Gavin Newsom Religion, Christian or Jewish? Family Wife And Children

Gavin Newsom Religion

Gavin Newsom Religion is Christianity. He is an American politician and businessman who has served as California’s 40th governor since 2019. The politician has posted many pictures celebrating Christian festivals and wishing his followers on social media.  

The politician’s full name is Gavin Christopher Newsom. He belonged to the Democratic Party and was the 42nd mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011 and the 49th lieutenant governor of California from 2011 to 2019. 

Newsom attended Redwood High School and received his degree from Santa Clara University. After earning his degree, he established the PlumpJack winery with the help of Gordon Getty, a wealthy heir and close family friend. Wineries, restaurants, and hotels are just a few of the 23 companies under the PlumpJack Group’s management.

Willie Brown, the mayor of San Francisco, appointed Newsom to the city’s Parking and Traffic Commission in 1996, marking the beginning of his political career. 

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Gavin Newsom Religion – Christian or Jewish?

According to the sources, Newsom was baptized and raised in the Catholic religion. He describes himself as an Irish Catholic rebel in specific ways but one who nonetheless has enormous reverence for the church and profound faith. 

Gavin Newsom Religion
Gavin Newsom wishes Christmas with his family (Source: Instagram)

He claimed his deep connection to a bigger mission and higher being keeps him in the Church. 

His social media sites show that he celebrates Christmas, the primary festival of the Christian faith, with his family and wishes a happy holiday to all his followers. 

Meet Gavin Newsom Family 

Gavin Newsom was born on October 10, 1967, to Tessa Thomas and William Alfred Newsom III, a state appeals court judge and lawyer for Getty Oil. He grew up in San Francisco, California. When he was a little boy, Newsom’s parents split in 1972. 

Gavin’s grandparents launched Pat Brown’s district attorney campaign. Gavin might have developed an interest in politics due to his family’s long history of political involvement.

Moreover, Gavin is related to the well-known musician Joanna Newsom, his cousin. 

Gavin Newsom Religion
Gavin Newsom with his wife Jennifer Siebe (Source: Instagram)

When he was tiny, he had dyslexia which made him hard to write, read, and use numbers. Newsom was forced to rely on audiobooks, digests, and informal spoken teaching.

He used to play baseball and basketball during high school. In basketball, Newsom played as a shooting guard; in baseball, he played as an outfielder. His abilities led to his appearance on the cover of the Marin Independent Journal. 

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Gavin Newsom Wife And Children

Newsom wed Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former San Francisco prosecutor and a legal analyst for Court TV, CNN, and MSNBC, in December 2001. They married at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church on the University of San Francisco campus.

They jointly filed for divorce in January 2005, alleging “difficulties related to their employment on separate coasts.” On February 28, 2006, they finalized their divorce.

In September 2006, Newsom started dating the filmmaker Jennifer Siebel.

Gavin Newsom Religion
Gavin Newsom photo with his family and wishing Merry Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

Their marriage occurred in Stevensville, Montana, in July 2008 after they announced their engagement in December 2007. They have four kids together.

In 2012, Newsom and his family moved from San Francisco to the home they had purchased in Kentfield, Marin County.

Newsom and his family settled in Fair Oaks after moving into the California Governor’s Mansion in Downtown Sacramento after his election as governor. 

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