Who Is Josh Daicos Girlfriend Annalise Dalins? Dating Timeline Age And Family

Josh Daicos

Josh Daicos is a talented Australian rules football player. Lately, there has been a wave on the internet, and many questions have been raised on Who Is Josh Daicos Girlfriend, their dating timeline, age, and family. 

Josh Daicos is a famous and rising star in the Australian Football League (AFL), known for his impressive skills and ability to play in multiple positions.

Collingwood selected him in the 2016 selection, and he made his AFL debut in 2018. Since then, he has been a consistent member of the Collingwood squad, winning over supporters and detractors with his play on the field.

Daicos is renowned for his lighting reflexes, accurate striking, and superb judgment. He is a valuable member of the Collingwood squad because he is equally skilled in attacking and defending positions.

Daicos is renowned for his impressive skills, perseverance, and dedication, which have allowed him to succeed early.

Daicos has a promising future in the AFL, and in the years to come, he is expected to continue contributing significantly to the Collingwood squad.

Fans of the AFL and the Collingwood Football Club are excited to see what the future holds for this promising young talent.

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Who Is Josh Daicos Girlfriend, Annalise Dalins?

Annalise Dalins is a model and social media influencer with a significant following on Instagram. She began her modeling job at a young age and has since collaborated with a number of renowned companies and creators.

Annalise Dalins was born on December 6, 1999, according to the reports, which makes her 24 years old as of 2024.

She was born and raised on the Gold Coast but now resides with Josh Daicos in Melbourne.

Josh Daicos
Josh Daicos enjoying his vacation with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram

Beautiful young lady Annalise has a love for style and beauty. She often shares pictures and posts about her makeup and fashion looks on social media, where she has a large fan following.

Beauty and makeup are other passions of Annalise’s, and she frequently discusses her favorite items and advice on social media.

She has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry and has worked with a number of makeup and beauty companies.

Annalise works as a model, does cosmetic work, and is a skilled photographer.

She frequently posts photos from her own projects on social media, where they have received a lot of likes and attention.

Annalise’s photographic talent has also resulted in a number of partnerships with companies and influencers who value her work.

Josh Daicos And Annalise Dalins Dating Timeline

Josh Daicos and Annalise Dalins’ relationship has caught the attention of many. The couple’s love story has been displayed to the public, and their admirers and followers are anxious to learn more about them.

They have been spotted together numerous times, including at Collingwood games and other social gatherings.

On social media, where they frequently post photos and posts of their time together, the pair is not afraid to publicly declare their love for one another.

The two’s chemistry and connection have quickly caught the attention of fans, who frequently remark on how adorable they appear together.

Josh Daicos
Josh Daicos is attending an event with his girlfriend, Annalise Dalins. Source: Instagram

Given that both Josh and Annalise are well-known and successful in their respective areas, it is not unexpected that their relationship has attracted so much media attention.

AFL and fashion industry fans are curious to know more about the couple’s relationship and future plans.

The couple appears to be focused on their relationship and committed to continuing to support one another as they pursue their own jobs despite the attention they are receiving.

Josh Daicos Age And Family

Josh Daicos was born on the 26th of November, 1998, which makes him 25 years old as of 2024. 

The son of the legendary Collingwood star and former AFL player Peter Daicos, he was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Josh was raised around football and was inspired to play professionally by his father’s AFL success.

Josh Daicos
Josh Daicos with his brother Nick Daicos. Source: Instagram

Josh is well-recognized for being close to his parents and siblings because he hails from a close-knit family. He recently had his brother, Nick Daicos, selected by Collingwood in the 2021 selection.

Nick is also a rising talent in the AFL. Josh’s family has assisted him in his profession, and he frequently talks about how their affection and encouragement have enabled him to succeed on the field.

Despite his youth, Josh Daicos is one of the most promising young athletes in the sport and has established a name for himself in the AFL.

Josh will undoubtedly continue to succeed in his career and leave his impact on the sport with the backing of his family.

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