Mystic Meg Cancer, What Was Her Death Cause? Family Age And Net Worth

Mystic Meg Cancer

Mystic Meg sadly passed away at the age of 80 on 9 March 2023 due to the flu. Meg was a renowned astrologer and TV figure in the 1990s who appeared in the National Lottery. She has written horoscopes for The Sun for more than two decades.

Margaret Lake or famously known as Mystic Meg, was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London, as she was suffering from Flu.

According to the newspaper, she died early Thursday morning after being hospitalized for a month. 

Mystic also became part of the English language:- If a politician, somebody from showbiz, or ordinary people in the street are asked a tricky question, they will say, ‘ Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg’.

Mystic Meg Cancer, What Was Her Death Cause?

Mystic was admitted to the St Mary Hospital as she was suffering from flu. She, later on, gave her breath away as he lost the month-long battle against the flu. Her death made a big hole in the field of astrology that no one can fill that gap.

Meg was known for her lively personality and her appearance on TV shows. She was famous for her catchphrase,’ It’s in the stars.’

Her agent Dave Shapland said,” Without any question, she was Britain’s most famous astrologer by a million miles.” Sun editor Victoria Newton said,” This is devastating news. We have lost an icon.”

Mystic Meg Cancer
Mystic Meg appeared on the National Lottery show. (Source: TheSun)

Her contributions to the world of astrology were limitless, and she had a significant impact on the people who followed her work. She was a believer in the power of stars and was respected by many for her predictions, which often turned out to be true.

Finally, her passing away was a great loss to the world, and her legacy will continue to inspire people for many years. She will always be remembered for her unique personality, catchphrase, and contribution to astrology.

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Mystic Meg Family and Age

Margaret Anne Lake was born in Accrington, Lancashire, England, to Bill Lake and his wife Millicent on 27 July 1942. Her horoscope was Leo; as of 2023, she is 80 years old. She was unmarried and resided in Notting Hill with her seven cats.

She was raised in a terraced house in Accrington, where she gained all the knowledge of astrology from her grandmother, for which she is famous today. Meg’s father and mother had divorced, and she never saw her again.

Mystic finished her education at the University of Leeds, and she got employed as a sub-editor in the News of the World, later on, she became the deputy editor of its weekend color supplement, Sunday. By the 1980s, she had already become the regular astrologer for the paper.

Mystic Meg Cancer
Mystic Meg with TV presenter Andi Peters at the Live and Kicking Red Nose Awards Show in 1995. (source: BBC)

The British astrologer has also appeared on The National Lottery Live from 1994-2000 in ‘Mystic Meg Predicts’, which used to be a forty-five-second reading. In April 2015, she partnered with bookmaker Gala Coral Group and was the face of their Grand National ‘You’re Guaranteed a Fortune’

The famous fortune teller also had a large number of racehorses under the name Mystic Meg Limited, Bedford. Astrodonna, Astroangel, Astronova, and others horses with celestial names. 

In 2015 she launched a website for readings, horoscopes, and even a telephone hotline, but she left the Sun, where she had been writing horoscopes for more than 20 years, on 2 January 2015.

Mystic Meg Net worth

Mystic Meg has not revealed her net worth, and many false assumptions about her net worth exist. According to some reports, she has an estimated net worth of 1-3 million dollars, but some say she is worth more and has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

Mystic Meg Cancer
Mystic Meg is the most famous astrologer in Britain. (Source: Instagram)

Without concrete evidence, it is impossible to say what her net worth is. She may have made a lot of money through her career as an astrologer and psychic, but she may also have another source of income that is not publicly known. 

Overall, it is very common and understandable for her fans to be anxious about how much she has earned over the years. But this secret will remain a secret forever as she sadly passed away, but her astrological skills will be missed more than her estimated net worth.

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