30 Most Expensive Alcohol In 2021

“Alchohol is not an answer, but it sure helps to forget the question for a while.” God, I’m so inspired. Anyway, If you are looking for the answer to the “Most expensive alcohol in the world,” then this is where you should halt.

Did you know, around 2 billion people consume alcohol in the world? Are you one of them? I believe you are, or why else would you be here, right?

Expensive Alcohol
Expensive Alcohol (Source: Thrillist)

Consuming alcohol has been a tradition in many parts of the world. They use it in their rituals, party functions, or in some traditional festivals.

But have you ever wondered how expensive alcohol could be? What would a glass of whisky cost? I know some of you know the most expensive brand in your locality, but believe me, that is nothing compared to what we have on the list.

Alright then, it’s time to get to the business. We are here with the list of “30 most expensive alcohol” so you can be aware of the world we live in where we might have to sell our property to have just a glass full.

Quick Overview

S.no Name Type Avg Price
30 Salvatore’s Legacy Cocktail $8,316
29 The Winston Cocktail Cocktail $12,790 (Per Glass)
28 Glenfiddich’s 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Whiskey $16,000
27 Highland Park 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Whiskey $17,500
26 The Diamond Is Forever Martini Cocktail $18,000
25 Legacy By Angostura Rum $25,000
24 The Ruby Rose Cocktail Cocktail $40,000
23 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare Collection Whiskey $75,000
22 Chateau D’Yquem Wine $130,000
21 Dalmore 64 Trinitas Single Malt Whiskey Whiskey $160,000
20 Diamond Jubilee By Johnnie Walker Whiskey $165,000
19 The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition By Remy Martin Cocktail $165,000
18 Penfold Ampoule Wine $170,000
17 Bombay Sapphire Revelation Gin $200,000
16 Royal Salute Tribute To Honour Whiskey $215,000
15 Dalmore 62 Whiskey $215,000
14 Armand de Brignac Midas Champagne $265,000
13 64-year-old Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Whiskey $460,000
12 1945 Romanee-Conti Wine Wine $558,000
11 Macallan 64 Year Old In Lalique Whiskey $625,000
10 Mendis Coconut Brandy VS Brandy $1 million
9 Diva Vodka Vodka $1 million
8 Russo-Baltique Vodka Vodka $1.35 million
7 105 Year Old Master Of Malt Whiskey $1.4 million
6 Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne Champagne $2 million
5 Goût de Diamants Champagne $2.07 million
4 Tequila Ley .925 Tequila $3.5 million
3 Billionaire Vodka Vodka $3.7 million
2 Isabella’s Islay Whiskey $6.4 million
1 D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme Spirit $44 million

30. Salvatore’s Legacy

Price: $8,316

We are starting our list of the most expensive alcohol with Salvatore’s Legacy. The drink has been named after the bartender who first made it, Salvatore Calabrese.

This drink is also the world’s oldest drink because the ingredients he used to make this drink are around 700 years old.

To make this historic drink, he used a 1778 Clos de Griffier Vieux cognac, a 1770 Kummel liqueur, a circa 1860 Dubb orange Curacao, and two dashes of Angostura bitters dating from around 1900.

One more interesting thing about this drink is that only Salvatore makes this drink.

29. The Winston Cocktail

Price: $12,790 (Per glass)

The drink has been named after Winston Churchill.

This drink is so expensive because it usages the cognac, which is limited. The cocktail has been included in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive cocktail.

In addition, the garnish they use for this drink is just wow. They specially prepare it using chocolate and nutmeg soil, and it takes two whole days to prepare.

So, you need to plan your drink if you are looking forward to testing this magnificent glass of treat.

28. Glenfiddich’s 50-year-old

Price: $16,000

Only 500 bottles of this extraordinary whiskey have been made, and they are released on a strict global allocation of only 50 bottles per year, which might be one of the reasons why it is so darn expensive.

However, before bottling, it’s married in American oak for six months.

In addition, the bottle it comes in has a different decoration, and it is placed in a unique case.

Each one of the bottles is decorated with Scottish silver, sealed with a waxed engraved medallion, and is placed in a hand-made leather box with a leather-bound book and signed certificate.

