Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia Bio Wife Family And Case Details

Lonnie Kocontes

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia page has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious to know more about him. This article will also provide you with insight on his wife family and case details.

Lonnie Kocontes is a former layer. On a trip, he killed his ex-wife and was found guilty.

The murder case has shocked many, and recently the case has been trending, along with many being curious to know more about the killer as well.

Social media platforms, articles, blogs, and the internet are today’s sources of information. This article will provide you with the details of the case as well as the man behind the murder.

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia Bio

The former attorney has not revealed his date of birth yet. However, as per some sources, he is in his 60s.

The killer does not have a Wikipedia page of his own, so there has been little personal detail regarding him on the internet.

Lonnie Kocontes Wikipedia Bio
The former attorney, Lonnie Kocontes who killed his ex wife for financial gain. (Source: NBC Los Angle)

As per the sources, the former lawyer is an American. He was arrested in 2013 in Florida for killing his ex-partner.

The man was in public sight after he was convicted of murdering his ex-wife on a cruise. The murder case made many people curious to know more about him.

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Lonnie Kocontes wife And family – explored

After ending a seven-year relationship with his ex-wife, Micki Kanesaki, in 2002. The former lawyer married Amy Nguyen in 2005 and moved in with his new wife.

However, his marriage with his new wife was also not smooth, as Amy refused to sell their Ladera Ranch home, which led the killer to move back in with his ex-wife.

Later, the ex-couple had fresh wills prepared, and Kocontes was named executor of Kansaki’s estate.

Lonnie Kocontes
Lonnie Kocontes’s ex wife wife Micki Kanesaki. (Source: NBC Los Angle)

It looks like the murderer killed his ex-partner for financial gain. The murder case shocked the entire country at the time.

Moreover, there has been no information on whether the murder had anything to do with any of his wives. Additionally, information regarding any other family member had also not been revealed yet.

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Lonnie Kocontes Case Details – explored

American Micki Kanesaki, 52, was reported missing in May 2006 while aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy.

A sailboat doing oceanographic research found a body, a lone body, drifting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea two days later. Micki’s lifeless, broken-hearted corpse was fortunately discovered.

Micki’s ex-partner, Lonnie, charmed her into a romantic holiday to mend their strained relationship. which ended up taking her life.

Kocontes allegedly tried to move $1 million between many bank accounts two years after Kanesaki’s murder, which led to a murder probe.

Lonnie Kocontes
After their divorce, Kanesaki was detained twice for domestic violence. (Source: NBC Los Angle)

The guy was taken into custody in 2013 while at his Safety Harbor, Florida, residence. After that, Amy told the authorities that Kocontes planned to assassinate Kanesaki aboard the cruise ship with the help of his best buddy, Bill Price, a private investigator.

Due to delays, Lonnie Kocontes was extradited to California in February 2020, where he was tried for the murder of Micki Kinesaki.

He was convicted of murder for financial gain with a special circumstance charge after a protracted trial that lasted several months in June of that year.

Furthermore, the killer was given a life sentence in jail without the chance of release in September.

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