year.

In addition, The Lox YouTube channel has over 151K subscribers, making them $56.9K every year without uploading any new content.

Moreover, the rapper has over 2.69 million monthly Spotify listeners. As a result, Jada stands to make a fortune from millions of streams.

Net Worth of Jadakiss in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Jadakiss’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 5,584,320
Pound Sterling £ 4,750,500
Australian Dollar A$ 8,417,802
Canadian Dollar C$ 7,655,250
Indian Rupee ₹ 465,875,400
Bitcoin ฿ 207.13

Jadakiss | Houses & Cars


As of February 2024, Jadakiss’s net worth is a massive $6 million. 

In 2017, he announced that he had bought a house via Twitter.

Similarly, he has a property at One Van Der Donk Street, New York.

Although, the exact details and costs of Jadakiss’s homes are unknown. He does, however, possess an apartment in New York City.


Jadakiss owns a fleet of automobiles that he has collected throughout his career. 

He has a Jeep Wrangler, a Hummer, Volkswagen Corrado, and Late ’80s Acura Integra, among other vehicles.

Similarly, he has six Range Rovers.

Jadakiss With His Car (Source: Asanti Wheels)
Jadakiss With His Car (Source: Asanti Wheels)

Jadakiss used to ride a BMW M6, a car that may not appear to be an unusual two-seater sports car but certainly performs like one.

However, he later gave the car to his father, a BMW fanatic.

Moreover, his favorite car is the 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo, which has a base price of more than $135,000.

Jadakiss | Lifestyle, Legal Issue, & Controversy 


Multi-millionaire rapper Jadakiss lives a luxurious lifestyle with a net worth of $6 million.

On May 27, 1975, he was born in Yonkers, New York, and showed an early interest in hip hop.

Jada began hustling at 12 after his parents asked him to make his own money.

Moreover, he started freestyle rhyming for money after seeing others do it on the street corner.

Jadakiss doesn’t disclose much about his personal life; however, he dated Winter Ramos for a long period.

She is a reality television celebrity and a clothing stylist. They began dating in 1997 and had an on-again, off-again romance for ten years.

Similarly, he was also connected to Kelis, the singer best known for her 2003 single “Milkshake.”

Jadakiss has four children, Jae’Won, Jaidyon, and twins Josh and Jamir.

Jadakiss Net Worth- Jadakiss With His Kids (Source: Pinterest)
Jadakiss With His Kids (Source: Pinterest)

Jada has adopted a healthier lifestyle in recent years. 

He goes to bed at 11 p.m. and gets up around 7 a.m.

After waking up, he goes to the gym, where his fitness instructor puts him through a customized workout plan.

In addition to lifting weights, he does a variety of bodyweight workouts. He gets his cardio from a treadmill session.

Likewise, Jada may even shoot some baskets on the basketball court. 

Legal Issue & Controversy

Jadakiss was arrested in North Carolina in July 2004 after a passenger tossed fireworks out of his car window.

Officers discovered marijuana and two pistols in his vehicle and issued him charges for hiding weapons and possession of marijuana.

In 2006, he was in a car with four other males in Yonkers at 5 a.m. when police stopped the vehicle because the driver was acting strangely.

Officers discovered a loaded stolen gun, and everybody in the vehicle was criminally charged with possession of a stolen handgun.

Jadakiss owned a tiny amount of cannabis at the time; therefore, he was convicted of marijuana possession as well.

Similarly, police raided Jadakiss’ Yonkers flat in 2009 and arrested two individuals on drug charges after discovering cannabis and heroin on the property.

Moreover, he was on vacation at the event and issued a statement denying any involvement.

Jadakiss and 50 Cent started feuding in 2004 because he performed on a Ja Rule’s tune that criticized 50, who replied on the track “Piggy Bank” by dissing everyone featured in the song.

As a result, he then produced many songs criticizing 50 Cent, including “Problem Child” and “Checkmate.”

Then, Jada challenged him to a $1 million combat at Madison Square Garden, but 50 Cent declined.

Furthermore, the two reconciled, and Jadakiss played at 50 Cent’s “This Is 50” Festival in October 2009.