27. Highland Park 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Price: $17,500

This fine whiskey comes from two Spanish oak hogshead, and it rests quietly for five decades in the distillery’s most northerly warehouse.

It is also well known for its unique and very diverse taste. This whiskey has a hint of sweet dried fruits, dark Muscovado sugar, black cherries mingling with spicy nutmeg, cedarwood, and gentle peat smoke.

The bottle, a specially designed crystal decanter, has its own case made out of silver. It comes in hand made oak box.

26. The Diamond Is Forever Martini

Price: $18,000

The James Bond movie clearly inspires this drink. It is known for its ingredients which seem pretty normal until you hear the final one.

So, to make this magnificent martini, chilled Absolut Elyx Vodka and a splash of lime juice are used.

What is the third ingredient, you ask? Well, it is a one-carat diamond that’s found at the bottom of your drink. Yep, that’s right.

If you love diamonds, this drink is for sure your glass of martini. You can get the martini in only one place, and that is Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo.

25. Legacy By Angostura

Price: $25,000

Angostura, the creator of this legendary rum and maker of the world’s most awarded rum range.

Legacy was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Trinidad.

What’s more interesting is that only 20 decanters of this precious liquid will ever be released. The rum is a blend of seven exclusive rums.

The legacy of Angostura comes in a bespoke 500ml crystal and a silver decanter, specially made by jewelers to the Prince of Wales.

Besides its taste, the rum is crystal polished oak in color, with bronze and gold highlights.

24. The Ruby Rose Cocktail

Price: $40,000

The ruby rose cocktail is a beautiful-looking drink, and it looks gorgeous sitting still in a glass. The drink looks normal and can also be made at home as well. But one that makes it this expensive is a four-carat ruby on the top of the drink.

This drink is made using pomegranate juice, Hangar One Vodka, and additionally, it usages St. Germain, orange juice, and rosewater. Isn’t it pretty simple?

But for it to be one of the most expensive rums in the world, it has to have a ruby on the top.

23. 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare Collection

Price: $75,000

The 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare Collection is one of the most expensive single malted whiskey globally.

Whiskey auction specialists Whisky Auctioneer hosted a sale on February 12-22. The sale included over 1,900 bottles of the rarest, most coveted, and expensive single malt whiskies in existence.

Adding further, this amazing liquid comes in a wine-shaped bottle. The bottle, however, is placed in a hand-crafted wooded box. The drink is also described as dry and concentrated with a licorice after-taste.

22. Chateau D’Yquem

Price: $130,000

Chateau D’Yquem is a wine from the Sauternes in the southern part of the Bordeaux vineyards, also known as Grave.

This amazing wine became the most expensive bottle of wine in the world and broke the record.

However, the wine itself is not for drinking. If it is not for drink, why is it so expensive, you would ask?

Well, because of all the given history, the bottle certainly deserves the price tag of $130,000.

21. Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Price: $160,000

Dalmore 64 Trinitas is a single malted whiskey, and it has an amazing history behind it.

Only three bottles of this precious whiskey have been made in the whole world, and besides that, they have been preserved since 1868, 1878, and 1926.

However, only one has been allotted for sale.

To make this delightful drink, they have used only the finest ingredients.

20. Diamond Jubilee By Johnnie Walker

Price: $165,000

Among the most expensive alcohol in the world, we have Diamond Jubilee on our list. Many of us who has knowledge of drinks know about Johny Walker.

JW makes some of the best and expensive drinks in the whole world.

The Diamond Jubilee is a series, and it was created to celebrate the Queen’s anniversary.

In addition, it is also known as the whiskey, which was sold in six figures making the record of the most expensive whiskey ever sold.

19. The Black Pearl Louis XIII Anniversary Edition By Remy Martin

Price: $165,000

A special edition of Remy Martin is the next on our list of most expensive alcohol in the world.

In order to celebrate the 140th anniversary, it was drawn from a single 100-year-old tierçon (blending cask) that contained Eaux-de-vie ranging from 40 to 100 years of age.

The production has been limited to small amounts to maintain their standard.

