Wendy Rush Kids: Son Ben And Daughter Quincy

Wendy Rush Kids

Meredith Rush, a versatile professional, has delved into diverse fields. Now, fans turn their focus to her familial life, introducing kids Ben and Quincy.

Rush graduated from the prestigious Hotchkiss School and then went on to Princeton University.

After college, Rush embarked on an eclectic early career, working as a substitute teacher in England and as an account manager at the firm Ladd Associates.

Seeking to further expand her skillset, Rush pursued a master’s degree in education to become a middle school science teacher in Massachusetts.

This demonstrated Rush’s dedication to continuing her education to pursue new passions.

Beyond these professional roles, Rush is also an accomplished equestrian having competed across the U.S. and Europe.

Her determination to take on new challenges, from graduate studies to national horse competitions, provides insight into Rush’s intellect.

With an openness to exploring different careers and opportunities, Rush exemplifies adaptability, curiosity, and ambition in her diverse pursuits.

Wendy Rush Kids

Wendy Rush is married to renowned undersea explorer Stockton Rush.

Together they have two accomplished children: a son named Ben Rush and a daughter named Quincy Rush.

Ben Rush is a 32-year-old software engineer based in San Francisco.

Wendy Rush Kids
Wendy Rush’s kids son Ben and daughter Quincy pictured together. (Source: thedistin)

After graduating from Princeton University in 2011 with a degree in engineering, Ben went on to work at tech giants like Google and Pioneer Square Labs.

Even in his professional pursuits in the tech sphere, Ben’s passion for underwater discoveries – inherited from his father – shines through.

His social media presence offers glimpses into his fascination with deep-sea voyages and wreck investigations.

Quincy Rush, 31, followed a different path from her software engineer brother.

She earned a Juris Doctor degree in 2020 from the prestigious University of Chicago Law School.

Quincy now works as a judicial law clerk at the U.S. District Court in Central California.

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Wendy Rush Son Ben And Daughter Quincy

As the son of renowned explorer Stockton Rush, Ben Rush seemed destined to inherit a spirit of discovery and innovation from a young age.

His enthusiasm for submersible vehicles and remote-controlled robots hinted at a future in engineering long before Ben set off to study at Princeton University.

There, Ben’s interests crystallized when he built and programmed a robotic arm for deep-sea wreck investigations.

This early triumph perfectly blended his innate passion for the ocean with his blossoming tech talents.

Finished post-graduation in 2011, Ben first lent his software engineering chops to global tech leader Google.

More recently, he has worked with Seattle-based startup foundry Pioneer Square Labs, using cutting-edge technology to address real-world problems.

Just like his seafaring father, Ben frequently updates his social circles from the field.

Whether he is peering over the bow of a research vessel or delving deep below the waves in a submersible vehicle.

Wendy Rush family details 

Wendy Rush comes from an accomplished family background. Her maiden name is Wendy Hollings Weil.

She is the wife of famous undersea explorer Stockton Rush, to whom she has been married since 1986.

Through her mother Polly Weil, Wendy has an interior design background as Polly was a partner at the Denver interior design firm Reynolds & Weil.

Wendy’s father, Dr. Richard Weil, was a pioneer in the medical field as a surgery professor and director of transplantation at the University of Colorado Medical School.

Wendy Rush Kids
Wendy shares a deep personal connection with the Titanic tragedy. (Source: nationalworld)

Her great-great-grandparents, Isidor and Ida Straus, were victims of the infamous shipwreck.

This haunting family tragedy has likely contributed to Wendy’s passion for oceanic exploration and marine conservation efforts.

In her recent role as Director of Communications and expedition leader for OceanGate Inc., she demonstrates a dedication to honoring her ancestors’ legacies.

This commitment manifests through positive impacts in underwater research and preservation.

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