Polly Brooks Wikipedia Bio – Did She Remarry? Age And Family Details

Polly Brooks Wikipedia

Yes, Polly Brooks has re-married Andy Brooks they have two children together, but it took years for her to move on from that traumatizing experience. Polly was a victim of the Bali Bombing where she lost her first husband and best friend.

The attack on the island of Indonesia on October 12, 2002, killed about 202 unaware people including Polly’s first husband Dan Miller to whom she got married just five weeks earlier. In the bombing, her best friend Annika was also killed.

Likewise, Brooks also was badly injured during the bombing, she was badly burnt, suffering 43% burns over her body.

She has founded a charity, Dan’s Burn Funds that provide practical support to burn victims, and it has raised 2.5 million euros.

Polly Brooks Wikipedia Bio – Did She Remarry?

Yes, the victim of the Bali Bombing Brooks has re-married after over 20 years of losing her husband and best friend in the bomb attack. She took several years to move on from that nightmare and now she also has two children with her husband Andy Brooks.

Polly Brooks’s life changed forever on October 12, 2002, when she and her first husband were in the Sari nightclub in Bali, when a bomb detonated killing Dan and her best friend Annika, but Brooks got lucky as her life was saved but she was seriously burned.

Polly Brooks Wikipedia
Polly Brooks and her current husband Andy Brooks celebrating their engagement. (Source: Instagram)

After the bombs went off Polly managed to get off the building, before getting trapped in the building, she was able to call her mom by borrowing a stranger’s cell phone.

She told in an interview with Phil and Holy,” At that point. I had no idea how seriously injured I was, and yes I was burnt, but I didn’t want to worry my parents. So I was just worried about Dan, Annika, and the others, and I was like just ring their parents and see if they’ve called home.”

Likewise, she added,” Because I’d got out. I mean obviously, I could see what happened but there was hope for me that they’d got out, and you certainly the first few days afterward… that they could well have survived.”

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Polly Brooks Age

Polly was 29 years old when she became the victim of the Bali Bombing in 2002, and as of 2023, she is 50 years old. She hasn’t revealed her birthdate yet, so information including her zodiac signs is unavailable.

The Bali Bombing victim had a husband who sadly died in the bombing, they were just married five weeks earlier in the incident. She met lawyer Dan who was also working in Hongkong at a rugby match on a paradise island and according to a source it was love at first sight.

She said in an interview,” When I met Dan I know it’s been marrying him.” Dan proposed to Polli and they got married in a traditional church on September 2002.

Polly Brooks Wikipedia
Polly Brooks and her first husband Dan Miller. (Source: Mailonline)

The couple went to Bali to celebrate their honeymoon and they went to Sari club to enjoy minutes later a suicide bomber detonated the bomb in Paddy’s Bar opposite the club. Polly was saved as she got outside the building and strangers wrapped her in a blanket as she was burning, but her bridesmaid Annika and husband couldn’t survive the attack.

Due to their death, Brooks opened a fundraising organization called Dan’s Burn Funds that provide practical support to burnt victims, and it has raised 2.5 million euros. 

After 20 years she got remarried Andy Brooks and the couple has two children together. She has not shared any information about her children may be due to personal reasons and we should respect her right to privacy.

Polly Brooks Family

Polly has not shared much information about her family, but we know she has a mother and father whom she called by borrowing a cell phone from a stranger after she got off the building after the bomb detonated. It is also unclear if she has any siblings or not.

Polly Brooks Wikipedia
Polly Brooks and her mother.(Source: Instagram)

Brooks has been married twice, and both of them were affected by the bombing. her first husband Dan Miller couldn’t survive the attack, which must be a traumatic experience for her, as they were deeply in love and had been only married for five weeks before the incident.

After twenty or more years she married Adam Brooks whose surname she shares, it is unclear how they met and how long they were in a relationship before getting married. But Polly has the strength to move on from such a devastating experience. The couple now shares two children, whose information is also not available.

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