Jadakiss | Charity

Jadakiss loves helping the needy and unfortunate people.

In 2017, in New York City, he distributed food and clothing to the less privileged and poor.

The same year, he was ready to participate in a supply run for Puerto Rico.

The governor’s office and Tidal, a streaming music service, planned the contribution event.

Tidal rented a cargo plane to transport donated products to Puerto Rico, and other hip-hop artists committed their stardom to the campaign to ensure a consistent flow of donations.

Jadakiss paid tribute to his late friend DMX with a small act of kindness. In 2021, he visited numerous Yonkers communities to bring meals and other goods to residents.

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Jadakiss | Movies, Investments, and Endorsements


Jadakiss has starred in many movies and television series in his career.

He has starred in films such as “The Sixth Borough of Hip-Hop” (2021), “The After Party” (2018), “Word Is Bond” (2018), and many more.

Similarly, Jada has been featured in television series like “Queens” (2021), “MRECKTV” (2019), “Luke Cage” (2018), “The Rapfest” (2015), and others.

Moreover, his music has been used in several movies like “Blade II” (2002), “Exit Wounds” (2001), “Are You There Yet?” (2005), and “The Hate U Give” (2018).


As of February 2024, Jadakiss’s net worth is a massive $6 million. 

Jadakiss has amassed a substantial personal fortune due to his decades of hard work as a songwriter and rapper.

The rapper is one of three owners of the “D-Block Records” label.

Likewise, Jadakiss has made a name for himself in fields other than music.

In 2010, he co-founded the multimedia creative group “SoRaspy” with his longtime business collaborator and friend, Jay “Icepick” Jackson.

SoRaspy acts as a holding company for all of his ventures, which include an online publication, a music label, clothing, and a YouTube channel.

Similarly, Jadakiss and Styles P decided to give back to society in a more concrete way in 2014.

They started “Juices For Life” in their hometown of Yonkers, then created two more locations in The Bronx and Brooklyn.


Jadakiss has endorsed a few brands and companies in his career.

“Beats Solo 2,” “Reebok,” “New Balance 247 Luxe,” “FUBU,” “Express Smile Atlanta,” and “COOGI” are some of his endorsed products.

On August 3, 2021, Jadakiss and his Lox comrades faced off against the Harlem Diplomats in a Verzuz rap battle at Madison Square Garden.

Moreover, he received the MVP award for his effort.

Similarly, Jada has also acted as a guest judge in Netflix’s rap competition show, “Rhythm + Flow.”

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Jadakiss | Career

At the age of 12, Jadakiss attended a Florida freestyle contest and grabbed the attention of Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

He founded the rap group “The Warlocks” alongside Louch and Styles P.

After encountering Mary J. Blige, she sent Puff Daddy the group’s demo.

The Warlocks signed with Bad Boy Entertainment and changed their name to “The Lox.”

The Lox’s first hit came when their tribute to Notorious B.I.G., “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa,” was included as the B-side of Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” record.

Jadakiss Net Worth- Jadakiss Album Cover (Source: Amazon)
Jadakiss Album Cover (Source: Amazon)

On January 13, 1998, The Lox released their first solo record album, “Money, Power & Respect,” which debuted at number one on the Top Hip-Hop and R&B Albums list.

They departed Bad Boy Records for Ruff Ryders Entertainment, where they recorded another platinum album, “We Are the Streets,” in 2000.

Jadakiss’ first debut album, “Kiss Tha Game Goodbye,” was certified Gold in August 2001.

Some Interesting Facts About Jadakiss

  • Jada used to play basketball in high school and was quite talented as a point guard.
  • Biggie, the hip-hop legend, was a mentor and a treasured buddy to him.
  • He began distributing drugs as a child after his parents required him to make his own money.


Does Jadakiss like to eat only the crust of pizza?

Jadakiss likes to get a crust-only pizza since the dough was always his favorite part as a youngster, and his wish list was to walk into the pizza shop and attempt only to eat the crust.

Who won 50 Cents or Jadakiss?

Actually, both of them profited from the diss tracks and disputes. Moreover, they later reconciled.

Where did the name Jadakiss come from?

One of his friends mistakenly called him Jadakiss, and since he liked the name, he took it.

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