Erin Patterson Obituary And Death Cause: In-Laws Died Due To Mushroom Poisoning

Erin Patterson Obituary

What’s inside Erin Patterson obituary? The police are investigating the death cause and homicide linked to the tragic incident.

Erin Patterson, a Victorian woman, found herself at the center of a tragic incident involving suspected mushroom poisoning. She prepared a meal for four people, including her former in-laws.

Tragically, after consuming the meal, the four guests fell seriously ill, and three died.

She was visibly emotional as she addressed the media, grieving the loss of those who had fallen ill after consuming the meal she had prepared.

Erin Patterson Obituary: In-Laws Died Due To Mushroom Poisoning

Erin Patterson is alive but lives in regrets of her wrong-doings. This is the obituary of her in-laws, who recently died due to mushroom poisoning.

Erin Patterson, a 48-year-old woman from Leongatha, Victoria, became the center of a tragic incident involving the suspected poisoning of four individuals after serving lunch on July 29, 2023.

Erin Patterson Obituary
Erin Patterson’s former in-laws, Don and Gail Patterson and her sister Heather Wilkinson died after eating poisonous mushroom. (Source:

The lunch included her former in-laws, Don and Gail Patterson, and Gail’s sister, Heather Wilkinson, along with Heather’s husband, Ian.

After consuming the meal, all four guests fell ill and were subsequently hospitalized as their conditions worsened.

Tragically, both Gail and Heather passed away from symptoms consistent with death cap mushroom poisoning, while Don also succumbed to the effects.

Police Suspects Erin Patterson In The Homicide Investigation

Although Erin was a person of interest in the investigation due to her role in cooking the meal, authorities stressed the need to keep an open mind and explore all possibilities.

Police were uncertain about the source of the mushrooms used in the meal and the exact cause of the poisoning. Toxicology reports were being organized to shed light on the situation.

Erin Patterson Obituary
Police are investigating the homicide case of Ms. Erin Patterson, but they believe she is very innocent. (Source:

As the investigation continues, Erin’s emotional response and claims of innocence underscore the tragedy of the incident. It has torn a family apart by the loss of loved ones and a community seeking answers.

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Community Shocked By Erin Patterson Wrong-Doings

The case has shocked and puzzled the community, with investigators investigating whether the deaths resulted from accidental consumption or nefarious activity.

The situation remains complex and challenging to unravel, and while Erin Patterson has faced scrutiny, charges were not expected to be laid during the early stages of the investigation.

Erin Patterson Obituary
Erin Patterson is devastated after knowing she was the reason behind her former in-law’s death. (Source:

The details surrounding the origin of the poisonous mushrooms, the meal preparation, and the sequence of events leading to the deaths remain subjects of ongoing scrutiny and investigation.

Erin Patterson Ex Husband Nearly Died Of Gut Illness

Simon Patterson, the ex-husband of Erin Patterson, was thrust into an unusual turn of events in June 2022 when he suffered from a mysterious stomach illness.

The illness led him to fall into a coma for 16 days and spend 21 days in the intensive care unit (ICU). His case perplexed doctors, and the exact cause of his illness remains unexplained.

Simon’s health issues began in late May 2022 when he suddenly collapsed at home.

This incident resulted in him being placed in an induced coma and undergoing three emergency operations, primarily focused on his small intestine.

Erin Patterson Obituary
Erin Patterson’s ex-husband, Simon Patterson, spent 21 years in intensive care following a gut illness. (Source:

He also had an additional planned operation during this period. After his time in intensive care, Simon spent a week in the general ward before moving to a rehabilitation facility on June 25, 2022.

As of that date, he was able to walk and perform normal daily functions, although his left shoulder was notably weak.

Simon has been dedicated to physiotherapy to regain muscle strength in both arms, with a goal of returning to basketball in 2023. Despite the challenges he faced, doctors are optimistic about his full recovery.

Simon Patterson’s health struggles provided an unexpected layer to the narrative surrounding the Patterson family.

His separation from Erin prior to the tragic incident involving the poisonous mushrooms added complexity to the situation.

Simon’s near-death experience and subsequent journey toward recovery showcase his resilience and determination.

Erin Patterson Obituary
Erin Patterson’s husband, Simon Patterson, revealed he was suffering from a mysterious stomach illness. (Source:

He especially works to regain his physical strength and return to his passion for basketball.

He remains grateful for the time spent with his children, Sam Patterson and Hannah Patterson, as he continues his path to recovery.

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