Mark Herras Gay Parents: Claudio Herras Jr. And Jasmin Santos

Mark Herras Gay Parents

Mark Herras gay parents, Claudio Herras Jr. and Jasmin Santos, are the key foundation of his success and achievements in life. 

Mark Herras is a well-known Filipino entertainer who has made a name for himself as an actor, dancer, and model.

Mark first rose to fame as the GMA reality show Starstruck champion in 2003-2004. This victory paved the way for his successful career in the entertainment industry.

In terms of Mark’s acting career, he has been a part of various television programs and web series. He showcased his acting in dramas such as “Unica Hija” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

Mark also gained recognition for his roles in shows like “Destined to be Yours” and ” Contessa.”

Not limited to television, Mark Herras has also shown his acting skills on the big screen.

Some Hisble movie appearances include “Coming Soon,” “I.T.A.L.Y,” and many more.

Beyond Mark’s acting talent, Mark is renowned for his exceptional dancing skills. His passion for dance has been evident throughout his career. 

In addition to his entertainment ventures, Mark Herras and his wife, Nicole Kim Donesa, have a YouTube channel called “Mark & Nicole Herras.”

Mark shares glimpses of his personal life, vlogs, and other content on his Youtube channel that provides a deeper insight into their world outside the spotlight.

Mark Herras Gay Parents: Claudio Herras Jr. And Jasmin Santos

Mark Herras’s gay parents, Claudio Herras Jr. (Tito Hermie) and Jasmin Santos, supported Mark throughout his life to building a great career.

Mark’s upbringing was unique as Claudio and Jasmin, both members of the LGBT community, raised him.

Mark has admired and is grateful to his parents for their unwavering love and support throughout his life.

Mark Herras Gay Parents
Mark Herras revealed that he was always proud to have gay parents. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, Mar,k understood that love comes in various forms, regardless of gender.

He appreciated his family’s dynamic and never needed a traditional mother-and-father household.

Mark’s parent has taught him valuable life lessons. They taught him the importance of providing for his family and being a responsible father.

Mark Herras has consistently emphasized his pride in his family and upbringing. He never felt ashamed or embarrassed about having gay parents.

Mark always cherished the strong bond he shared with his parents and often posts about them on his Instagram,hing them every Father’s Day.

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Mark Herras Is Happily Married To Nicole Donesa

Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa, both GMA stars, are now married. The couple had a civil wedding ceremony in Quezon City on September 8, 2021.

Mark shared the happy news on his Instagram with a picture of them sitting before the church altar. His wife, Nicole, said they chose Mama Mary’s birthday for their special day.

Mark Herras Gay Parents
Mark Herras and his wife Nicole Donesa share a beautiful son Mark Fernando. (Instagram)

In a vlog, the lovebirds shared more about their intimate wedding.

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte led the civil ceremony and only a few guests due to the ongoing pandemic.

Mark and Nicole mentioned they plan to have a more significant church wedding ceremony when the situation improves.

Hoping their loved ones, especially Nicole’s parents from the USA, to attend.

Mark and his lover Nicole’s relationship started when they confirmed they were dating in June 2019.

The two worked together on a GMA series called “Bihag,” where their love blossomed.

They got engaged in June 2020 and became a parent to their son, Mark Fernando, who was born in January 2021.

Mark’s Partner Nicole is also an actress. She has appeared in projects such as “Contessa,” “The Boston” and many more.

Mark and Nicole often share their daily life with their son on YouTube. Their vlog shows their admirable relationships.

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