Charlotte Cardin Conjoint Aliocha Schneider, Age And Dating Timeline

Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin Conjoint: The Canadian singer-songwriter’s love life has been a topic of discussion among her fans ever since she announced her relationship with her boyfriend, Aliocha Schneider. 

Charlotte Cardin, a gifted singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, has made a significant impact on the music scene with her remarkable vocal abilities and captivating stage presence.

Her exceptional talent has garnered critical acclaim, as demonstrated by her remarkable achievements at the Juno Awards in 2022.

The singer received multiple nominations in prestigious categories, including Artist of the Year, Album of the Year for Phoenix, Pop Album of the Year for Phoenix, Single of the Year, and Video of the Year for “Meaningless.”

Additionally, Cardin was recognized with a nomination for the Fan Choice Award.

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Charlotte Cardin Conjoint Aliocha Schneider

According to multiple sources, Charlotte and Aliocha Schneider, a singer and actor, have been in a romantic relationship for several years. Despite their high-profile careers, the couple has maintained a discreet approach to their love life.

However, the songwriter made a rare exception by sharing a photo on social media showing her embracing the person who holds her heart.

The heartfelt caption accompanying the image simply read “Home,” accompanied by a small blue heart, expressing her deep affection for Schneider.

Notably, Cardin and Schneider share a strong bond in their personal lives and music. They have collaborated on several songs, including “Naked” in 2020 and “Flash in the Pan,” a collaboration released in 2018.

Their musical partnership showcases their compatibility and shared creative spirit. Her partner, Aliocha, a Canadian actor and musician, was born on September 21, 1993.

Charlotte Cardin Conjoint
Charlotte Cardin reveals a rare photo with her boyfriend (Source: noovo moi)

The actor garnered attention for his impressive performances in various theatrical productions, notably portraying the character Momo in the stage adaptation of “The Life Before Us” at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert.

Schneider’s musical career began with his debut album “Eleven Songs” in 2017. He gained fame through acting roles in films like “Aurelie Laflamme’s Diary,” “Closet Monster,” and “Pompei.”

His EP “Sorry Eyes” was nominated for Best Folk EP and Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Song at GAMIQ in 2017.

Charlotte Cardin Age

Charlotte Cardin, born on November 9, 1994, grew up in Mount Royal, a suburb of Montreal. As of 2024, she is 29 years old.

Despite starting as a model at 15, her true passion lay in music. In 2013, she gained recognition as a standout contestant on La Voix, reaching the Top 4.

That same year, the singer collaborated with artist Garou on the duet “Du vent, des mots,” garnering international attention when performing on The Voice: la plus belle voix.

Throughout her musical journey, the musician achieved significant milestones. Her debut EP, Big Boy (2016), featured English and French songs, including the collaboration “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” with rapper Nate Husser.

The EP’s title track charted on CBC Radio 2 and the Radio 2 Top 20. She released the Main Girl EP in 2017, with the title track reaching No. 1 on the Radio 2 Top 20. She received two Juno Award nominations in 2018.

Charlotte Cardin Age
For her very first album, Phoenix , Charlotte Cardin wanted to draw on personal inspirations. (Source: LA PRESSE)

The musician continued to expand her repertoire, collaborating with CRi on a cover and appearing on Loud’s album. In 2020, she released singles like “Passive Aggressive” and “Daddy” for her debut album, Phoenix (2021).

The album, co-written with manager Jason Brando, garnered critical acclaim. She released non-album songs in 2021 and won the Felix Award for Anglophone Album of the Year.

In April 2023, the songwriter released “Confetti,” the lead single from her second album, 99 Nights, set for release on August 25, 2023.

Charlotte Cardin Dating Timeline

Charlotte and Aliocha initiated their relationship in February 2020, initially choosing to keep it discreet.

However, in June of the same year, Schneider took to Instagram, sharing a photograph featuring himself and the singer as they celebrated her birthday. This public gesture confirmed their romantic involvement.

The couple is very open about their relationship, often sharing loving photos of each other on social media and supporting each other’s careers.

Charlotte Cardin Dating Timeline
Charlotte Cardin & Aliocha – Flash in the Pan, Live at Montreal International Jazz Festival 2019 (Source: YouTube)

As a couple, they both have a strong love for the arts. Cardin is a successful singer and songwriter, while Schneider is a talented actor and musician.

Even though they’re both busy with their work, they always make time for each other and their relationship. They often go to events and performances together, showing that they prioritize their bond.

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