Sarah Collins Missing Case – Where Was She Last Seen? Age And Bio

Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins missing news has been circulating on the internet. Continue reading the article to find more details about the case.

A resilient mother, Sarah Collins has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. Her younger daughter, Kelsey Emily Collins, went missing and hasn’t been found.

When Kelsey was only three years old, Sarah’s marriage ended in divorce. She remarried, hoping for a fresh start, but tragically, her new husband was abusive, threatening her and her children.

Desperate to protect her family, she bravely relocated to another state, assuming new identities to escape her violent spouse. However, she discovered that her daughters had suffered at the hands of her abusive husband.

When Kelsey was seven, her mother took her and her siblings out of the state and gave them new names to get away from her husband.

Sarah Collins Missing Case – Where Was She Last Seen?

Sarah’s youngest daughter, Emily Collins, went missing in 2009. Emily’s last known whereabouts were at her residence on 100th Street in Everett, Washington. She left home on May 9, 2009, to meet her boyfriend in Seattle, Washington.

She was expected to take either the Sound Transit #510 or Metro #101/358 for transportation. Shockingly, she never reached her destination, and no one had heard from her. Even her boyfriend confirmed that Emily never arrived.

Sarah Collins Missing
Sarah Collins missing: her daughter Emily Collins has been missing since 2009. (Source: CNN)

During the initial weeks of her disappearance, calls to Kesley’s cell phone would go straight to voicemail as if it had been intentionally turned off. The police strongly suspect that her vanishing is somehow connected to the dangerous double life she had been leading, one filled with troubles and desperate attempts to escape.

Sarah finds herself trapped in a never-ending state of uncertainty and anguish.

Her daughter’s fate remains unknown, a heartbreaking situation for a young girl who should have been looking forward to her high school prom. Instead, Kesley fell victim to the heartless world of sex trafficking, becoming nothing more than a puppet in a brutal game.

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Sarah Collins Age 

In 2009, Kelsey Emily, a 16-year-old multiracial female with light brown hair and green eyes, went missing. 

During Kelsey’s transition into adolescence, her mother, Sarah, noticed a significant change in her behavior. At the tender age of twelve, her daughter began running away from home frequently.

As time went on, Kelsey’s problems escalated. She became absent from school and engaged in risky behaviors such as early sexual activity, alcohol consumption, drug use, and sales involvement. It was challenging for her mother as she witnessed her daughter’s spiral.

Eventually, her daughter found herself caught in the dark world of prostitution. It all began when she started dating an older man who, unknown to her, turned out to be a pimp.

She walked the streets in Seattle and Portland, working under multiple pimps. Sarah noticed bruises on her daughter’s body, which she believed resulted from beatings from her pimps, though Kelsey denied this.

Sarah Collins Bio explored

In 2008, authorities in Portland, Oregon, faced a troubling situation involving Sarah’s daughter, Kelsey, who had been engaged in prostitution.

Rather than arresting Kelsey, a decision was made to contact Sarah and request that she rescue her daughter.

During the interview, Kelsey said that her 36-year-old pimp, Donnico Johnson, had brought her to Portland. She had only known Johnson for about a week.

She told me shockingly that she had been driving people between Seattle and Portland and had made a lot of money on her first day in the city: $1,500.

Kelsey kept living a dangerous life even after the police got involved. She was caught again in April 2009, just a few days before she was to testify against her pimp in front of a federal grand jury.

A few weeks later, she disappeared without a trace, and no one had been able to find her yet.

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