Nikki Catsouras Autopsy And Death Scene Photos, What Happened To Her? Controversy

Nikki Catsouras Autopsy

Nikki Catsouras Autopsy report showed that the car was utterly crushed, and toxicological showed that she was not found drinking. Nikki was an 18-year-old girl who was the victim of a car accident. 

Nikki, also known as Nicole Catsouras, was born on 4th March 1988. She was very close to her father and was dearest to him. The father always seemed his daughter as an angel of the family. After a few days before her 18th birthday, on 31st October, she got into a horrific car accident that took her life.

Before the accident, there was a lunch gathering for the father’s farewell. Nikki asked for her father’s Porsche, but her father denied it, and she took the car without permission and then left the house in that car.

According to various sources, she was at 100 mph and tried to pass a Honda Civic on the other side of Lake Forest 241 Danger road. She could not control the car, and the Porsche crashed into the solid concrete barrier to Alton Parkway.

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The Autopsy reports then revealed that the car crash caused the car to be crushed entirely in a brutal manner. Later her deceased body went for a toxicological examination showing that she did not consume alcohol.

Nikki Catsouras – Death Scene Photos

An officer from California took some pictures of the accident, which was brutal and horrific. The head of the girl was split in half, and the officers were also frightened of that incident scene. Later the pictures were collected and sent to the department, and the body was left outside the division.

Nikki Catsouras Autopsy
The remains of the Porsche 911 that Nikki Catsouras was driving. (Source: The Orange County Register)

The Death Scene photos went online accidentally. Two officers broke the California Trace Command Policy and acknowledged that too. One officer, Thomas O Donnell, claimed that he copied the death scene photos to the personal account to watch that as per his wise.

And another officer, Aaron Reich, shared those photos with four others. These events were the prime reason all the graphical photos of the accident went viral online.

Nikki Catsouras – What happened to Her?

Catsourases family lost their teenage daughter Nichole on 31st October 2006 in a car accident in California. The parents later talked about the day on ABC news after two years of the accident.

Nikki Catsouras Autopsy
Image of Nikki Catsouras. (Source: The Sun US)

Nikki took the key to Porsche 911 without permission, and she travelled at 100 mph. After losing control while clipping another car, she slammed the car into the concrete toll booth causing instant death.

A few weeks later, the images of death body were sent to the family with disturbing messages anonymously.

Nikki Catsouras Controversy

The dead scene picture got much attention, creating a fake Myspace tribute website containing the photographs. Anonymously people started sending copies of photos with misleading headers like Woohoo Daddy.

The family took legal action towards those CHP officers who admitted that they were the reason the photo was spread online. Then a six-year lawsuit was against the CHP as the Catsoures legal team fought against the state agency allegedly leaking the photographs.

Nikki Catsouras Autopsy
Nikki Catsouras with her father and mother.(Source: CBS News)

On 30th January 2012, the CHP reached a point for settlement with Nikki’s family. The family got $2.37 million as an award for damage after the former patrolmen admitted to leaking the footage of the death scene of Nicole.

Although the family settled in 2012, Christos said in an interview that they could not remove the graphic images of Nikki from the internet. The family Catsourases has been facing harassment and trolling over the internet, causing the family years and years of nightmares and mental traumas.

The pictures of the death scene went all over the internet. The family were helpless about the situation, and some people were quite aware of the family’s position. However, other people disseminate the images. The family stopped using the internet at the time as they got regular emails and messages.

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