Meet Sylvie Transler, Philippa York Partner: Age Gap And Children

Philippa York Partner

Philippa York partner is non other than Sylvie Transler. Philippa is one of the most famous Britain cyclists who came out of the closet as a transwoman.

Philippa York, formerly known as Robert Millar, is a celebrated Scottish journalist and former professional road cyclist.

York has had an illustrious career in the sport. Furthermore, her journey includes transitioning to her true identity as a Philippa York.

Philippa York was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 13, 1958. She is renowned for her exceptional career in cycling.

She achieved a significant milestone in 1984.  Also, she achieved the “King of the Mountains” title and came fourth overall in the Tour de France.

York has been an inspiration for many young cyclists. Also, She offers valuable advice and guidance to those interested in pursuing a career in the sport.

Meet Philippa York Partner Sylvie Transler

Sylvie Transler was the beautiful and supportive partner of Philippa York. The duo tied the knot in December 1985. 

Philippa York’s partner was a French woman. Their wedding lacked the presence of family and friends, which was quite surprising for everyone.

They made their commitment to each other official. Unfortunately, the couple separated their path in the 1990s.

The reason for their separation remains unknown till now. However, Philippa said that she hid her true identity for years. 

Philippa York’s partner, Sylvie Transler, has played a significant role in her life. Her ex-wife provided support and strength throughout her transition.

She was terrified to accept her true identity because people in the 1980s were less open-minded to the concept of Transwoman. 

Philippa York Partner
Philippa York shares her journey to express her true identity. ( Source: Daily Mail)

Philippa always put her family’s needs and wants above her. So, she thought it would be better for everyone if things remained unchanged.

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Age Gap Between Philippa York Partner Sylvie Transler 

While Philippa York’s partner, Sylvie Transler’s exact age, is not publicly known. She is close to Philippa York’s age.

Philippa York, who turned 63, hasn’t mentioned much about his relationship with Sylvie. The lovebirds broke off their marriage soon after sharing their wedding vowels.

Despite their age gap, the pair worked out their marriage for quite some time. They even had a daughter together.

Philippa’s sexuality has been a concern for many people. Besides, the cyclist garnered a huge fan following in the sports world.

Philippa York Partner
Philippa York is a famous Scottish Cyclist. (Source: The Scotsman)

Philippa courageously came out as transgender in 2017. She revealed her true identity to the world. However, it wasn’t a piece of cake.

York faced lots of backlash and pressure from the media. Nevertheless, She found solace in the support of her friends and family.

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Does Philippa York Partner Sylvie Transler Have Children?

Philippa York and Sylvie Transler welcomed a daughter into their lives during their marriage. 

After retiring from cycling, her true identity came naturally to her. While scandalous rumors started about York, her daughter became the victim of bullying in school. 

In addition to enduring bullying at school, her daughter also had to cope with the excruciating experience of separation from her parents.

Philippa York Partner
Philippa York shares her journey from Robert Miller to Transwoman. (Source: The Times)

Eventually, her daughter went to university. Her baby girl learned a lot of things in the university that changed her perspective on transgender.

Philippa has become even more cautious and private than before. She probably wants to keep her family and children away from public scrutiny.

It is common for celebrities to keep their loved ones out of the public eye. They usually dislike having unnecessary attention from the media.

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