Who Is Kate Saunders Son Felix? Family Husband And Net Worth

Kate Saunders

Katharine Mary Saunders was an accomplished English writer, journalist, and actress. Kate Saunders Son Felix was a beautiful, talented, and kind person who passed away when he was 19.

She received the prestigious Betty Trask Award and Costa Children’s Book Award and was a two-time finalist for the Carnegie Medal.

During her twenties, Sauders pursued an acting career, which included a role as a policeman who dated Rodney Trotter in an episode of Only Fools and Horses in 1982.

Additionally, she was a frequent guest on radio and television shows such as Woman’s Hour, Start the Week, and Kaleidoscope on Radio 4.

She appeared alongside Sandi Toksvig as a guest on the inaugural episode of the popular news quiz program Have I Got News for You. 

Her series of children’s books featuring two mischievous witches served as the inspiration for the BBC children’s series Belfry Witches.

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Who Is Kate Saunders Son Felix?

The fans and media wonder about Kate Saunders son Felix, who took his last breath when he was only nineteen.

As per the sources, since the beginning of 2012, Felix has been going through severe bouts of clinical depression.

However, on that July night, Saunders was optimistic and filled with hope. Their day had been lovely, and Felix was in high spirits. 

Kate Saunders son Felix
‘Like a flash of light, Felix’s life passed so quickly’: Children’s author Kate Saunders describes what it’s like to lose a child (Source: Daily Mail)

They spent a delightful evening watching and laughing at Family Guy. When Kate went to sleep that night, Felix peeked into her bedroom, claiming her son had something humorous to share.

But his true intention was to bid a fond farewell. Sadly, in the wee hours of the following morning, Kate’s beloved son Felix took his own life.

Kate describes her son as a beautiful, attentive, and pure soul who was taken by God at an early age. Further details about Kate Saunders Son Felix are not made public.

Kate Saunders family and husband

Katharine Mary Saunders took her first breath in 1960 and was born into a Catholic household in London.

She was the oldest of six siblings, with her father being a public relations specialist named Basil Saunders and her mother, Betty Saunders, working as a journalist.

As per Wikipedia, the journalist, actress, and writer received her education at the Camden School for Girls.

Kate Saunders
Kate Saunders dead at 62 – Only Fools and Horses star who played Sandra passes away (Source: The Sun)

Saunders tied the knot with Philip Wells in 1985, and they had a child together. However, the couple eventually divorced.

Saunders also suffered from multiple sclerosis, and her health deteriorated following the death of her son.

Nonetheless, she persisted in writing until the very end of her life. On April 21, 2023, she passed away at her residence in Archway, London, at the age of 62.

Kate Saunders net worth

Even though Kate had not revealed the details of her earnings, the estimated net worth of the late English writer, journalist, and actress is approximately $5 million.

Saunders had a prolific writing career that included working for various newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom, such as The Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Daily Telegraph, She, and Cosmopolitan.

In addition to journalism, she authored several novels, including Wild Young Bohemians, and co-wrote the 1992 book Catholics and Sex with Peter Stanford.

Kate Saunders
Meet the Author: Kate Saunders (Source: BBC)

The duo even went on to present a television series based on the book on Channel 4. Kate earned recognition for her literacy contributions by winning the Costa Children’s Book Award for her work Five Children on the Western Front (2014).

She also collaborated on the authorized sequel to Winnie-the-Pooh, titled The Best Bear in All the World.

Additionally, her children’s novel The Land of Neverendings was shortlisted for the 2019 Carnegie Medal, as was Five Children on the Western Front in 2016.

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