Richard Gere Religion – Is He Jewish? Health Update Illness And Family

Richard Gere Religion

Richard Gere Religion is not Jewish. Richard is a popular 73 years old American actor and humanitarian.

Richard Gere is a well-known humanitarian and actor from the United States of America. He is popularly known for his role in “Chicago”, which won the Academy Award, a political drama movie called “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer”, and a series “MotherFatherSon” on BBC studios.

In early 2000, the actor had his first child with his second wife, Carey Lowell, and his son’s name is Homer. However, the marriage did not last forever, and they got divorced. In April 2018, he married Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva, and they have two children together.

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During high school, he played the trumpet and participated in music classes and gymnastics. After completing High school, he got a scholarship to the University of Massachusetts and majored in philosophy. But he could never finish his education at the University.

Besides his acting career, he appeared in multiple commercials and endorsed different brands. He is also an activist and active in numerous philanthropic organizations. The actor is passionate about the causes of native tribes globally and has been vocal about the Tibet crisis, which banned him from Oscar events.

Richard Gere Religion – Is He Jewish?

Richard Gere Religion is not Jewish, but he studied Buddhist methods and has followed the practice ever since. In an interview in 1999, he talked about the years of Buddhism practice, his devotion towards his teacher Dalai Lama, and his work regarding Tibetan freedom.

Richard Gere Religion
The Dalai Lama playfully squeezes Richard Gere’s nose at “Power and Care,” in September of 2016. (Source: Lion’s Roar)

Richard was interested in Buddhism in his early 20s. He started studying Zen Buddhism under the Kyozan Joshu Sasaki, Japanese teaching to westerners in Los Angeles, United States. The actor studied Zen for about six years. In 1978, Richard and his painter Sylvia Martins travelled to Nepal and met Tibetan monks and lamas.

And later, he met Dalai Lama in India. After he met with the Lama, he became a practising Tibetan Buddhist at Gelugpa school, one of the newest schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The actor is an active supporter of his teacher Dalai Lama.

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Although Richard is not a vegetarian, he has always been included on the list of famous vegetarians due to his practice of Buddhism.

Richard Gere Illness And Health Update 

A case of pneumonia caught Richard Gere, 73 years old actor, while he was on vacation in Mexico. He was there to celebrate his wife Alejandra Silva’s 40th birthday.

Richard Gere Religion
Richard Gere’s wife posted a photo on her Instagram updating the health condition and expressed gratitude towards well wishers. (Source: Instagram)

Silva posted a photograph of herself and Ricard holding their son’s hand on her Instagram and captioned the post thanking all the supporters and well-wishers for the kind and worried messages.

According to her, the actor is recovering and feels way better. She also wrote that the worst part had already gone and showed gratitude towards the sweet messages.

Richard Gere Family

Richard Gere married 1991 Cindy Crawford, an American model, actress and TV personality, but his marriage did not last long. The couple got separated after four years in 1995.

Richard Gere Religion
Richard Gere’s present wife Alejandra Silva. (Source: USA Today)

In 2002, he married Carey Lowell, a model and actress. Richard had his first child with his second wife and named him Homer James Jigme Gere. Homer was born in February 2000. His son’s name has been given to his father, his grandfather, and a Tibetan name Jigme.

After 11 years of marriage, the couple separated, spending more than three years in a contested divorce procedure in the Supreme Court of New York. The case got settled in 2016.

After two years, in 2018, Gere married Alejandra Silva, a Spanish activist, and in the same year, he announced that they were expecting a child. In February 2019, Alexander was born, and after a year, the second child’s birth was reported.

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