What Happened To Chris Tyson From Mr Beast? Gender Age And Wikipedia Bio

Chris Tyson HRT treatment

The subject of Chris Tyson gender again began trending into the web after surprising disclosures on his latest health update. What Happened To Chris Tyson From Mr Beast? Let’s find out. 

Christopher Stephen “Chris” Tyson, shortly Chris Tyson, shot to fame as a YouTube personality and social media influencer.

The American YouTuber earned viewers being the co-host of the MrBeast YouTube channel. Chris has appeared in several Mr Beast challenges and prank videos.

He and Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has been making videos together for a while.

Fans love Chris for his humorous personality and eagerness to engage in the quirky challenges and stunts that MrBeast thinks of.

Tyson has gained a decent following on social media. He co-created the MrBeast channel, which has gained a whopping 144 million subscribers on the platform as of 2024. 

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What Happened To Chris Tyson From Mr Beast? Gender Revealed

YouTuber Chris Tyson is known as mega YouTube star MrBeast’s companion. The two started their YouTube journey together, reaching a substantial height quickly.

According to a Daily Mail article, Tyson revealed he began a ‘life-saving’ hormone replacement therapy. He started the therapy nearly two months ago.

Chris Tyson, 26, gave an insight into how his physical appearance started to change already after two months of therapy.

Chris Tyson From Mr Beast
Chris Tyson undergoing HRT treatment. (Source: People)

The YouTuber who uses any pronouns came out as bisexual in 2020. Tyson tied the knot with Katie in 2018. They remained married for two years and have a child together.

Chris and Katie Tyson’s son Tucker Stephen Tyson was born on 18 June 2020. 

Their divorce rumor has been trending on the web as the estranged couple parted ways and stopped sharing pictures of themselves. 

After Chris revealed his gender and came out as bisexual, many toxic comments were passed on to him. Some hate comments were too harsh to him.

Fortunately, Tyson did not respond to the toxic comments by staying out of the discussion. 

Likewise, Chris changed his Twitter handle profile to gender nonconforming and used any pronouns. He mentions that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) has benefitted him.

The YouTuber’s before and after HRT pictures shocked many of his fans. 

Although a few of his loyal fans were initially skeptical about his HRT treatment and his gender nonconformity, now they are happy to see their favorite star blooming again.

Moreover, Tyson revealed his son Tucker’s full name in Mr. Beast’s video. The YouTube star talked about how becoming a parent has significantly impacted his life in a better way. 

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Chris Tyson Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

Funny American YouTuber Chris Tyson began her YouTube journey with Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, in 2012. The amazing duo quickly became the world’s most exciting personalities, releasing quirky and exciting challenges together

According to the MrBeast fandom page, Chris was born on 1 July 1996. He is 27 years old as of 2024.

Chris Tyson age
Chris Tyson received Hormone Replacement treatment. (Source: Rolling Stone)

Tyson loves to take on Mr. Beast’s challenges and is eager to participate in the videos. The fans like his goto personality; hence he received quick fame and has gained 3 million followers on Instagram. 

Initially, he started his YouTube career just for fun. Now, his career choice worked out well as he received recognition through his videos internationally and earned a mindboggling salary from YouTube. 

The social media personality from US shot to fame for appearing in the MrBeast YouTube videos. Their funny challenges have grown his status in front of his fans’ eyes, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

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