Hany Mukhtar Parents: Father Abubakr Mukhtar And Mother Ursula Mukhtar

Hany Mukhtar Parents

Hany Mukhtar Parents are Father Abubakr Mukhtar And Mother Ursula Mukhtar. Fans are eager to know more about his family background and upbringing.

Hany Abubakr Mukhtar is a professional footballer from Germany. The champion plays as an attacking midfielder for Nashville SC in Major League Soccer(MLS).

In the beginning, Hnayh played football at FC stern Marienfelde and later joined the youth academy of Hertha BSC, a Bundesliga team, when he was just seven.

Hany worked his way up and even captained the U-17 team to a championship win 2012. Also, he debuted for Hertha’s first team at a very young age, coming in as a substitute.

Later, he signed with Benfica, a top club in Portugal, in January 2015. He then went on loan to Red Bull Salzburg in Austria and later to Brondy IF in Denmark.

Mukhtar moved to the United States to play for Nashville SC in MLS. He became Team’s first designated player and has made history with them.

Moreover, He scored important goals and even won the MLS MVP award in 2022 for his outstanding contribution.

On the international stage, Mukhtar represented Germany in youth tournaments. He scored important goals for the U19 and U20 teams.

Hany Mukhtar Parents: Father Abubakr Mukhtar And Mother Ursula Mukhtar

Hany Mukhtar’s parents are Abubakr Mukhtar and Ursula Mukhtar. Hnay was born in Berlin, Germany, and comes from a multicultural background.

Hany Mukhtar Parents
Hany Mukhtar, MLS standout, poised to lead Nashville SC in Leagues Cup 2023. (Source: Major League Soccer)

His father, Abubakr, is from Sudan, and his mother, Ursula, is of Polish-German descent. Moreover, Hsi’s father, Abubakr, played a significant role in shaping his career and life.

His dad, Abubakr, had a soccer career in Sudan before moving to Germany to pursue higher education. Abubakr earned a doctorate while in Germany.

Hany’s father Abubakr’s dedication and hard work inspired Hany to pursue his passion for soccer. Hany sees his father as a role model.

Hany’s mother, Ursula, also plays a vital role in his life. She provided a warm and supportive environment for Hnay and his elder brother. 

Hany’s relationship with his parents is filled with respect, admiration, and love. He recognizes the sacrifices his parents made to provide him with opportunities and support his dreams.

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Who Is Hany Mukhtar Wife?

Professional soccer player Hany Mukhtar and Ashley Gowder, his now-wife, met in Nashville through their mutual friends.

Hany Mukhtar Parents
Hany Mukhtar is happily married to Ashley Gowder. (Source: People Magazine)

In March 2022, during a trip to the Florida Keys, Hnay surprised his lover, Ashley, by proposing while they were sailing in Key Largo.

The couple’s journey took another exciting turn later that year, as Hany had an exceptional season in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The duo exchanged their wedding vowels in March 2023 at Geodis Park, the home stadium of Hany’s team, Nashville Soccer Club.

The venue held special significance as Nashville was where the lover’s love story began. The intimate ceremony hosted fewer than 100 guests, including friends and family.

Their wedding ball started with a pickleball tournament and a lovely brunch at the stadium, complete with custom pickleball attire.

Hany’s partner, Ashley, wore a unique gown designed by OLia Zavozina, while Hany wore a Baynes + Baker Tuxedo.

The ceremony was adorned with florals by Echoes Of Eden Florals, creating a garden-like atmosphere within the industrial stadium.

The couple opted for a private exchange of vows, cherishing intimate moments when they saw each other. Also, Hany surprised Ashley during their first look by revealing the custom lining of his tuxedo jacket, which had photos of their journey together.

The lovebirds’ wedding day reflected their low-key nature, and they chose to spend the day together playing pickleball and enjoying themselves with friends and family. Their Color Palette included neutrals like gold, black, and white.

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