Ben Thompson BBC Wikipedia Bio Partner Age And Net Worth Revealed

Ben Thompson Wikipedia

Ben Thompson Wikipedia raises curiosity among people. He has covered stories for BBC all over Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America.

Ben began his BBC career at Radio Wales in Cardiff in 2001. While at University, he produced BBC’s morning news program, Good Morning Wales.

Ben was selected as part of the BCC Trainee Scheme, worked in different parts of the newsroom, and experienced all parts of news Television. His expertise has seen him interview world leaders and CEOs in his career.

Ben is among the top faces of BBC and is known for his excellent and calm presence in the newsroom. His personality traits have been a benchmark for new and upcoming journalists.

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Ben Thompson Wikipedia Bio and Age

Ben Thompson was born in Burnley, England, on August 12, 1981. The 41-year-old journalist is known for his extensive career.

He went to Cardiff University for his higher education. He later moved to London from Wales after completing a degree in International Business and French and a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

He was the Business Producer for BBC News 24, BBC’s International news channel, and BBC World. There he got the opportunity to explain the global trade and insides of the business world and its impact on people’s life.

He moved to the frontline in 2008 to become BBC’s Middle East Business Correspondent. He moved all over the Middle East from UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar, to Kuwait.

Ben Thompson Wikipedia
Ben Thompson is reporting for BBC news. (Source: Instagram)

He covered challenging stories of the Middle East, like The  Dubai Financial Crisis, growing tensions in Syria, ‘The Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and so on.

He moved back to London in 2011 to join BBC Breakfast as a producer. He did the breakfast show in the morning and the Economic Briefing at night. He kept his viewers updated on the global economy.

After a few years, he moved to New York, where he reached new heights. He became North America Business Correspondent. He reported live from Wall Street every morning.

He interviewed New York Stock Exchange leaders, business leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs in the world’s financial capital.

Hurricane Sandy
Ben Thompson reporting during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 (Source: Instagram)

Ben’s work ethic was even more appreciated after he covered Hurricane Sandy. While the whole city of New York was evacuating the city, Ben ran towards the BBC studio.

He reported the whole segment for two days for BBC TV and radio. He slept in the office the whole time and spent days without water and electricity. He also covered the US Election and investigated the insides of the US economy.

He is back in the UK now and presents BBC Breakfast, co-hosts BBC Live and other segments on BBC News and BBC World News.

Ben loves traveling, music, and theatre and does his free time photography.

Ben Thompson Partner Revealed

Ben Thompson is dating Andy Roche. He is homosexual and has been in a romantic relationship with his partner since 2011.

The couple is very open about their relationship and regularly posts pictures together. The couple loves sharing their lovely journey.

Ben Thompson And Randy Roach
Ben Thompson And Randy Roach Celebrate 12 Years Together (Source: Instagram)

Although Ben has been in a homosexual relationship with Andy for 12 years, the topic has never been discussed on any segments of BBC.

The pair worked together in Centre East and later moved to London together. Now the couple is dealing with different projects. While Ben is working on the BBC Breakfast, Andy is off to work on the web-based show in Disney+.

Ben Thompson Net Worth

Ben Thompson has an estimated net worth ranging from half a million USD to a million USD. The average income of a news anchor on BBC is 44k USD per year.

Ben earns more than  44k USD per year because of his multiple segments on the BBC network. Although the company does not reveal the exact salary of BBC employees, we can expect a high salary for decorated news analysts like Ben.

Ben Thompson enjoying vacation in Cyprus
Ben Thompson enjoying a vacation in Cyprus (Source: Instagram)

The fact that Ben has put his life on the line for his job and the sake of his viewers makes him one of the best Journalists in the world, and we can expect more adventures and fortunes on his way.

Ben has an extensive career, and it’s only fair if he is paid the way that suits his expertise. We hope that’s the case here.

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