This astonishing drink comes in stunning Baccarat Black Pearl crystal decanters.

18. Penfold Ampoule

Price: $170,000

It is amazing how they design the bottle of these astonishing products.

If we forget about what’s inside of it for a while, it would still be worthy of its price tag.

Furthermore, only twelve handmade bottles of this exclusive wine are made, and each one is numbered and crafted by the finest craftsmen.

On purchasing this fine bottle, you will get a certificate of ownership signed by the chief winemaker.

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17. Bombay Sapphire Revelation

Price: $200,000

Almost all of us are familiar with the Bombay Sapphire brand.

This time, we will not talk about any random product but about the most amazing product, it has ever made.

Just by looking at the bottle, it justifies its heavy price tag. Only five of these exclusively handcrafted crystal bottles are intricately decked with diamonds and sapphires.

Furthermore, the craftsman cut the bottle into the shape of a giant gemstone with ten principal facets. Which also represents the ten botanical ingredients.

They have used those ingredients to create the complex and refined taste of Bombay Sapphire.

16. Royal Salute Tribute To Honour

Price: $215,000

Royal Salute Tribute To Honour is a blended whiskey. At the same time, the whisky itself is a blend of Royal Salute’s rarest offerings.

Only 21 jewel-encrusted decanters of this remarkable 45-year-old blend have been released worldwide. In addition, each bottle is decorated with more than 400 black and white diamonds.

The way these products are designed and decorated causes people to spend a fortune to add magnificent items to their collections.

15. Dalmore 62

Price: $215,000

This Scotch whiskey spent 62 years in a cask before it was bottled. Dalmore only produced 12 bottles of this gesture to keep up the standard.

Some see it as an investment because the value of an unopened bottle continues to increase.

In addition, they gave each bottle a unique name but relevant to the Dalmore Estate.

14. Armand de Brignac Midas

Price: $265,000

Armand de Brignac Midas is pretty great champagne, and it is the most expensive champagne in the world which comes in a massive 30-liter bottle.

This fine drink is aged for 30 years, and then it is bottled. Further, it uses the finest grapes to bring out the unique aroma.

13. 64-year-old Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Price: $460,000

Macallan decided to create a one-of-a-kind bottle, to honor the 150th anniversary of the birth of famed crystal artisan Rene Lalique.

And as the name suggests, they have aged the whisky for 64 years. As a result, it became one of the most expensive alcohols in the world. What shocks everyone the most is that he made only one bottle of this exclusive drink.

Of course, being the only one of its kind is worthy of having a price tag of $460,000.

12. 1945 Romanee-Conti Wine

Price:  $558,000

1945 Romance-Conti Wine set a record at wine selling auction when Sotheby’s curated a dedicated sale offering rare Domaine de la Romanée-Conti from the personal cellar.

One of the collectors bought the wine for a whopping $558,000. The bottles of Romanée-Conti 1945 offered at this sale are among the only 600 bottles produced.

This magnificent wine has a Heavily Acidic taste, Little Dry, Smooth and Bold.

11. Macallan 64 Year Old In Lalique

Price: $625,000

Macallan is already famous for producing highly expensive single malted whiskey. Macallan, 64 Year Old In Lalique, was intentionally made to break the record, and because of that, the price tag it got is just booming.

Another reason it is so expensive is that they produced only four bottles of this legendary drink. In addition, the craftsmanship of the bottle and the whisky itself is the reason for its bank-breaking price.

You will be shocked to know that they have made each bottle from pure and hand-cut crystal. It weighs 25 pounds without any liquor inside.

10. Mendis Coconut Brandy VS

Price: $1 million

You might have seen people using coconut with drinks; I’m sure you must have used it too. But how would you like a drink that’s purely made out of a coconut? Yes, Mendis coconut Brandy is made entirely from coconut.

And as the name suggests, they mature it for a minimum of two years in Hamilla wood casks.

Even though it is unique and all, it’s a little hard to digest the price of this drink.

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9. Diva Vodka

Price: $1 million

You must be thinking, $1 million for a bottle of vodka; there has to be something unique about the taste of it.

