Percy Hynes White Exposed For Being A Pedophile – Is He Arrested? Victim Identity

Percy Hynes White

Percy Hynes White was recently exposed for being a pedophile on social media platforms. The actor has been in the spotlight since the premiere of his popular show in 2022.

Actor Percy Hynes White is from Canada. His most well-known role is that of Xavier Thorpe in the Wednesday comedy-horror series on Netflix.

The actor studied at St. John’s performing arts organization for two years. He comes from an entertainment background, as both his parents, Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, are actors by profession.

In 2008, the Canadian star debuted with the film “Down to the Dirt,” which was based on his father’s first novel. However, in 2013, he debuted in the television industry, playing the main role in the TV series “The Slattery Street Crockers,” a gritty drama with dark humor.

Moreover, the public personality was in the spotlight after his show “Wednesday,” which was released last year. He had been getting positive responses until his fans dug up his past and personal life.

Percy Hynes White Exposed For Being A Pedophile

The 21-year-old actor was accused on Twitter of pedophilia, racism, and sexual assault.

The victim claimed in a thread that the Canadian public figure and his friends frequently hosted gatherings specifically with the intention of taking advantage of women. She also claimed that he had assaulted her and had done the same to other women who were under age.

Percy Hynes White Exposed
Aries exposing the Wednesday actor with proof. (Source: Know your meme)

Furthermore, the news was spread all over the social media platforms, where people who had experienced the situation and their friends were coming out to expose the young actor for his deeds.

In addition, the actor who was featured on Wednesday was also exposed for using racial insults and revenge porn.

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Is Percy Hynes White Arrested?

The Canadian actor has not been arrested yet despite being dragged on the internet for sexually assaulting women and minors.

However, looking at the number of girls exposing themselves and coming out as victims, it looks like the artist might face some legal problems in the future. The people on the internet have the opinion that the actor should get punishment for his action.

Percy Hynes White Exposed
The Canadian actor with his friend Katie Douglas. (Source: Instagram)

As of now, the actor has deactivated his Twitter account and is not active on his Instagram handle. It looks like the exposer of his past acts has destroyed his reputation on the internet, and he finds it better to stay off the social media account to stay away from the situation as of now.

Furthermore, as per the sources, Percy might not be seen in season 2 of “Wednesday” due to the sexual allegation, and the Netflix show’s fans are furious over the allegation and do not want to see the show if he is in it.

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Percy Hynes White Victim Identity 

On January 19, 2023, Twitter user @milkievich revealed that Percy had sexually assaulted her and a minor friend. The girl mentioned the sick behavior that she had to face with him during a party in high school.

However, it was only Aries Brunelle who was the victim of the sexual assaulter. Desiree Cameron, another user, described the horrifying event that occurred while she was at a party with the actor.

Percy Hynes White
Percy Hynes White who has been accused of pedophilia, racism, and sexual assault.(Source: Instagram)

Desiree, who attended the same school as White, claimed that he allegedly allowed his friends to rape her at one of his gatherings.

Moreover, there have been a lot of people who have been the victims and are slowly coming out. Aries has been supportive towards the girls and has been tweeting their stories, exposing the Netflix actor.


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