Who Is Milan Lucic Wife Brittany Carnegie And Kids? Daughter Nikolina And Valentina Lucic

Milan Lucic Wife

Milan Lucic wife, Brittany Carnegie, is not only a devoted partner in his journey through the world of professional hockey but also a passionate advocate for animal welfare, showcasing a dynamic partnership that extends beyond the rink.

Lucic’s hockey journey began in major junior hockey, where he showcased his talents for three seasons with the Vancouver Giants in the Western Hockey League (WHL).

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and playing as both a left and right winger, Lucic has had an impressive career in the National Hockey League (NHL).

In the 2023 NHL campaign, Milan Lucic rejoined the Boston Bruins. However, the team announced that Lucic was being placed on an indefinite leave of absence following reports of alleged domestic abuse.

He has not only been a supportive partner but has also contributed to animal welfare through her involvement with the MSPCA as a fundraiser.

His on-ice achievements include being part of a Stanley Cup-winning team and earning individual honors such as the Memorial Cup MVP.

Milan Lucic’s career continues to be a noteworthy chapter in the NHL, marked by both success on the ice and personal developments off the rink.

Who Is Milan Lucic Wife Brittany Carnegie?

Born in Richmond, British Columbia, Brittany Carnegie is more than the wife of NHL star Milan Lucic. This reflects her dedication to creating positive change beyond the hockey arena.

Actively involved in animal welfare, she has made a significant impact through her fundraising work with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA).

The couple exchanged vows on August 27, 2012, and their life together is occasionally shared on social media, offering glimpses into their love and commitment.

Milan Lucic Wife
Milan Lucic’s wife, Brittany Carnegie, is more than just the spouse of the renowned ice hockey player. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Brittany’s commitment to charitable causes adds a layer to their public image, portraying them not just as a sports-centric family but also as one that prioritizes social responsibility.

The union between Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie showcases a blend of athletic success and a shared passion for making a difference in the world, both on and off the ice.

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Milan Lucic Kids: Daughter Nikolina And Valentina Lucic

Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie, the proud parents of three children, have built a close-knit family that prominently includes their daughters, Valentina and Nikolina Lucic.

Valentina, born in 2013, was the first addition to the family, followed by the arrival of Nikolina in 2015. The Lucic family experienced further joy in 2018 with the welcoming of their son, Milan Lucic Jr.

The family frequently shares glimpses of their life on social media, offering a peek into their adventures and the dynamics that define their household.

Milan Lucic Wife
Milan Lucic and Brittany Carnegie are proud parents to three children, each adding their own joyous chapter to the family’s narrative. (Source: Sportskeeda)

The unwavering support and love from his family, particularly his daughters Valentina and Nikolina, serve as a consistent wellspring of motivation and happiness.

Beyond the ice rink, these family moments underscore the significance of familial bonds in shaping Lucic’s personal and professional journey.

The public nature of their shared moments reflects the joy and fulfillment derived from the Lucic family’s collective experiences.

Milan Lucic Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Milan Lucic’s financial success in the NHL is evident, with an estimated net worth of around $22.5 million.

This accumulation of wealth is a result of his impressive 17-year career, during which he earned substantial amounts through various contracts and salary agreements.

His on-ice performance has been exceptional, boasting 586 points in 1177 regular season games and adding 77 playoff points in 136 outings.

Milan Lucic Wife
Milan Lucic has a successful and enduring career in the National Hockey League. (Source: NBC Sports)

Lucic’s prowess on the ice has not only contributed to his personal success but has also played a crucial role in his team’s achievements.

This deal reflects not only his enduring presence in the league but also his consistent performance, making him a valuable asset in the highly competitive world of professional hockey.

Lucic’s ability to deliver both on and off the ice has solidified his status as a prominent figure in the NHL, reaping rewards not only in terms of accolades but also in financial prosperity.

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