If you are thinking this, you are wrong. The price of this drink is because of its process and its bottle rather than what’s inside of it.

This is the only vodka in the world which they filter through precious gemstones once they filter it the traditional way.

After that, they pour the drink into a bottle that has a load of Swarovski crystals in a glass tube that runs down the center of the bottle. So, in general, it tastes like any other high-quality vodka.

8. Russo-Baltique Vodka

Price: $1.35 million

Another vodka on our list of the most expensive alcohol in the world. Here’s something different about this product, though.

The bottle of this vodka is made to look like a vintage automobile, and each bottle top is made from 100% pure gold with inlaid diamonds.

Everyone knows that not all the person can afford this drink. Hence, it targets Russian billionaires or oligarchs.

7. 105-Year-Old Master Of Malt

Price: $1.4 million

105 Years Old Master of Malt is the oldest and the most expensive bottle of scotch whiskey ever released.

They were able to discover the whiskey because of a fire accident. The distiller distilled the 105-year-old whisky on the 17th February 1906 at the Aisla T’Orten distillery in the Highlands.

However, a catastrophic fire burned down the whole place. The fire burned all the casks. However, one survived and was hidden.

The manufacturer bottled the whisky in early 2011 after 105 years in cask. And now they have announced the launch of this magnificent drink.

6. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac

Price: $2 million

Like any other alcohol, Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac is heavily priced because of its bottle’s craftsmanship and its elements.

This is one of the super rare cognacs in the world because of its age of more than 100 years. The one thing that is even rare than the drink is the bottle it comes in.

They pack the drink in a bejeweled bottle, dip it in 24k gold and sterling platinum. Then they decorated it with 6,500 brilliant-cut diamonds.

5. Goût de Diamants

Price: $2.07 million

Gout de Diamants is excellent champagne with a whopping price of $2.07 million. However, this champagne is an item to collect, not for what’s inside the bottle.

Gout de Diamants replaced their previous crystal logo plate with an 18-carat white gold plate and mounted a 19-carat diamond in the center of the label.

The label is entirely hand-made, and also, the client’s name is engraved upon the purchase.

4. Tequila Ley .925

Price: $3.5 million

It is the priciest brand of tequila in the world is marked Law .925, which is an extra premium.

They make it with selected agave with 42 degrees of alcohol, and it spends seven years inside the barrels.

Again, although the tequila is extraordinary and exclusive, the reason for the price tag lies in the bottle.

The bottle contains two kilos of platinum and carries 4,100 perfectly white diamonds.

The tequila producers intended that the world should be more serious about valuing tequila more.

And that is why they worked on the bottle and came up with a bottle named the Diamond Sterling Bottle.

3. Billionaire Vodka

Price: $3.7 million

What does the name tell you? That not any random person can afford this vodka.

Looking at the brand motto, it is obvious that the producers intended to make it so that only the kings could afford it.

The brand motto is “It’s good to be the king.” They only make it on the client’s demand.

Each of the bottles uses a top secrete Russian recipe.

Furthermore, they made it in small batches to avoid any risk of compromise in the standard. The bottle in which the drinks come in is a huge five-liter bottle.

In addition, they have covered it in approximately 3,000 diamonds and Swarovski crystals and designed by Leon Verre.

2. Isabella’s Islay

Price: $6.4 million

The most expensive Whiskey on the entire planet. There has to be something about this drink to have a whopping $6.4 million price tag.

However, the price tag that comes with a bottle of this whisky is because of the decanter that contains it. They decorate it with 8,500 diamonds, 300 rubies, and exquisite white gold.

Talking about the whisky, it is one of the finest ever, and also, it is the epitome of luxury scotch whisky.

1. D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

Price: $44 million

Finally, the most expensive spirit ever made in the whole world, and the secret lies again in the bottle.

The bottle is home to beautiful liquor and houses 13 carats, three single cuts flawless diamonds at the neck.

In addition, the body contains one of the world’s rarest diamonds, a mammoth rare single cut at 18.5 carats, indeed the most stunning gemstone.

There are only two bottles of D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme. However, an anonymous Italian client purchased one.

So there’s only one left in the entire world.

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