Meet Gotham Chopra Wife Candice Chen Kids And Family

Gotham Chopra Wife

Gotham Chopra wife, Dr. Candice Chen, has been an important part of his personal life and journey. Find more about his lifestyle and family in the article below.

Gotham Chopra, born Gautam Chopra is an American sports documentarian, media entrepreneur, producer, podcast host, director, journalist, and author.

He is known for his sports-related films and has worked with well-known athletes such as Tom Brady, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Simone Biles, and Michael Strahan.

One of Chopra’s notable works includes the docuseries “Religion of Sports,” which he co-founded in 2016 with Michael Strahan and Tom Brady.

Chopra is married to Doctor Candice Chen, and they have a son named Krishnan. He is based in Los Angeles as of 2023.

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Meet Gotham Chopra Wife Candice Chen

The renowned sports documentarian and media entrepreneur Gotham Chopra is married to Candice Chen.

Not much information is publicly available about Candice Chen, as she tends to keep a low profile.

However, her marriage to Gotham Chopra has been a significant part of their personal lives.

As a doctor, Candice Chen brings a professional background that complements Gotham’s work in the media industry.

Her  commitment to healthcare likely provide a strong foundation for their family and personal life.

Gotham Chopra Wife
Gotham Chopra and his wife, Candice in ethnic wear (Source: Instagram)

While details about their relationship and how they met remain private, their long-lasting marriage and their shared journey in raising their son Krishnan are the results of their love life.

Candice Chen’s presence and support behind the scenes undoubtedly helped them in their shared success and personal fulfillment.

Together, they try to respect each of their careers and create a balanced and fulfilling family life.

Their partnership shows the importance of mutual support and understanding in achieving personal and professional goals.

Does Gotham Chopra And Wife Candice Chen Have Kids?

Gotham Chopra and his wife Candice Chen have a son named Krishnan.

The couple welcomed Krishnan into their lives, adding a new dimension to their family.

Krishnan is the result of their loving relationship and serves as a source of joy and fulfillment for the family.

Being parents, Gotham Chopra and Candice Chen have likely experienced the new journey of raising a child.

Gotham Chopra Wife
The father-son duo modeling for the Religion of Sports sportswear brand (Source: Instagram)

Parenthood brings immense responsibilities, challenges, and rewards. It is a role that requires love, nurturing, and guidance to help shape a child’s growth and development.

Gotham Chopra and Candice Chen are likely committed to providing a supportive and loving environment for him.

They are working together to teach him values, impart wisdom, to encourage his passions.

The bond between Gotham Chopra, Candice Chen, and Krishnan is likely a result of their shared love and commitment as a family

Gotham Chopra Family

Gotham Chopra comes from a family that has made significant contributions in the fields of spirituality, media, and sports.

Born on February 23, 1975, in Boston, Massachusetts, Gotham is the son of renowned spiritualist and author Deepak Chopra and his wife, Rita.

He is also the brother of Mallika Chopra and the nephew of Sanjiv Chopra. Growing up in the Boston suburb of Lincoln, Gotham developed a strong interest in sports, which later influenced his career choices.


Gotham Chopra Wife
Gotham Chopra and family pictured together (Source: Instagram)

Despite being born into a family rooted in spirituality, Gotham Chopra has managed to find his path in the world of media and sports.

He has successfully combined his passion for sports with his talent for creating engaging content that explores the impact of sports on society and culture.

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