Mark Braunagel Missing Update 2023: Is Lost Boater Found Yet?

Mark Braunagel Missing

Mark Braunagel Missing update has been a cause of great concern for his family and friends, who are anxiously awaiting any news regarding his whereabouts.

Mark Braunagel is a 52-year-old man. He hails from Port Alberni and went missing while on a boat trip from Texas Island to French Creek.

Mr Mark appears to be married. Moreover, He has a son named Jake Whitcomb, who works at Oceanside Wood, according to his Facebook profile.

Mr. Braunagel is undoubtedly fond of boating and fishing. He is a gentleman and a dedicated father to his son, Jake.

The older man even bought a boat for his trip. He was eager to travel with his dog and an unknown man on his boat.

After Mark disappeared without any trace, his son took it to his Facebook account to share the tragic news of his missing father.

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Mark Braunagel Missing Update 2023

In 2023, Jake Whitcomb desperately seeks his dad, Mark Braunagel, missing an update. Mark and his dog disappeared after a boating incident in the early hours of October 16.

Mark Braunagel Missing
Mark Braunagel is missing with his dog and a boat. (Source: Coast Reporter)

According to Whitcomb, His father had been last seen on October 15. Mr. Mark was boarding a boat from Texas Island, Heading for France Creek on Vancouver Island.

Braunagel was in the boat with another man who was later found deceased off Gabriola Island. However, the 52-year-old man was nowhere to be found.

The family was informed that a mayday call was sent out in the early morning of October 16, south of Hornby Island. But since then, there has been no contact with Mark.

Mrak’s son, Jake, is asking for information about his father’s whereabouts. He urges people to report any debris, signs of the boat, or indication of a sunken vessel.

Furthermore, Jake is hopeful that the boating community and beachgoers can assist in finding answers.

Whitcomb emphasizes that even smaller information is crucial to their search efforts, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

While a search operation is ongoing, Whitcomb and his family are eager to gather as much information as possible to locate his missing father.

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Is Lost Boater Mrak Braunagel Found Yet?

As of November 2023, Mark Braunagel, an old boater from Port Alberni, has yet to be located after he went missing while piloting his boat to French Creek.

Mark Braunagel Missing
Mark Braunagel Missing case has become complicated after the deceased body of his friend Jean was found. (Source: Alberni Valley News)

The old boater set out for French Creek on a 12-meter trawler, a recently purchased boat. He sent a text message and a photo to a friend at 6:30 that evening, indicating everything was okay.

Nonetheless, things took a turn for the worse within hours. A distress call was sent out in the early morning of October 16. It was reported that the engines had stopped working.

Moreover, the boat took on water with two people abroad, Mark and his dog. The boat was located south of Hornby Island.

Sadly, on October 22, a man’s body was discovered in the waters off Gabriola Island; the man was identified as 57-year-old Jean Francois Cyr.

Mr. Jean was another person on board with Braunagel’s boat. Despite search efforts by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, no vessels or signs of boats have been spotted.

Jake, Mark’s son, hopes someone may have come across the debris. He is working hard and eagerly to find his dad.

It has been over two weeks since the last time Mark was seen. Still, there have been no reports regarding his situation.

Many people were empathetic towards the missing post of Mark Braunagel uploaded by his son. Some were trying to help him by searching for places.

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