David Montgomery Parents: Mother Roberta Feltha-Mitchell And Father

David Montgomery Parents

Who is David Montgomery parents? David was raised by his single mother, Roberta Feltha Mitchell, who has been a great source of strength.

David Montgomery is an American football player. He plays as a running back for the Detroit Lions in the NFL. He used to play college football at Lowa State.

In the 2021 NFL season, Montgomery had a strong start. He had 309 rushing yards and three touchdowns in the first four games.

Unfortunately, He got injured in Week 4 against the Detroit Lions. Despite the injury, he was among the top five players in rushing yards until then.

In the 2022 season, David had some notable performances. His game against the Green Bay Packers, where he ran for 122 yards, earned him an outstanding achievement.

 Furthermore, the athlete contributed with a rushing touchdown and receiving yards against the Atlanta Falcons.

By the end of the 2022 season, David had 801 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns. Moreover, he had 316 receiving rushing yards and one receiving touchdown.

In March 2023, Montgomery signed a three-year contract with the Detroit Lions. He is all set to give it all in the field.

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Who Are David Montgomery Parents?

David Montgomery’s Parents are his mother, Roberta Feltha-Mitchell, and his father. David had a tough childhood. 

David Montgomery Parents
David Montgomery was raised by a single mother with his other siblings. (Source: NFL.com)

Moreover, the Detroit Lions player had never met his father. His family moved a lot to Cincinnati because they didn’t have much money.

Sometimes, they even had to use the oven for warmth. They even had to fill the bathtub with water from gas stations when utilities were cut off.

David Montgomery’s parents had struggled and faced a lot of challenges. Nevertheless, David grew up to become one of the greatest players in the NFL.

David also has a brother named Maceo Montgomery. His brother got into trouble with the law for selling drugs and being involved in a murder.

This incident with his brother made life even harder for his family. While in prison, David worked hard to collect money to help his brother Maceo.

Additionally, David sent his brother $100 every two weeks. This money helped Maceo make phone calls to the outside world.

David is an inevitable football player for the Detroit Lions. Besides this, he is also a great brother and an obedient son to his siblings and mother.

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David Montgomery’s Mother, Roberta Feltha-Mitchell, And Father

David Montgomery’s mother, Roberta Feltha Mitchell, is a single mother. His mother cared for her four sons, including David, and a sister alone.

David Montgomery Parents
David Montgomery’s mother is a kind woman, Robert Mitchella. (Source: Twitter)

David’s father was never around to look after him. David has never met his father due to various reasons.

David Montgomery’s parents, especially his mother, were hardworking women. She was a dialysis technician.

David’s mother worked hard day and night to provide for her children. Her consistent support and love brought David to the top of his career.

David hasn’t revealed much about his family. David is a person who believes in giving his all in the field and letting his hard work speak for him.

Besides David’s talent and dedication on the field, David is a kind and polite person, just like his mother.

David’s mom, Robert Mitchella, surprised the high school team with new cleats and gloves. This shows that Mrs. Robert is a kind-hearted woman.

David’s journey to success is his hard work and dedication. However, his mother played a crucial role in his life, including all his accomplishments till now.

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