Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship Timeline Age Gap And Family Details

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship

Media and the Public have been very keen to know about Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship. To learn more about them, read the article below.

Danielle Galligan is an Irish poet, actress, and theatremaker. She is from a suburb in South Dublin named Rathfarnham. 

She had attended Lorento High School Beaufort. She was awarded the Ena Burke bursary for the Beauty Ann Norton Theatre School and was a member of Ann Kavanagh’s Young People’s Theatre from 2005 to 2011.

Calahan Wade Skogman is a former collegiate football and basketball player and famous popular American actor.  He plays Matthias Helvar in the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone.”

As he had played basketball, Skogman earned four titles in football and basketball at Seymour Community High School and was also selected to the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association All-State team as a junior and senior. He had high dreams and ambitions to join the NBA.

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship Timeline

Danielle and Calahan’s relationship in the famous series “Shadow and Bone” has obviously aww moments. They both praise and adore each other’s work in real life.

In the series, both the actors have teamed up really nicely to bring their characters to life. 

Although having a deep and romantic relationship on-screen, Danielle and Skogman is not in a relationship, and news about them being together is just rumors.

As of now, Skogman is dating Taylor LaShare. Whereas Galligan is dating David McKernan off-screen. At the same time, Skogman and Galligan are dating their own partners separately. 

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship
Danielle in a photo shoot with Lee Malone. (Source: Instagram)

Both the veteran actors have had nothing but positive things to say about each other. 

Also, it can be seen Skogman praising Galligan’s effort and talent and commitment to her art.

Whereas Galligan appreciates Skogman’s ability to give his character such depth.

As of now, Danielle and Calahan’s relationship off-screen is nothing but more than friendship.

The public and media have always praised their acting skills, and they have wished that they dated each other.

Calahan stated in a Paris interview, “Danielle is incredibly valuable to me, and I would do anything for her.” He also then added to say that he adores her and that she is an amazing person to know.

Fans in the crowd giggled as they heard such things about their co-star, but he would not stop complimenting Galligan’s incredible acting abilities and caring character.

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Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Age Gap

Galligan was born on 1st December 1992. As of 2024, she is 31 years old.

She had completed Drama and Theatre studies at Trinity College Dublin and trained in Acting at The Lir Academy, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2015.

Skogman was born on 12th May 1993. As of 2024, she is 31 years old.

He had completed his high school at Seymour Community High School. Skogman got accepted early to the University of Minnesota Duluth during his senior year of high school. 

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship
Skogman random photoshoot with Joshep Sinclair. (Source: Instagram)

He majored in history and lettered basketball and football at the NCAA Division II level. By calculating the star actors’ age, we learn that they have a 5-month difference in their age. 

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Family Details

Galligan’s mother’s name is Lorraine Galligan. She runs a salon and beauty school and is also a beauty therapist. The name and details of her father have not been available to the public as of now.

Obviously, the popular Irish actress does not want the media and paparazzi to disturb her family’s personal space.

Danielle Galligan And Calahan Skogman Relationship
Galligan enjoying her vacation and doing a photo shoot with Lee Malone. (Source: Instagram)

Skogman was born in Green Bay to parents Wade and Stefani, and he grew up in Seymour, Wisconsin. 

On the father’s side, he is Swedish, English, and German. On the mother’s side, he is Italian and Hungarian. Clayton is his younger brother. Steven Kemenyffy, a Budapest-born artist, is his grand uncle.

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