Was Helen McCourt Body Found? Case Update And Family Details

Helen McCourt Body

People are curious to know if Helen McCourt body was found or not. Let’s find out more about the case and her family details. 

Helen McCourt called her mother Marie shortly before 4:00 pm on February 9, 1988, just before she was scheduled to leave work. 

She was going out for the evening with her new boyfriend and needed her tea to be done earlier so she could wash her hair.

Helen had gotten into a violent fight with a woman two days before her disappearance in a tavern called the George and Dragon (now the Billinge Arms). 

Ian Simms, the landlord, was 31 years old and married with two little children. 

Simms had banned Helen from the pub after the dispute and, according to several customers, had used foul language about her and stated how much he “hated” her.

He had made repeated sexual approaches to Helen, which she had refused, and he suspected Helen was whispering about his affair with his 21-year-old mistress, whom he had moved into the bar flat behind his wife’s back.

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Was Helen McCourt Body Found?

Helen McCourt body was never found. Ian Simms, a local tavern owner, was prosecuted and convicted of her murder.

Helen McCourt, a 22-year-old British insurance clerk from Lancashire England, went missing on February 9, 1988, immediately after stepping off a bus less than 500 yards from her house in Billinge, Metropolitan Borough of Saint Helens, Merseyside.

The case was one of the first in the UK to use DNA fingerprinting and is a rare example of a murder conviction achieved without the presence of a body. 

Helen McCourt Body
A Collage Picture Of Helen McCourt And Her Parents And The Person Who Killed Her (Source: Daily Mail)

Marie McCourt, Helen McCourt’s mother, launched a campaign in 2015 to amend the law addressing the conviction of serial killers like Simms, compelling them to reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ remains before being considered for parole. 

The campaign resulted in the announcement of plans to pass “Helen’s Law” in May 2019. On July 5, 2019, the then-Secretary of State for Justice, David Gauke, confirmed that the law would be implemented in England and Wales. 

On November 8, a Parole Board hearing approved Simms’ release, with the decision coming before the legislation could be submitted.

Helen McCourt Case Update 

Helen McCourt’s terrible killer died two years after she was freed from prison, leaving her final resting place a mystery.

Helen, 22, was murdered as she walked home from work in 1988 by Ian Simms, a former bar landlord who has never revealed where her corpse is.

Simms was released in February 2020 after the Parole Board determined he was fit for release, but he unexpectedly collapsed and died over the weekend.

Although no official cause of death has been determined, the Ministry of Justice verified his death to the Mirror.

Helen McCourt’s loved ones now realize their last hope of discovering where Helen’s body was taken has vanished.

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Helen McCourt Family Details 

Helen McCourt, a 22-year-old Liverpool insurance clerk, went missing in February 1988. McCourt was last seen getting off a bus in Billinge, Merseyside, near her house.

Based on circumstantial evidence, her killer, Ian Simms, was convicted of her murder in 1989.

Marie McCourt, Helen’s mother, has spent over 30 years advocating for a change in the law that would deny release to murderers who refuse to identify the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies. 

Helen McCourt Body
Helen McCourt Mother Holding Her Picture Outside The Court (Source: Sky News)

Despite being eligible for parole in 2004, 2010, and 2016, Simms has refused to reveal the location of Helen’s remains and has thus been denied parole each time.

There have been no updates on the location of Helen’s remains as of some internet portals’ cutoff date of September 2021.

Her mother, Marie, has continued to battle for her daughter’s justice and to raise awareness about the problem of killers withholding information about their victims’ bodies.

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