Milan Lucic Mugshot: Is He In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Milan Lucic mugshot

Milan Lucic is a Canadian ice hockey player for the Boston Bruins in the NHL. He played for the Vancouver Giants in the WHL, winning the Memorial Cup in 2007. Learn more about Milan Lucic mugshot details.

Selected in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, he joined the Bruins at 19 and later won a Stanley Cup with them in 2011.

After eight seasons with the Bruins, he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 2015, then signed with the Edmonton Oilers in 2016 and played three seasons before joining the Calgary Flames in 2019.

In 2007, Lucic captained the Canadian national junior team. Known for his physical play, he’s considered a power forward.

After Lucic did really well and became the MVP at the 2007 Memorial Cup, he became the captain of the Canadian team for the 2007 Super Series against Russia during the off-season.

The Super Series had eight games between Canada and Russia’s under-20 teams, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series. Lucic got three assists, and Canada won the series with seven wins and a tie.

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Milan Lucic Mugshot: Is He In Jail?

Milan is a seasoned and accomplished athlete, having devoted a significant portion of his life to sports.

However, the recent arrest on charges of domestic violence has sent shockwaves throughout the sports community.

Specific details surrounding his arrest have not been disclosed to the public, leaving his fans curious about whether Milan is currently imprisoned.

Milan Lucic mugshot
                            Milan from the Boston Bruins glides on the ice during the pre-game warmup on October 19 (Source: Daily Mail)

Presently, law enforcement has not released any information regarding the details of Milan’s arrest or his status in jail.

While awaiting the release of precise information regarding the nature of his arrests and charges, it is urged that Milan’s fans and the media exercise patience and refrain from disseminating inaccurate details.

It is essential to avoid spreading misinformation until accurate and verified facts become publicly available.

Milan Lucic arrest

Milan is set to step away indefinitely from the Boston Bruins after his arrest in the early hours of Saturday following an alleged domestic incident.

As per sources, Lucic’s wife, Brittany, reportedly called 911, informing the police of an attack by Lucic.

Also, the Bruins released a statement via Sportsnet acknowledging the situation and expressing their serious concern.

Milan Lucic mugshot
                                                               Milan Lucic has tons of fans on his social media handles (Source: Daily Mail)

They announced Lucic’s indefinite leave from the team and pledged to collaborate with the Lucic family to offer any necessary support.

Also, Lucic, who has been dealing with an ankle injury since October 21, has played four games this season, contributing two assists and averaging 11:58 time on ice per night.

Notably, in 2011, Lucic was involved in a domestic dispute with a girlfriend, but no charges were filed.

Milan Lucic charges

Reports emerged that Boston Bruins player Lucic has been arrested over serious domestic violence allegations.

In response, the Bruins announced Saturday that Lucic would be taking an indefinite leave from the team.

According to reports, Lucic was arrested early Saturday morning in Boston related to the domestic violence charges.

Milan Lucic mugshot
                                                           An image of the ice hockey athlete, Milan, heading to Boston (Source: Instagram)

Boston Police declined to confirm or deny arresting Lucic, and his agent could not be reached.

While details are scarce, the fact that Lucic was swiftly granted leave and reports of an arrest emerged indicates grave accusations that the Bruins are handling delicately given their severity.

Until more facts emerge, the team is rightly keeping further discussion private as they support Lucic’s family through what is likely a traumatic situation if domestic violence takes place.

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