Is Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman? Husband Family And Age

Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman

“Is Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman?” is a question that has created confusion among people, given their shared surname and similar profession.

Leah Litman is a professor at Michigan Law School where she teaches law to her students.

She also co-hosts a podcast, Strict Scrutiny where they read and analyze different cases from the Supreme Court.

Harry Litman is also an American lawyer and professor who taught Constitutional Law and National Security Law at several law schools, including UCLA School of Law and Berkeley Law School.

Despite sharing a common surname and similar professional field, they have no known family connection with each other.

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Is Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman?

Leah Litman and Harry Litman sharing the same last name and profession led to confusion among people to think if they are related to each other.

Having the same surnames does mean that they are related, as it can only be a coincidence. There is no information to prove that they are related.

As per the information provided, Leah Litman is an assistant professor who teaches subjects related to constitutional law, federal courts, and civil rights.

She also speaks on legal issues that are published in the media such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman
Harry Litman discussing Trump’s troubled history with pleading the fifth (Source: Showbizcorner)

On the other hand, Harry Litman is a former federal lawyer who has also appeared in several news programs and podcasts.

Currently, he teaches Constitutional Law and National Security Law at several law schools, including UCLA School of Law and Berkeley Law School.

As we can see Leah and  Harry both have similar backgrounds and interests and it is obvious that people think that they may be related.

It may be possible that they both may have met or worked together on projects, but they both being related is just a coincidence.

Leah Litman Husband: Daniel Deacon

Leah Litman is married to her partner, Daniel (Dan) Deacon. Daniel is also a law lecturer at the Michigan Law School.

Leah and Daniel both are law graduates and have a similar professional background.

The couple is currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Together they also own a pet dog who lives with them.

Litman has not shared much information about their marriage but posted a picture with Deacon on her social media handle.

Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman
Leah Litman with her husband Daniel and pet at their home (Source: Showbizcorner)

Talking about Deacon, he has experience and knowledge about representing clients at the Federal Communications Commission at all the 3 levels.

He did a summer law internship at the United States Solicitor General’s Office.

Deacon’s work has been featured in several law journals, including Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review, and many more.

They have together won several cases and their achievement increased their worth and name. The couple is yet to become parents.

Leah Litman: Family And Age

Leah Litman was born on December 13, 1984, which makes her 39 years old as of 2024.

She grew up in Minnesota,  where she studied at Yale University and the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies respectively.

While she has been public about her professional life her personal life remains a mystery to the public.

Leah Litman Related To Harry Litman
Leah Litman does a conference podcast to discuss the Fifth Circuit Court’s recent ruling on the SEC (Source: Facebook)

There is no available information about her parents or siblings. Her age has not come in between her career achievements.

She contributed to legal academia and has been recognized by people. She has become an inspiration for the upcoming generations of lawyers and continues to work on it.

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