What Is Wrong With Holger Rune Hair? Does He Wear Wig

Holger Rune Hair

In professional tennis, Rune’s distinctive hairstyle has sparked intrigue and speculation, prompting questions like, ‘What Is Wrong With Holger Rune Hair? Does He Wear a Wig?’

Holger Vitus Nødskov Rune is a Danish tennis player who has made a name for himself on the professional circuit.

Achieving a career-high world No. 4 ranking in men’s singles by the ATP, Rune is the highest-ranked male Danish player in ATP history.

With a remarkable ascent, the athlete clinched four ATP Tour singles titles, notably securing a Masters 1000 triumph at the 2022 Paris Masters.

His breakout moment occurred at the 2022 French Open, reaching the quarterfinals in his main-draw debut.

As of December 19, 2023, Rune stands proudly as the world’s No. 8, continuing to inspire with his exceptional talent and achievements.

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What Is Wrong With Holger Rune Hair?

The curious case of Holger Rune’s hair has sparked intrigue and amusement in tennis.

The young Dane’s signature backward cap has become integral to his on-court persona since a fateful lousy hair day in 2019.

During his second ATP event in Chile as a 17-year-old, the Danish professional tennis player experimented with an adventurous hairstyle held in place by multiple hair ties.

The result was a near-gravity-defying pouf reminiscent of 1990s rapper Coolio.

Though initially hesitant about the flashy style, the tennis player grew fond of the comfort and freedom provided by his makeshift headband.

Holger Rune Hair
Holger Rune’s unique hairstyle became a subject of conversation among tennis enthusiasts. (Source: Pinterest)

So, the backward cap was born and has remained permanently perched atop his head during matches ever since.

Now 20 and fresh off a storybook run to the Wimbledon quarterfinals, the Danish professional tennis player regaled the media with the legendary origins of his cap.

Poking fun at the viral uproar over his hair, he jovially credited the viral Chile ‘do gone wrong for the origins of his trademark look.

So, while his skills continue to rise rapidly, his hair will likely remain a hot mess, happily tamed by a trusty backward cap.

Does Holger Rune wear a wig?

Rumors have swirled, questioning if rising Danish tennis phenom Holger Rune’s signature backward cap conceals a wig underneath.

However, he has recounted the origins of his distinct hair and headwear choices, denying using wigs.

The curious backward cap arose from a practical need to tame his long locks as they grew out.

Wanting visibility without resorting to a hat, the athlete experimented by tying his hair back and topping it with a cap.

Holger Rune Hair
Holger Rune playfully jests about misplacing his iconic hat style during his matches at the Swiss Indoors Basel. (Source: Tennis Majors)

Though intended as a temporary solution, he liked the standout style.

As the arrangement became the player’s trademark on-court look on his ascent into the sport’s elite ranks, speculation wrongly attributed it to masking hairpieces.

But the 20-year-old has been very candid in tracing the evolution of his look, from ponytails to headbands to his now-customary backward cap keeping pesky hair off his face during intense matches.

Holger Rune Hair: Appearance And Grooming

Holger Rune’s unique hairstyle has garnered attention for its eccentricity and role in his successful performances on the tennis court.

In interviews, the Danish professional tennis player has expressed his preference for having something on his head while playing to control sweat and keep his hair in check.

The backward cap has accompanied him through significant victories, even indoors at the Rolex Paris Masters against Novak Djokovic.

Despite occasional discussions about alternatives, like a joking reference to a “banana” instead of a bandana, the athlete seems content with his current style.

In a lighthearted moment, Ivan Ljubicic, Roger Federer’s former coach, playfully commented on Rune’s decision to compete without his signature hat during the Swiss Indoors Basel.

Holger Rune Hair
Holger Rune humorously explained losing his signature-style hat to prevent hair loss by turning fifty and allowing air to enter. (Source: gadgetswright)

After his fourth-round victory, where he played without his cap due to intense heat, Ljubicicic jokingly remarked on Twitter, “OK. I will start taking my hat off, too, then.”

Rune explained that the hat adjustment was due to the extreme heat, emphasizing his non-superstitious stance and desire to maintain his hair into his fifties.

The athlete’s hair has become recognizable and integral to his on-court persona, blending functionality with personal style.

The discussions and occasional deviations from his signature look only add to the charisma and uniqueness that Rune brings to the world of professional tennis.

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