George Santos Hair Loss, Does He Have Cancer? Health And Net Worth Explored

George Santos

The most controversial politician in the United States George Anthony Devolder Santos is a representative for New York’s third congressional district. Recently, George Santos Hair Loss gained the attention of the media with his health condition.

Santos is a politician who is mostly known for his scandals and lies about himself and his career.

Nobody is aware of George’s real name, and there is a rumor that he is using a false one.

The politician was also accused of stealing a case involving Amish dog breeders in 2017. However, the representative said his checkbook was stolen resulting in the charge being withdrawn and his record being cleared.

In this article, we will be writing about the available details of George Santos’s health condition, Net Worth, and career.

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george Santos hair loss: does he have cancer?

In the recent scenario, we can see the quantity of George’s hair is less in comparison to past years, which is also the main reason to believe he can be a cancer patient.

As per reports, the politician claims he has fought a brain tumor for years and he was also the victim of the pandemic Covid-19.

George Santos

Furthermore, the exact details of his hair loss and the reasons are unknown to the media.

Once the facts are revealed we will be the initial informer to update the information. So look out!

george Santos: health revealed

As he has claimed he has a brain tumor but the health condition of the representative of New York’s 3rd congressional district is still a mystery.

As he has lied about most of his information like his schooling, work, family, and career, it’s difficult what to believe and what not to believe.

George Santos
NY Rep.-elect Santos admits lying about career, college ( Source: AP News)

Many of his critics have given him the nickname ‘sick puppy’ because he may be psychologically ill.

Even many of his Republican colleagues find him toxic, therefore most of them tell him to step down from his political career.

george Santos: net worth explored

The viral politician might have earned more than we expected but he has earned millions from several campaigns.

He has an estimated Net Worth of $11 million however, the proper information is disclosed to the media.

George Santos
Republicans can agree with what to do with George Santos ( Source: The Atlantic)

He told the media about having dual citizenship from both Brazil and America through his parents.

He reportedly used to steal from his neighbors, according to numerous reports. It is obvious that he might have mental illness from his early years.

Even if he is charged with a crime he wants to remain a representative for New York’s third congressional district and wants to work as a good politician.

He has accepted the lies he told to the media so the legal authorities are researching about his personal datas.

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