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Henya Vshojo

A new Vtuber has arisen in the internet, and people are curious to know Who Is Henya Vshojo. This article provides further insight into her Past Life, Real Name, Wikipedia Bio, And Age.

Henya Vshojo is a virtual YouTuber unlike any other, with a mysterious backstory and an otherworldly charm that captivates audiences around the globe.

According to her lore, she is a genius with an incredible IQ of 999 who has escaped from a research facility that sought to exploit her unique abilities.

Now, she spends her time in a hyperdimensional space, hiding from her pursuers and entertaining her fans with her quirky personality and gaming prowess.

Henya is known for her love of cats, games, and sweets, and she has a distinctive cube hanging from her neck that seems to possess remarkable powers.

It glows blue-white and emits energy that charges all her electrical appliances, eliminating the need to charge her phone or other devices.

Who Is Henya Vshojo? Her Past Life and Real Name

Despite the intriguing backstory of Henya Vshojo, there is currently no information available about her past life or real name.

Henya Vshojo’s alias is “Henya the Genius,” and her name is derived from the Spanish word “Genia,” which means “genius.”

Despite her remarkable intelligence, with an IQ of 999, Henya has difficulty remembering how to spell her name correctly, so she tells everyone to call her “Henya” as she hears it.

As a virtual YouTuber affiliated with VShojo, Henya has become a beloved virtual content creation community member.

Her engaging personality and gaming skills have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, and her unique backstory adds an element of mystery to her online persona.

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Henya Vshojo Wikipedia Bio

There is no official Wikipedia available for Henya Vshojo. However, based on the information, Henya Vshojo is a virtual YouTuber affiliated with VShojo. Garancoxx illustrated her model character art, and her design was created by SqueakyArt, with rigging done by Cetra.

She stands at a height of 140cm (143cm with shoes). The background artwork associated with Henya features plushes resembling Haneuzu Miuneru, Hikasa Tomoshika, and Monoe Jitomi.

Henya Vshojo
This is how Henya Vshojo looks, Front and back view. (source: fandom)

Henya is bilingual and can speak both English and Japanese, as evident from her tweets on Twitter. She also has some knowledge of Spanish.

Regarding anime preferences, Henya’s favorites include Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Konosuba, STEINS; GATE, RE: Zero, Yuru Camp, Made in Abyss, Spice and Wolf, Sword Art Online, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

When it comes to gaming, Henya enjoys horror and zombie games, despite being scared of them.

She is a fan of From Software games, including Dark Souls, as well as Resident Evil, Minecraft, Final Fantasy X, and Grand Theft Auto.

Henya Vshojo Age

Henya the Genius was born on September 13, but her birth year is not mentioned. Due to this reason, we are unable to detail her exact age. 

Likewise, Henya, the newest addition to the VShojo YouTube channel, debuted on May 13th, 2023, at 9 pm PDT / May 14th, 1 pm JST on Twitch. At the forefront of her aspirations is acquiring a 3D model to enhance her online persona.

Additionally, Henya plans to engage in numerous 3D collaborations, explore the horror genre through gameplay, and even release original music.

Who Is Henya Vshojo
Henya Vshojo solved the Rubix cube in under 30 seconds. (source: Youtube)

One of the standout moments from Henya’s debut was her attempt to solve a Rubik’s cube, which unfortunately resulted in its unintentional destruction within a mere 30 seconds.

This incident showcased her lighthearted and humorous approach to content creation. As a completely new addition to VShojo, Henya distinguishes herself from previous members, many of whom were independent performers before joining the group.

To stay connected with Henya and follow her journey, interested viewers can find her on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube, where she shares her experiences and engages with her growing fanbase. 

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