Obituary: Ashley Morrison Cat Rescue Death Cause Age Wikipedia Bio And Family

Ashley Morrison

Ashley Morrison Cat Rescue Death news has made many fans shocked. She committed suicide on April 6, 2023. She was struggling with mental illness for years.

Ashley Morrison is a well-known figure in Seattle, Washington, for her remarkable efforts in rescuing and fostering kittens.

She is famous for her nickname, “Youngest Old Cat Lady.”

Over the years, she has devoted herself to caring for and protecting cats, particularly kittens needing fostering.

Ashley has become a role model for many in the community with her boundless love and dedication.

Her compassionate work has significantly impacted the lives of countless kittens and the people who have come to know her.

In addition to her work with cats, Ashley is a vocal advocate for mental health.

She believes that spreading happiness and knowledge is critical to improving the quality of life for everyone. She aims to save lives and help people find joy and purpose through advocacy.

Obituary: Ashley Morrison Cat Rescue Death Cause

On April 6, 2023, the world lost a young soul who struggled with mental illness. Ashley, the young old cat lady, had been battling mental health issues for years.

Her Father had also struggled with similar issues before sadly taking his own life in 2015.

Ashley Morrison Cat Rescue Death
Ashley Morrison committed suicide (Source: Instagram)

Ashley’s journey with mental illness was a difficult one. She fought hard to get effective treatment and support, but unfortunately, her brain chemistry was too fragile for this world.

Despite her family’s and supporters’ love and care, Ashley surrendered to her mental illness and eventually took her own life.

It is a tragedy that Morrison’s life was cut short by mental illness. Her passion for cats and her kind heart will be greatly missed by those who know her.

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Ashley Morrison Age Wikipedia Bio

Ashley, a well-known social media personality, was born in the United States on February 18, 1992.

Tragically, at 31, she passed away, leaving behind a legacy of love for cats and dedication to their welfare.

She devoted countless hours to fostering and volunteering for various shelters before transitioning to running her rescue, Ashley’s Kitten Academy.

Morrison’s love for cats started young and grew throughout her life.

Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison is popularly known as Young old cat lady because of her love and passion for cats (Source: Instagram)

The cat rescuer graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Media and Communications.

Ashley put up her first cat video on YouTube in March 2017. It was titled “Derpa Derp” and went viral, which helped her get a big social media following.

She used her platform to promote adoption, spaying/neutering, and educate others about the joys of breeding and rescuing cats.

Her dedication and love for cats inspire others to continue advocating for their welfare and making a difference in their lives.

Ashley Morrison Family

Ashley is the daughter of Cindi Olson Morrison, popularly known as the youngest old cat grandma. Her mother is very supportive of her and her work.

In 2015, her Father committed suicide, which was a challenging and sad for her to deal with.

Even though she lost someone she loved very much, Ashley found comfort and healing in caring for kittens.

Ashley’s love for fostering kittens came from her experience with sadness and her desire to help her mom through the grieving process.

Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison dedicated her life to rescuing kittens (Source: Instagram)

She says caring for these little furry creatures has helped her cope with her emotional pain and provided a sense of purpose and joy.

Ashley was very honest about the mental health problems she and many other people face. She just couldn’t take the fight any longer and gave up.

Sadly, despite her best efforts and the support of her loved ones, Ashley could no longer bear the weight of her mental health challenges.
While Ashley’s time on earth was brief, her impact and legacy will forever live on.

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