Neebs Gaming Thick44 Hair Loss – Was It Because Of Cancer? Death Cause And Real Name


Neebs Gaming Thick44 Hair Loss and his health after being diagnosed with cancer were a topic of concern for his fans from the gaming community. Sadly, the gamer has died.

Thick44 was a popular YouTuber in the internet gaming community. He was a member of the YouTube channel Neebs Gaming as well as a video producer and a musician.

Neebs Gaming is a game and gaming-based musical band comprised of individuals who have 2 million followers on their group channel. There are entertainers, musicians, and actors in the group.

The YouTuber also loved music and used to do song covers on his personal YouTube channel.

His captivating charisma and hilarious commentary made him a fan favorite shortly after he joined the channel in 2013.

Thick44 was well-known for his passion for first-person shooter games, and several videos on the channel showcased his expertise in games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty.

The video producer rapidly became popular within the world of gaming, because of his bright personality, and extraordinary talent, excellent sense of humor in video games.

His gaming videos on Subnautica, Battlefield Friends, Battlefield, The Forest, Minecraft Cinematic Series, Neebsylvania, Minecraft in a Nutshell, ARK Survival Evolved, and GTA V are among the most renowned on his YouTube channel.

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Neebs Gaming Thick44 Hair Loss – Was It Because Of Cancer? Death Cause

Thick44 stated in 2022 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. SO, he stopped filming videos to focus on his well-being and treatment, but remained optimistic and motivated to fight cancer.

And on Instagram in June 2022, he posted an update notifying his fans that a cancerous tumor had been removed from his brain and stating that he was glad for a second chance at life.

Unfortunately, the gamer’s brain cancer reappeared in late 2022.

Thick44 taking picture with his Neebs Gaming members
Thick44 taking a picture with his Neebs Gaming members ( Source: Instagram)

The YouTuber continued to participate in gaming videos amid his illness, showing truly remarkable resilience and courage.

So, after battling cancer twice and undergoing treatments and operations, it was inevitable for him to not lose his hair.

Unfortunately, Thick44’s cancer appeared to be severe, and he succumbed on February 13th, 2023.

Thick44 Real Name Revealed

Tony Schnur, better known as Thick44, was born in Elyria, Ohio, in the United States on October 13, 1975.

Thick44 with his Dog(Bear)
Thick44 wishing his Dog(Bear) birthday on Instagram ( Source: Instagram)

Apart from being an online gamer, Tony was also an actor and writer. He was best known for his work on the films Virtua Fighter, Please Teacher!, and Doraleous and Associates.

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tHICK44 Wikipedia Explored

Schnur was 47 years old at the time of his death. He was married to Katherine Hough. The couple has two beautiful daughters.

The name of his daughters is not known at the moment. But one of his daughters is rumored to be 13 years old.

Tony, on the other hand, used to post images of his daughters on social media. His family was very supportive of him, throughout his treatment against cancer.

Thick44 with his daughter
Thick44 with his daughter ( Source: Twitter )

The singer had made a fortune for himself as a popular actor and YouTuber.

According to the website LOCALNEWS, Schnur had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the time of his death.

Apart from these facts, nothing is known about his parents, family, or educational qualifications, but based on Tony’s success and popularity, we may presume that he was a capable and kind human being.

Thick44’s passing is a devastating loss for the gaming community. He will be remembered for his wonderful heart, sense of humor, and talent, as he and his music inspired many people all over the world.

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