John Shipton Wikipedia – Who Is He? Age Parents And Family

John Shipton Wikipedia and age

John Shipton receives all the attention as the internationally-recognized editor and publisher’s Father shares his professional life. Learn about famous Father John Shipton Wikipedia. 

John Shipton’s supporters want to know more about his family life as the desperate Father wants to bring his son back home from prison. 

The acclaimed Father came into the spotlight after he continued bidding to bring his son, Julian Assange, home. His work is directly related in response to freeing his son from prison.

Shipton’s son Assange established himself as the world’s most famous prisoner. He received recognition for being the founder of WikiLeaks, a platform publishing hundreds of thousands of deeply sensitive topics and secret files.

His son is being held in Britain’s Belmarsh Prisonin Britain’s Belmarsh Prison. The internationally-recognized founder became known for all the wrong reasons.

Shipton began his career nearly 50 years back. The man continuously fights for his son’s freedom and speaks for human rights in Rome, as Independent Australia reports.

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John Shipton Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

John Shipton is the Father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Julian was arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Allegedly, his son took shelter in the embassy. 

Not much is known about Assange’s Father, Shipton, as he was spotlighted because he fought his son’s case. 

Regarding his age, Shipton has kept his birthday and year under wraps. So, it is difficult to assume his exact age. But glancing at his pictures, the man looks like he is in his late 70s.

His greatest fear is that his son might die in jail, as reported by Al Jazeera. 

John Shipton age
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s father John Shipton, fears that his son will end up in life imprisonment. (Source: ABC)

Shipton spoke at two conferences in Italy. The man connected his son’s case to the state’s abandonment of the human rights system. The Father said:

“We all require a new beginning where we can make sure that the relationships between states, the relationships between a state and the individuals, and the relationships between a state and the people, will once more be covered by the law.”

John Shipton’s statement reads the lucidity presentation and points out Assange’s imprisonment cause. Also, the man pointed out several other evils in the world without legal certainty.

Shipton went to Frascati, a town near Rome that conducts an international educational institution, the Accademia Vivarium Novum. The academy is famous for its excellence in the area of humanities. 

His diverse educational presentation enabled people and media to excel and become a notable voices in the professional practice landscape.

Despite his challenges, Shipton proved himself a resilient Father, and many sources have noted his contribution to his son. 

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John Shipton Parents And Family

Julian Assange’s Father, John Shipton’s family, lived in Australia. Not much is revealed about Shipton’s parents and family background. As of this writing, Shipton’s heritage is a mystery. 

Shipton’s son Assange developed a keen interest in leaking vital and sensitive information to the common public for free. Hence, he developed WikiLeaks. 

According to TheWheelerCentre, Shipton started his career as a builder. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed. He was an anti-war activist helping to improve his son’s condition in prison. 

John Shipton family
John Shipton reveals less about his family. (Source: Independent Australia)

No online outlets have mentioned Shipton’s parents. The retired builder has remained tight-lipped about his family life but only speaks about what is required for his son’s case. 

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