Kelvin Miranda Cheating Scandal With Kira Balinger: Did He Cheat On Ex Roselle Vytiaco

Kelvin Miranda Cheating

Kelvin Miranda cheating scandal: did he betray ex Roselle Vytiaco with Kira Balinger? Get the latest news about whether he cheated on ex Roselle Vytiaco during filming.

Lights, camera, and unexpected revelations — the glitzy world of showbiz has once again brought forth a scandal that’s capturing headlines and stirring up speculation.

Brace yourselves for a story that reads like a gripping script straight out of a drama movie as we delve into Kelvin Miranda’s cheating scandal’s intricacies with fellow starlet Kira Balinger.

With rumors swirling and emotions running high, the tale of whether Kelvin betrayed his former lover, Roselle Vytiaco, for a new leading lady is gripping the entertainment scene like never before.

Join us as we dig into this drama’s intriguing twists and turns, piecing together the puzzle of secrets, heartaches, and the allure of the spotlight.

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Kelvin Miranda Cheating Scandal With Kira Balinger: Did He Cheat On Ex Roselle Vytiaco

In a recent social media storm, Kapuso actor Kelvin Miranda has found himself at the center of a cheating scandal, with accusations pointing towards an alleged affair with Kapamilya actress Kira Balinger.

The Kelvin Miranda cheating scandal unfolded when his former girlfriend, model, and influencer Roselle Vytiaco, took to her Instagram account to unveil what she claimed was his unfaithfulness.

Kelvin Miranda Cheating
Kelvin Miranda’s cheating scandal has tongues wagging and fingers pointing as his former flame decided to take things to social media. (Source: Head Topics)

While not explicitly naming individuals, Vytiaco’s posts contained veiled references to a “cheater” who had reportedly been involved in infidelity for ten months.

In her first Instagram post, Vytiaco expressed regret, lamenting that had she foreseen his betrayal, she might have taken a drastic step like removing his pillow. 

She conveyed the perspective of someone who endured ten months of unfaithfulness, all while he remained oblivious to the truth.

She continued, “There’s a cheater just drinking coffee on his IG Stories. Advanced happy birthday.”

Coincidentally, on the same day, Kelvin shared an Instagram photo of himself drinking coffee.

Kelvin Miranda Cheating Scandal: Ex-Girlfriend Spills The Tea

As the Kelvin Miranda cheating scandal unfolded, his ex-girlfriend continued to provide clues about the alleged infidelity, hinting at Kelvin’s involvement with a Kapamilya actress, Kira Balinger.

Brace yourselves because a high-stakes spotlight is awaiting them in an upcoming film. The cameras are rolling, and the intrigue is off the charts.

What makes their upcoming movies so intriguing is that Vytiaco suggested that the affair had transpired while working together on the upcoming film project.

Kelvin Miranda Cheating
Kelvin Miranda Cheating: The air is thick with anticipation after Vytiaco revealed some steamy conversations between Kelvin and his co-star, Kira Balinger. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to this, Vytiaco also shared screenshots of conversations between Kelvin and the alleged other woman.

These conversations contained sexually suggestive language and moments where Kelvin revealed his feelings for the other woman.

The scandal has ignited discussions and debates on social media platforms, with fans and followers expressing their opinions.

Kira Balinger Breaks Silence On Kelvin Miranda Cheating Rumors

Kira Balinger stepped into the spotlight once again, this time to address the swirling rumors linking her to the infamous actor Kelvin Miranda.

With whispers of a love triangle involving former flame Roselle Vytiaco, Kira’s side of the story is finally unveiled.

Kira stated when asked in an interview,

“Honestly, I would much rather do this in an official interview. But sure, I have no problem answering: I am not a third wheel.”

Kelvin Miranda Cheating
In the midst of Kelvin Miranda’s cheating scandal, Kila has come forward, clarifying that she has not been involved in any form of cheating. (Source: Inquirer)

Kira clarified that she is not involved in Kelvin’s previous relationship dynamics.

“Whatever agreements they had between them, I do not know. I am out of that situation.

And if there’s somebody that Roselle should talk to, it should be him, not me,” she added.

Kira admitted to making a mistake. She had been too friendly with Kelvin, which led to online conversations and intimate photos that were eventually shared on social media by Roselle.

However, Kira stressed that these interactions were limited to chats and reiterated,

“I did not break them up, and I’m very confident to say that.”

As they continue working together, Kira shared that while they still have promotions to do, the focus is on their professional commitments.

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